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University of Utah
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Office of Sustainability
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Does the institution have at least one sustainability committee?:

The charter or mission statement of the committee(s) or a brief description of each committee's purview and activities:

President's Climate Commitment Task Force (CCTF), established 2019.
CCTF is responsible for fulfilling the duties required for the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment. A renewed commitment was signed by President Ruth Watkins in April 2019. CCTF membership includes students, faculty, staff and members of senior leadership.

Sustainability Education Advisory Committee (SEAC), established 2011.
URL: https://sustainability.utah.edu/education/faculty-resources/sustainability-education-advisory-committee/
SEAC is responsible for guiding education at the University of Utah towards the goal of sustainability literacy for every student. Specific projects of SEAC include implementing the SUSTC/L course attributes, approving courses related to this designation, faculty recognition and building the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Sustainability. SEAC has representation from multiple colleges, departments, and professional schools at the University of Utah and works closely with the General Education Curriculum Council.

ASUU Sustainability Board
URL: https://asuu.umc.utah.edu/boards/sustainabilityboard
Responsible for promoting and educating students on campus sustainability programs. The Board collaborates closely with the Office of Sustainability and environmentally focused student groups. The Board is also charged with investigating the potential for expanding sustainability efforts on campus, including recycling, vending machines and promoting/increasing public transportation. This board is a leader in collaborative and lobbying efforts towards clean air at the University and State level. In addition, the Board may be in charge of continuing the green sports efforts of the Recycle Rice-Eccles program and the Recycle Huntsman program.

Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF) Allocation Committee, established 2009.
URL: https://sustainability.utah.edu/scif/
Evaluates grant applications submitted by students, faculty, or staff members and determines which projects to award funding.

Edible Campus Gardens Steering Committee, established 2010.
URL: https://sustainability.utah.edu/edible-campus-gardens/
Faculty members from Biology and Environmental & Sustainable Studies, as well as leaders in Landscape Maintenance (Facilities Management) collaborate to help the Edible Campus Gardens achieve its mission and goals.

Red Butte Creek Strategic Vision Steering Committee, established 2015.
URL: https://redbuttecreek.utah.edu/strategic-vision/
The goals and objectives for the RBC Strategic Vision are structured around the University of Utah’s core three-part mission to promote research (discovery, creation, and application of knowledge), teaching (dissemination of knowledge), and public life (community engagement). The creek presents a unique opportunity for the university to create and apply new knowledge about urban streams, to promote place-based environmental education, and to engage the local community by creating a beautiful natural amenity.

Members of each committee, including affiliations and role:

Climate Commitment Task Force (CCTF)
• Chairs: Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Change Sustainability Center Director (faculty)
• Members include Chief Financial Officer, Energy/Sustainability Manager, Student Body President, Department of Real Estate Administration Executive Director, Chief Facilities Officer, Active Transportation Manager, Planning Design & Construction Assoc. Director, Hospital Administration Chief Operating Officer, VP-Student Affairs, AVP-Capital Program & Space, ASUU Director of Sustainability, AVP-Administrative Services, and three faculty representatives. Senior Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and Health Sciences also serve as ex-officio members.

Sustainability Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
• Chair: Sustainability Education Director (faculty)
• Members include Chief Sustainability Officer (ex officio) and faculty members.

ASUU Sustainability Board
• Appointed by the Executive Branch of student government

Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF) Allocation Committee
• Voting members of the Allocations Committee consist of four students and four non-students, appointed by Vice Presidents, the Sustainability Office and student government. A sustainability officer and representative of the Associated Students of the University of Utah attend as non-voting members.

Edible Campus Gardens Steering Committee
• Chair: Sustainable Food Initiatives Manager (Sustainability Office)
• 10 members include 1 sustainability officer, Associate Director of Dept. of Environmental & Sustainability Studies, Facilities Landscape and Open Space Manager, Wasatch Community Gardens Program Director (community), faculty members, and students.

Red Butte Creek Strategic Vision Steering Committee
• 15 members include 3 sustainability officers, Director of Campus Planning, Executive Director of Red Butte Garden, Center for Ecological Planning + Design, and faculty members

Does the institution have at least one sustainability office that includes more than 1 full-time equivalent employee?:

A brief description of each sustainability office:

Sustainability Office, established 2007
URL: https://sustainability.utah.edu/
The Sustainability Office is headed by the Chief Sustainability Officer who reports to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Sustainability Office oversees the coordination of sustainability-related teaching and training, and supports the development of new curricula, student-engagement programs, and campus-as-a-living-laboratory. The Sustainability Office facilitates inter-office coordination with Facilities Management and U Health Hospitals and Clinics. Full-time Sustainability Office staff include Campus Engagement Manager, Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund Manager, Active Transportation Manager, Communications & Relationship Manager, and Sustainable Food Initiatives Manager. The office also employs a part time faculty position as the Director of Sustainability Education. It coordinates with Facilities Energy Management Office and offers positions for paid student interns and volunteers.

Also reporting to the Chief Sustainability Officer, the Global Change & Sustainability Center (GCSC) provides support for faculty and graduate students as an interdisciplinary hub to catalyze research on global change and sustainability. It coordinates the Wasatch Environmental Observatory; offers for-credit courses to support graduate certificate programs in Sustainability and Hydrology and Water Resources; and hosts a seminar series and annual student research symposium.

Facilities Sustainability & Energy Division
URL: https://facilities.utah.edu/sustainability-and-energy-management/
The Facilities Sustainability & Energy division is responsible for benchmarking performance across 278 buildings, managing utility procurement, and leading strategy to fund and execute operational initiatives that will help the University of Utah achieve its commitment to carbon neutrality and improved local air quality.

Full-time equivalent of people employed in the sustainability office(s):

Does the institution have at least one sustainability officer?:

Name and title of each sustainability officer:
Kerry Case, Chief Sustainability Officer (Appointed 12/2019 and began March 2020); Keith Diaz Moore, Interim Chief Sustainability Officer, 2018-2020

Does the institution have a mechanism for broad sustainability coordination for the entire institution?:

A brief description of the activities and substantive accomplishments of the institution-wide coordinating body or officer during the previous three years:

The University employs a full time Chief Sustainability Officer to oversee and coordinate all sustainability initiatives at the institution, including both main campus and health sciences. This individual chairs the President's Climate Commitment Task Force, and serves on or coordinates with the sustainability committees listed above.

2019: Full time Chief Sustainability Officer hired, reporting directly to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2019: University of Utah Joined UC3.

2019: President Watkins signed renewed Climate Commitment and established campus Climate Commitment Task Force.

2018: SEAC developed course catalog attributes for “Sustainability-Limited” and Sustainability-Complete.”

2018: GCSC brought together existing research projects under the umbrella of Wasatch Environmental Observatory in order to create a network of observation and measurement for the region surrounding the University.

2017-2019: Active participation in campus planning to promote sustainable change, including “Red Butte Creek Strategic Vision” (2018), “Pioneer Garden 2040 Master Plan” (2019), and participation in other planning efforts.

2017: Sustainability Office created a new position for an Active Transportation Manager hired in 2017; took the lead for Campus Commute Survey, 2018. Survey redesign is in progress for 2020.

Job title of the sustainability officer position:
Chief Sustainability Officer

Job description for the sustainability officer position:
Job description for the sustainability officer position:

The University of Utah conducted a nationwide search for a new Chief Sustainability Officer in 2019. A candidate was hired in March 2020. The job description is attached.

Job title of the sustainability officer position (2nd position):
Global Change & Sustainability Center Director

Job description for the sustainability officer position (2nd position):

Job description for the sustainability officer position (2nd position):

Oversees programs of the Global Change & Sustainability Center, a faculty-led initiative to develop multi-college, interdisciplinary research and training related to the environment and sustainability, from local to global scales. GCSC currently has 147 faculty affiliates from eleven different colleges. GCSC affiliated faculty conduct cutting-edge research focused on reconstructing the past, understanding current and complex environmental challenges, and predicting future scenarios – all with the same overall goal of sustainable solutions.

Job title of the sustainability officer position (3rd position):
Sustainability & Energy Department Manager (Facilities Management)

Job description for the sustainability officer position (3rd position):

Job description for the sustainability officer position (3rd position):

Manages a team devoted to reducing energy costs while promoting continual education at the University of Utah on a more energy-efficient campus function. The Energy Office designs, manages, and implements increased efficiency measures across campus including retrofits and upgrades for non- capital improvements. Projects address air quality, climate, energy, waste/recycling, water and wellness, and range from from retrofitting T12 lighting and the addition of automated lighting controls, implementing IT software, upgrading HVAC ducting for efficient distribution and assisting with grant applications for photovoltaic installations.

Website URL where information about the institution’s sustainability coordination is available:
Additional documentation to support the submission:


--Job Description, Chief Sustainability Officer, 2019.
--Strategic Vision for the Office of Sustainability, 2019.


University of Utah Sustainability Office: https://sustainability.utah.edu/

Global Change & Sustainability Center: https://environment.utah.edu/

Sustainability and Energy Management Office, Facilities: https://facilities.utah.edu/sustainability-and-energy-management/about/

Wellness & Integrative Health: https://healthcare.utah.edu/wellness/

Human Resources: https://www.hr.utah.edu/hris/


--Chief Sustainability Officer
--Director, Global Change & Sustainability Center
--Director, Sustainability Education
--Sustainability & Energy Manager, Facilities
--Sustainability & Energy Manager, Planning Design & Construction
--Energy & Sustainability Coordinator, University Hospitals and Clinics
--Chief Wellness Officer, University of Utah Health Sciences
--Director, Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program

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