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University of Victoria
OP-4: Building Operations and Maintenance

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Total floor area of existing building space:
4,363,633.73 Square feet

Floor area of existing building space operated and maintained in accordance with a sustainable management policy/program and/or a green building rating system:
Existing floor area
Certified at the highest achievable level under a multi-attribute, Green Building Council (GBC) rating system focused on the operations and maintenance of existing buildings (e.g., LEED O+M Platinum) 0 Square feet
Certified at the 2nd highest level under a 4- or 5-tier, multi-attribute, GBC rating system focused on the operations and maintenance of existing buildings (e.g., LEED O+M Gold) 0 Square feet
Certified at mid-level under a 3- or 5-tier, multi-attribute, GBC rating system focused on the operations and maintenance of existing buildings (e.g., BREEAM-In Use Very Good) 0 Square feet
Certified at a step above minimum level under a 4 -or 5–tier, multi-attribute, GBC rating system focused on the operations and maintenance of existing buildings (e.g., LEED O+M Silver) 0 Square feet
Certified at minimum level under a multi-attribute, GBC rating system focused on the operations and maintenance of existing buildings (e.g., BREEAM In-Use Pass or LEED O+M Certified) 0 Square feet
Certified at any level under a non-GBC rating system or single-attribute rating system focused on the operations and maintenance of existing buildings 0 Square feet
Operated and maintained in accordance with a multi-attribute, sustainable management policy/program, but not certified under an O+M rating system 4,363,633.73 Square feet
Operated and maintained in accordance with a single-attribute, sustainable management policy/program, but not certified under an O+M rating system
 0 Square feet
Total 4,363,633.73 Square feet

Percentage of existing building space certified under a green building rating system rating system focused on the operations and maintenance of existing buildings:

A brief description of the sustainable operations and maintenance policy/program and/or O+M rating system(s) used:

The University of Victoria operates and maintains buildings as they relate to the following internal guidelines

Energy Management:
Energy Management at the University of Victoria involves a comprehensive approach to optimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. UVic has implemented an Energy Manager Program, employing a dedicated staff member to lead energy and emissions planning, as well as oversee energy project implementation. The program aims to enhance energy efficiency across key campus buildings through initiatives like retro-commissioning and continuous optimization. UVic's commitment to carbon neutrality (established in 2010), was achieved through the purchase of carbon offsets, underscores the sustainability theme in their energy management strategy. By setting targets and implementing programs, UVic is actively working towards minimizing its carbon footprint and promoting a more environmentally responsible energy use paradigm.

Water Management:
Water Management at UVic is characterized by a multifaceted approach aimed at sustainable water consumption and responsible wastewater treatment. The campus has fourteen metered incoming water mains, with efforts to coordinate water usage across different areas. The University is charged based on consumption rates by local authorities, encouraging efficient water use. UVic is actively engaged in initiatives such as plumbing fixture audits, recommending the replacement of water-intensive cooling equipment with air-cooled alternatives, and incorporating water-efficient models for toilets. The commitment to reducing water consumption, even with a growing student population and building footprint, aligns with the sustainability theme in UVic's water management practices, demonstrating a conscientious effort to preserve this vital resource and promote environmental stewardship.

Indoor Air Quality:
UVic places a strong emphasis on maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) to enhance health, comfort, and productivity within the university community. The responsibility for ensuring a healthy indoor air environment is shared among building occupants, departments, Facilities Management, and Occupational Health Safety and Environment. To contribute to good IAQ, UVic recommends practices such as opening windows and doors for air circulation, keeping air intakes and exhaust vents unobstructed, performing odour-generating work in appropriate facilities, regularly emptying garbage cans, cleaning workspaces, using low-VOC markers, promptly addressing water spills, and eating in designated areas. IAQ issues can be reported based on specific criteria, including nuisance odours or occupant activities reported to supervisors, building system or project-related concerns directed to Facilities Management, and other IAQ issues to be reported to OHSE for assistance. UVic also encourages the avoidance of scented products in work areas, classrooms, and public spaces to safeguard the health of individuals. Additionally, UVic's commitment to maintaining acceptable IAQ aligns with WorkSafeBC regulations, ensuring that the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed, operated, and maintained in accordance with established engineering principles and standards. Regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and proper ventilation system balancing are essential components of UVic's strategy to uphold acceptable indoor air quality levels.

Green Cleaning:
The University of Victoria's Green Cleaning Program, as outlined in its Facilities Management division, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at minimizing environmental impact and promoting health and safety within campus buildings. The program focuses on reducing exposure to hazardous contaminants, enhancing air quality, and preserving building finishes and systems. UVic’s Green Cleaning Policy and Program outlines UVic Custodial Services’ commitment to using Green Seal, Ecologo or Forestry Stewardship Council certified products for at least 80% of its cleaning products and material by cost. However, UVic Custodial Services has consistently exceeded this requirement. Implementation involves strategic staffing plans, extensive regular training, and the focused use of sustainable cleaning materials, products, and equipment. Ongoing assessments, both internal and external, ensure the effectiveness of the cleaning program. Additionally, the program addresses the impact on occupants by minimizing indoor chemical pollutants and integrates pest management to further promote a green and healthy environment.

Website URL where information about the institution’s sustainable operations and maintenance program is available:

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Data source(s) and notes about the submission:

UVic does not use a third party certification system, however, it applies strong various sustainability operations and maintenance guidelines relative to the requirements for this credit, which have been integrated into the University's structure. These guidelines can be found within the Green Cleaning Policy and Program, the university's Climate and Sustainability Action Plan, the campus Integrated Energy Master Plan and operational procedures within the Facilities Management Department.

Green Buildings: https://www.uvic.ca/campus/sustainability-on-campus/green-buildings/index.php

UVic Energy and Water Management: https://www.uvic.ca/facilities/service/sustainability/energy%20and%20water%20management/index.php

Integrated Energy Master Plan: https://www.uvic.ca/sustainability/assets/docs/policy/uvic-integrated-energy-plan.pdf

UVic Indoor Air Quality: https://www.uvic.ca/ohse/health/hygiene/air/index.php
WorkSafe BC Guidelines: https://www.worksafebc.com/en/law-policy/occupational-health-safety/searchable-ohs-regulation/ohs-regulation/part-04-general-conditions#SectionNumber:4.70

UVic Green Cleaning Program: https://www.uvic.ca/facilities/assets/docs/uvic-green-cleaning-program-2020.pdf

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