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University of North Carolina, Greensboro
ER-7: Sustainability-Related Courses

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The number of sustainability-related courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-related courses offered:

AFS 201 Introduction to African American Studies
AFS 210 Blacks in American Society
ARH 213 Classical Architecture and Classicisms
ART 281 Ceramics I
ART 381 Ceramics II
ART 481 Ceramics III
ATY 212 Introduction to Anthropology
ATY 213 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ATY 253 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
ATY 253L Introduction to Physical Anthropology Laboratory
ATY 312 Experimental Course – The Anthropology of Children
ATY 330 Cultures of North American Indians
ATY 510 Archaeology of South America
ATY 583 Culture and Society
BIO 110 Introduction to Biology
BIO 111 Principles of Biology I
BIO 111L Principles of Biology Laboratory
BIO 112 Principles of Biology II
BIO 280 Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIO 301 Principles of Ecology
BIO 302 Introductory Ecology Laboratory
BIO 322 Plant Diversity
BIO 341 Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 354 Plant Systematics
BIO 355 Cell Biology
BIO 356 Cell Biology Laboratory
BIO 370 Vertebrate Zoology
BIO 420 Marine Biology
BIO 424 Plant Physiology and Biotechnology
BIO 425 Biological Clocks
BIO 438 Animal Behavior
BIO 439 Animal Behavior with Laboratory
BIO 477 Animal Physiology
BIO 481 General Microbiology
BIO 499 Undergraduate Research
BIO 501 Advanced Topics in Animal Ecology
BIO 505 Advanced Topics in Ecological Physiology
BIO 510 Advanced Topics in Plant Ecology
BIO 511 Advanced Topics in Plant Physiology
BIO 520 Ecosystem Ecology
BIO 522 Landscape Ecology
BIO 523 Landscape Ecology Laboratory
BIO 526 Conservation Biology
BIO 527 Terrestrial Plant Ecology
BIO 528 Microbial Ecology
BIO 529 Aquatic Ecology
BIO 530 Aquatic Ecology Laboratory
BIO 536 Biology of Aging
BIO 541 Entomology
BIO 579 Environmental Physiology
BIO 583 Virology
BIO 584 Immunology
BIO 586 Cell Cycle and Cancer
BIO 587 Epigenetics
BIO 589A Experimental Course – Ecology of Infectious Diseases
BIO 591 Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution
BIO 601 Seminar in Animal Ecology
BIO 605 Seminar in Ecology
BIO 649 Research Lab Rotations
BIO 692 Genomics
BUS 300 Ideas to Opportunities
BUS 607 Entrepreneurship
CCI 336 Language Change
CED 605 Counseling Diverse Populations
CED 662 Multicultural Considerations in School Counseling
CHE 101 Introductory Chemistry
CHE 252 Chemistry and the Human Environment
CHE 351 Organic Chemistry I
CNR 589 Experimental Course – Sports, Conflict, and Peace Global Issues with Local Solutions
CNR 633 Restorative Justice
CRS 221 Culture, Human Behavior, and Clothing
CRS 321 Social Psychology of Dress
CRS 530 Economics of the Textile and Apparel Complex
CSC 312 Ethics in Computer Science
CSD 627 Multicultural Issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders
CST 200 Communication and Community
CST 210 Communicating Ethically
CST 337 Intercultural Communication
CST 460 Special Topics in Communication Research
CST 506 Speaking Out for Community Change
CST 562 Organizational Change
CST 601 Engaging Communication Theories
CST 605 Communicating for Social Change
CST 635 Identity, Culture, and Communication
DCE 205 Dance History I
DCE 505 Contemporary Dance
ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 312 Economics of Technology
ECO 346 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECO 365 The Economics of European Integration
ECO 523 Topics in Public Policy
ECO 731 Applied Policy Methods
ELC 381 The Institution of Education
ELC 615 Foundations of Curriculum
ELC 616 Culturally Responsive Leadership
ELC 659 Educational Finance
ELC 694 Cultural and Political Dimensions of Schooling
ELC 695 Comparative Education
ELC 700 Critical Perspectives in Education, Leadership, and Culture
ENG 103 Essentials of Professional and Business Writing
ENG 316 Studies in Human Rights and Literature
ENG 705 Cultural Studies
FRE 599 Community-Based Service Learning in Francophone Studies
GEO 103 Introduction to Earth Science
GEO 106 Geosystems Science
GEO 106L Geosystems Science Laboratory
GEO 304 Introduction to Transportation Analysis
GEO 305 Environmental Hazards Assessment
GEO 306 World Economic Geography
GEO 311 Weather and Climate
GEO 311L Climatology Laboratory
GEO 312 Geomorphology of North America
GEO 315 The Geography of World Affairs
GEO 330 Elements of Hydrology
GEO 333 Geography of Europe
GEO 338 Regions of Latin America
GEO 340 Geography of East Asia
GEO 344 Geography of the United States and Canada
GEO 502 Urban Planning
GEO 510 Biogeography
GEO 511 Advanced Weather and Climate—Synoptic Climatology
GEO 522 Seminar in Population and Urban Studies
GEO 533 Regional Economic Development
GEO 560 Seminar in Regional Geography
GEO 570 Applied Physical Geography
GEO 602 Regional Planning
GEO 631 Transportation Planning
GEO 633 Advanced Topics in European Geography
GEO 635 Geography of Asia
GEO 792 Seminar in Regional Economic Development
GRO 633 Long Term Care Public Policy
HDF 341 Social Emotional Competence in Inclusive Settings
HDF 407 Issues Affecting Women and Families
HDF 409 Family Diversity
HDF 410 Families and Children in Global Perspective
HDF 422 Interrelationships between Families and the Community
HDF 468 Diversity in Inclusive Early Care and Education
HDF 610 Child Development in Cultural Context
HDF 626 Social and Economic Problems of the Family
HDF 710 The Ecology of Human Development
HEA 207 International Health
HEA 307 Topics in International Health
HEA 308 Introduction to Public Health
HEA 315 Epidemiology
HEA 333 Health of Women
HEA 334 Community Health
HEA 340 Community Observation and Assessment
HEA 407 Experimental Course – Community Service Learning in International Health
HEA 471 Immigrant and Refugee Health
HEA 602 Epidemiology
HEA 640 Global Health Issues
HEA 648 Applied Program Planning
HEA 671 Immigrant and Refugee Health
HED 745 Higher Education – Equity, Inclusion, and Learning
HHP 110 Bridging Differences through Community Relationships
HIS 334 United States Environmental History
HIS 543 Historic Preservation Principles and Practice
HIS 548 Architectural Conservation
HIS 624 History of American Landscapes and Architecture
HSS 198 Honors Colloquium
HTM 151 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 351 Hotel Operations
HTM 423 Meeting and Event Planning and Management
IAR 101 & 102 Environmental Design I, II
IAR 110 Design Visualization I
IAR 201 & 202 Basic Environmental Design III, IV
IAR 211 & 212 Visual Communication I, II
IAR 221 & 222 History and Theory of Design I, II
IAR 301 Interior Architecture
IAR 332 Materials, Methods, and Technologies of Interior Architecture I
IAR 333 Materials, Methods, and Technologies of Interior Architecture II
IAR 355 Housing and Community
IAR 411 Interior Architecture IIIS
IAR 431 Interior Lighting Design
IAR 501 & 502 Advanced Interior Architecture I, II
IAR 552 History and Theories of Material Culture
IAR 565 Materials and Methodologies Seminar
ISC 289 Experimental Course – Endings How Civilization, Earth, and Universe May Perish
KIN 330 Sociocultural Analyses of Sport and Exercise
KIN 630 Sport and Society – Social Inequalities
KIN 632 Sport and Society – Global and Ethnic Relations
KIN 635 Gender Issues in Kinesiology
KIN 658 Multiculturalism and Physical Education Curriculum
KIN 710 Sport and Feminisms
MBA 703 Economic Environment of the Firm
MGT 354 Managing Diversity in Organizations
MLS 620 Human Nature and Society
MST 320 Multimedia for Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement
MST 410 Experimental Course – Ecomusicology
MST 423 Movies that Matter
MTD 211 Topics in Pop Music
MUE 468 Teaching Music in a Multicultural Population
MUE 627 Issues in Multicultural Music Education
MUP 151, 152 Performance Studies
MUP 302, 303 Keyboard Harmony I, II
MUS 343 Music Cultures of the World
MUS 697 Directed Study in Music Composition, Ethnomusicology, Musicology and Theory
NTR 103 Food Selection and Preparation
NTR 213 Introductory Nutrition
NTR 423 Community and International Nutrition
NUR 310 Nursing Care of Individuals with Psychosocial Problems
NUR 390 Culture and Health Care
NUR 420 Nursing Care in the Community
PHI 121 Contemporary Moral Problems
PHI 331 Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 338 Ethics and International Affairs
PSC 290 The Politics of the Non-Western World
PSC 312 Environmental Law and Policy
PSC 314 Wildlife Law and Policy
PSC 510 Topics in Public Policy
PSC 620 Urban Development Policy
PSC 630 Community and Economic Development Theory and Practice
PSY 341 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 370 Ethnicity, Development, and Psychopathology
PSY 646 Social Bases of Personality
PSY 745 Multicultural Issues in Clinical Psychology
RCO 121 Ashby Residential College Seminar in Language and Culture
RCO 149 Experimental Course – The Good Life Living Well and Doing Well in a Global
RCO 252 Introductory Concepts in Biology
RCO 255 Introductory Concepts in Earth Science
RCO 306 Explorations in Music and Nature
RCS 464 Multicultural and Multichannel Retailing
REL 309 Spirituality and Culture in the West
RPM 101 Leisure and American Lifestyles
RPM 102 Creating a Meaningful Life
RPM 202 Environmental Education
RPM 203 Fundamentals of Outdoor Leadership
RPM 314 Recreation Services with Underrepresented Groups
RPM 401 Strategic Community Leadership
RPM 627 Conceptual Foundations of Travel and Tourism
SES 245 Introduction to the Deaf Community
SES 455 Rural Education I – Deaf and Hard of Hearing
SES 498 Interpreting in Social Service Settings
SES 508 International Service-Learning in Special Education
SES 605 Diversity and Inclusive Early Care and Education
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 201 Social Problems
SOC 225 Race, Class, and Gender Social Inequalities
SOC 261 Health and Society
SOC 301 Introduction to Methods and Research
SOC 317 Criminal Justice
SOC 329 Sociological Perspectives on Gender
SOC 341 Sociological Perspectives on Social Psychology
SOC 371 Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in a Global Context
SOC 374 Experimental Course
SOC 526 Comparative Minority Relations
SOC 552 Sociology of Science and Technology
SOC 616 Advanced Research Methods
SOC 643 Urban Sociology
SWK 522 Comparative Study of Cross-cultural Social Work Practice
SWK 621 Social Welfare Policy and Analysis I
SWK 625 Human Behavior and Social Functioning II
SWK 638 Social Work in Health and Mental Health I
SWK 643 Social Work in Health and Mental Health II
TED 402 Student Engagement in the Classroom
TED 403 Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities
TED 452 Educational Psychology for the Middle Grades
TED 523 Legal, Historical, and Cultural Issues in ESL
TED 561 Nature of Science, Technology, and Society
TED 622 Differentiated Instruction
TED 623 Environmental Education
TED 747 Doctoral Seminar in Learning and Cognition
WGS 589 Experimental Course Social Entrepreneurship and Feminist Praxis

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Note that this course inventory data is from 2011.

Note that this course inventory data is from 2011.

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