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University of Northern Iowa
ER-6: Sustainability-Focused Courses

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The number of sustainability-focused courses offered :

The total number of courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-focused courses offered:

010:092 (UNIV 1092) Presidential Scholars Seminar
010:196 (UNIV 2196) Honors Seminar
010:197 (UNIV 4197) Honors Thesis
280:170(g) (TEACHING 4170/TEACHING 5170) Human Relations: Awareness and Application
330:059 (TECH 1059) Introduction to Sustainability
330:159(g) Wind Energy Applications in Iowa
330:180 (TECH 4080) Lean Manufacturing
330:262 (TECH 6262) Sustainable/Green Building Construction
330:275 (TECH 6275) Advanced Lean Manufacturing
410:165(g) (HPE 4665/HPE 5665) Environmental Health Science
410:166(g) (HPE 4666/HPE 5666) Environmental and Occupational Health Regulations
410:180(g) (HPE 4580/HPE 5580) Environmental Health, Field Methods, Technology, and Laboratory Applications
410:197(g) (HPE 4297/HPE 5297) Global Health Corps Domestic Practicum
410:290 (HPE 6390) Philosophy and Ethics of Public Health and Health Promotion
430:146(g) (LYHS 4554/LYHS 5554) Managing Recreation Impacts on the Natural Environment
450:219 (SW 6219) Social Welfare Policy and Services
450:230 (SW 6230) Injustice and Oppression
620:231 (ENGLISH 6420) American Romantic Literature
640:174(g) (RELS 3540/RELS 5540) Ethics in Business
640:175 (g) (RELS 3520/RELS 5520) Environmental Ethics
650:119 (PHIL 3130) Philosophy of Science
650:172 (PHIL 3320) Society, Politics, and the Person
650:174 (g) (PHIL 3540/PHIL 5540) Ethics in Business
650:175(g) (PHIL 3530/PHIL 5530) Environmental Ethics
650:197 (PHIL 3550) Ethics Practicum
650:245 (PHIL 6510) Ethics in Public Policy
680:189(g) (HUM 3189/HUM 5189) Seminar in Environmental Problems
820:032 (SCI ED 1200) Inquiry into Life Science
820:033 (SCI ED 1100) Inquiry into Earth Science
820:189 (SCI ED 3250) Seminar in Environmental Problems
820:289 (PSM 6289) Professional Science Master's Seminar
820:295 (PSM 6950) Professional Science Master's Internship
820:299 (SCI ED 6299) Research in Professional Science.
830:165(g) (ENV SCI 4665/ENV SCI 5665) Environmental Health Science
830:166(g) (ENV SCI 4666/ENV SCI 5666) Environmental and Occupational Health Regulations
830:195 (ENV SCI 4195) Environmental Science/Health Internship
830:200 (ENV SCI 6200) Environmental Biology
830:235 (ENV SCI 6235) Topics in Environmental Chemistry
830:250 (ENV SCI 6250) Global Systems
830:285 (ENV SCI 6285) Readings in Environmental Science/Health
830:289 (ENV SCI 6289) Environmental Science/Health Seminar
830:299 (ENV SCI 6299) Research in Environmental Science
840:012 (BIOL 1012) Life: The Natural World
840:013 (BIOL 1013) Life: The Natural World - Lab
840:089 (BIOL 1089) Seminar: Biology
840:100 (BIOL 3100) Evolution, Ecology and the Nature of Science --
840:103 (BIOL 3103) Applied Ecology and Conservation
840:105(g) (BIOL 4105/BIOL 5105) Wildlife Ecology and Management
840:110 (BIOL 3110) Obesity and Diabetes: Science, Sociology and Economics
840:119 (BIOL 3119) Biotechnology Applications
840:167(g) (BIOL 4167/BIOL 5167) Conservation Biology
840:168(g) (BIOL 4168/BIOL 5168) Ecology
840:198 (BIOL 4198) Independent Study in Biology
840:202 (BIOL 6202) Graduate Colloquium in Biology
840:230 (BIOL 6230) Special Problems in Biology
840:260 (BIOL 6260) Advanced Ecology
870:113(g) (EARTHSCI 3400/EARTHSCI 5400) Topics in Earth Science
870:171(g) (EARTHSCI 3345/EARTHSCI 5345) Environmental Geology
870:173(g) (EARTHSCI 3350/EARTHSCI 5350) Environmental Hydrology
870:175(g) (EARTHSCI 3355/EARTHSCI 5355) Hydrogeology
870:181 (EARTHSCI 2500) Investigations in Earth Science
870:195 (EARTHSCI 3430) Internship in Earth Science
870:299 (EARTHSCI 6299) Research in Earth Science
890:010 (IA LL 2010) Earth, Air and Sky
890:019 (IA LL 2019) Soils and Environmental Quality
890:050 (IA LL 2045) Undergraduate Internships
890:103(g) (IA LL 3103/IA LL 5103) Aquatic Ecology
890:122(g) (IA LL 3122/IA LL 5122) Prairie Ecology
890:124(g) (IA LL 3124/IA LL 5124) Wetland Ecology
890:210 (IA LL 6210) Global Climate Change: Causes, Connections and Cures
920:123(g) (ECON 3225/ECON 5225) Environmental Economics
940:299 (POL GEN 6299) Research in Political Science
961:150(g) (HISUS 4265/HISUS 5265) Society and Culture in the United States
970:010 (GEOG 1120) Human Geography
970:026 (GEOG 1210) Physical Geography
970:028 (GEOG 2210) Recent Climate Change
970:100 (GEOG 2220) Environmental Geography
970:101 (GEOG 2110) Economic Geography
970:104 (GEOG 2120) North American Cities
970:117(g) (GEOG 4190/GEOG 5190) Transportation Planning and Policy
970:119(g) (GEOG 4120/GEOG 5120) Population Geography
970:126(g) (GEOG 4220/GEOG 5220) Soils and Landscapes
970:155(g) (GEOG 4240/GEOG 5240) Reconstructing Ice Age Environments
970:168(g) (GEOG 4170/GEOG 5170) Regional Analysis and Planning
970:185(g) (GEOG 4250/GEOG 5250) Laboratory Methods in Environmental Geography
990:011 (ANTH 1002) Culture, Nature, and Society
CAP:110 (CAP 3110) Obesity and Diabetes: Science, Sociology and Economics
CAP:124 (CAP 3124) Democracies
CAP:125 (CAP 3125) Globalization, Cultural Pluralism and International Security
CAP:128 (CAP 3128) Ethics in Communication
CAP:129 (CAP 3129) Being National
CAP:130 (CAP 3130) Science and Pseudoscience: Critiquing the World Around You
CAP:131 (CAP 3131) Analysis of Social Issues
CAP:140 (CAP 3140) Environment, Technology, and Society
CAP:152 (CAP 3152) Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Health
CAP:155 (CAP 3155) Socio-Economic Reality of Central America
CAP:158 (CAP 3158) The Water Planet
CAP:160 (CAP 3160) Community and Public Health

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