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EN-11: Continuing Education

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Does the institution offer continuing education courses that address sustainability?:

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A copy of the list and brief descriptions of the continuing education courses that address sustainability:
A list and brief descriptions of the continuing education courses that address sustainability:

143EN1180 - Job Seeking Skills & Beyond:
Las Vegas still has an employer-driven job market; you need to know how to rise above the competition. Course topics include the hidden job market, winning resumes, finding peace in a stressful work environment, employment negotiations, interview strategies, self-presentation, and personal branding skills. Whether you are newly entering the job market, returning to the workforce after retirement or something in between, this course can make the difference for you!
143CU1100A - Excel Essentials
Fluency in Excel will streamline data collection, management, interpretation, and presentation in your college coursework and research. In this course you will be oriented to the Excel environment and terminology; view and understand a finished spreadsheet; learn to enter and edit data; manage workbooks; use the AutoFill feature; calculate with basic formulas and use functions; create databases; perform basic formatting; and insert/delete cells, rows, columns, and worksheets.
143PL6105A - Cooperative Parenting: Shielding Your
Children from Conflict Participate in proven conflict resolution activities within a supportive group environment. The course provides practical approaches to help parents work cooperatively to successfully co-parent their children.
143EX1232 – Desert Survival Skills: Basic
Learn what it takes to survive in the Mojave Desert back country until help arrives. Spend the day participating in hands-on outdoor experiments and covering topics including emergency procedures, water use, shelter, and proper preparation. Your instructor, a state-certified Environmental Educator and Planner, will dispel survival myths and cover basic safety and survival techniques for traveling in the desert either in a vehicle or on foot. Participants should be at least 14 years of age.
142NP3151Introduction to the Nonprofit Sec tor
Whether you are heading a fledgling nonprofit, have just started a job at a local nonprofit, have accepted a board position, or are investigating the sector for employment or consulting, this introduction will ensure you get off on the right foot. Discover why the sector exists, how nonprofits focus on their responsibilities to the community, and how they measure success in terms of impact delivered rather than stockholder profits.

143NP3109 - Spreading the Word: Having an Effective Marketing Strategy
Successfully communicate your organizational mission and vision to your target market. Develop a comprehensive approach to marketing including advertising, public relations, and branding. A cohesive communication strategy will help you allocate personnel and resources to ensure people outside your organization understand your contribution to the community. It will also help you define your marketing objectives and measure the impact of your efforts.

143PR6101 - Fundamentals of Public Relations
Explore public relations history, principles, procedures, and ethics guiding those who work in the field. Concepts, definitions, and techniques for enhancing organizational image and maintaining favorable position in the marketplace will also be discussed. You will learn typical PR functions within government, corporate, and agency settings, focusing on media relations, community relations, internal communication, and the four-step process of research, planning, performing, and evaluation. The required textbooks, The Associated Press Stylebook 2014 and The Practice of Public
143GR1134 - Proposal Writing II
It’s time to go after a big one. Prepare a grant application targeted at large funding sources including the federal government and large philanthropic foundations. Analyze complex requests for proposals (RFPs) to identify funding sources and obstacles, and then understand how to structure your budget and narrative to meet all requirements. Strategic community partnerships and organizational capacity will be examined within the context of large-scale awards. Time will be spent reviewing special legal and regulatory issues related to compliance issues for large funding awards.
143DO2254 - Canine “Good Citizen” Training
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is a certification program testing dogs in everyday situations in a relaxed atmosphere. The purpose is to ensure your favorite companion can be a respected member of the community who acts mannerly at home and in public places. Each week your dog will complete specific behavior assessments and tasks. The CGC test will be held on the last day of class. Dogs completing all steps will receive their CGC certification. Some insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners with certified pets. Bring your dog, proof of shots and proof of participation in a basic dog obedience class to the first day of class, which will be held in a classroom. All remaining classes will meet in the large landscaped area behind the Paradise campus with your pet.

143HA1109 - Growing & Using Herbs from Your Yard
You can grow fresh herbs all year in Las Vegas. Learn which herbs will grow in your garden, and how to use them for easy hors d’oeuvre and cooking ideas. We will experiment with fresh herbs and different recipes which you will be able to sample in class.
143HA1108 - Growing Fall & Winter Vegetables
Get the satisfaction of stepping into your own backyard to harvest delicious, nutritious food for your family. Learn how to create a raised bed for your vegetable garden, what plants will grow through the winter in Las Vegas, and how to water and care for your garden for maximum production.
143HA1191 - Rising Chickens at Home
Keeping a small flock of chickens in an urban setting can be rewarding, but it helps to know as much as possible about regulations, care, and logistics before you dive in! Review different types of chickens (with live examples in class), and discuss the pros and cons of each. Find out how to provide chickens with excellent care without a huge time commitment. Topics also covered are types of feed, egg quality, ailments and disease, chicks, acquiring coops and chickens, and common problems a new keeper will face. Gain enough knowledge to maintain a healthy, productive flock of your own.

143CX1146 - Becoming A Powerful Leader through Communications
Your employees deserve dynamic, transparent, competent, fair leadership; their success begins with you. In this course managers and supervisors will improve their communication skills, with the goal of building an organization where all employees work together toward common goals and accountability thrives at all levels.
The leadership skills you gain will translate into increased individual and team performance, boost employees’ ability to succeed in the face of change and challenge, and dramatically increase levels of productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

143PG1191 - How to Deal with Disagreements, Conflict & Confrontation
Do not let disagreements, conflict, or confrontation undermine your personal or professional life. Reduce the stress and fear often associated with conflict by learning to distinguish between disagreements and misunderstandings, following rules for fighting fair during conflict, and knowing how to face an angry person.
143CP6125 - Documentation, Discipline & Termination
Follow consistent policies for documentation, discipline, and termination when an employee does not live up to expectations. Do not wait until you have to go to court before you learn how to handle these essential management tasks correctly! Find out how to utilize the disciplinary process to improve employee behavior, document relevant facts during the review and discipline process, conduct fair and thorough investigations, and, if necessary, prepare for a termination. This course is approved for six recertification credits through HRCI.
143HE1101 – CPR/AED & First Aid Adult & Child: American Heart Association
Respond effectively and confidently to a medical emergency, providing lifesaving support until emergency care arrives. Subjects taught include adult and child CPR and AED, cardiac arrest, choking, and treatment for shock. The first aid portion of the course covers illnesses, bleeding injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, bites, and stings, and more. This two-year American Heart Association certification is accepted by teaching institutions, medical institutions, and many other occupations.
143NP3131 - Strong Financial Oversight
Manage your nonprofit’s finances and operations to ensure more of your budget directly advances your mission. Topic areas include nonprofit economics and finance, financial management and accountability, information technology, and management. This is a blended-learning experience with classroom instruction, field experience, guest speakers, and individual assignments including readings, research, and online work.

143GI1100 - Face book for Business
Build a Face book page for your business and then integrate it with your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Examples of social media marketing from a successful not-for-profit business will be discussed so you can adapt and apply similar techniques to your own unique business situation. If you do not have existing Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for your business you should create them prior to class. You will also need an email account to build your business Face book page and link your accounts.

143PF1113A - Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement
Get the most from your investments, Social Security, and retirement plans.
The typical American will work more than 90,000 hours earning a living and building a nest egg, yet many spend fewer than 10 hours preparing for a successful retirement. The information you receive at this seminar will pay dividends for the rest of your life. $89 at the door. Bring your guest at no additional charge.

143PF1128 - Wealth That Lasts
Define your personal financial objectives and create a long range investment plan. Designed specifically for the affluent individual, family, or institutional investor, this course offers proven strategies for managing market volatility and strengthening your financial portfolio through diversification. As a more educated investor you will be able to evaluate investment performance and make adjustments as necessary. Course also covers estate and gift planning, which can greatly reduce tax liabilities while ensuring your wishes are carried out.

143CP6155 - Human Resource Management CertificateProgram Information Session
Learn how the Human Resource Management Certificate program can benefit you. Meet instructors and ask questions about the structure, content, and requirements. Whether you are a seasoned human resource professional or looking to enter into the field, this information session will provide you with the details on how this certificate program can help boost your career.

143CP6113 - Essentials of Human Resource Management
Learn the basics of compensation, employment law, and effective recruitment, selection, and training techniques. This course is for those just entering the human resource career field, line managers who have
HR responsibilities, HR professionals who have been in a single functional area, and others who need a review of fundamental HR management.

143GB3207 - Analyzing & Improving Office & Service Operations
Streamline your processes and improve your bottom line by concentrating effort and resources in those areas holding value for your customers. Using simulations, cases, and your own processes, you will learn and practice Lean tools to dramatically improve quality and service while reducing bottlenecks, errors, redundancy, and ambiguity. The required textbook,

143PR6103 - Crisis Communication
Face organizational crisis with a well-planned and skillfully executed crisis communication plan. First, develop a plan to address the public’s need for information while minimizing legal liability. Next, practice executing the media response portion of your plan, and controlling “key messages.”
The final project is an on-camera interview scenario, where you will field questions related to a personalized mock crisis.
143PR6117 - Ethics in Public Relations
Examine various codes of public relations ethics and discuss scenarios blurring the line between responsible communication and purposeful deceit. The instructor will walk you through a series of useful techniques to avoid ethical conflicts and guide you to decisions in the best interest of your organization and your career. Guest speakers will include senior executives from the fields of public relations and journalism.

143EX1227 - Desert National Wildlife Refuge
The wild life in Las Vegas is second-rate compared to the REAL WILDLIFE of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge just 20 miles north of the Strip. This largest national wildlife refuge (2,300 square miles) in the lower 48 states encompasses the Sheep Mountain Range and was established in 1936 for the protection of the desert bighorn sheep.
We will start with an hour visit to the new visitor center and short easy trail walk to see some of the wetland habitat restoration. Then we will hop into the vans for a drive on back roads up and over the Sheep
Mountains through spectacular mountain, desert, and forest scenery with occasional stops for stretches and close looks at wildflowers, birds, and (if we’re lucky) bighorn sheep.

143EX1160 - Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
Amazing as it may seem, 26 plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth live within the 23,000 acre Ash Meadows National Wildlife
Refuge, about 100 miles west of Las Vegas near Pahrump, Nevada. This is the greatest concentration of endemic species in the United States.
We will meet some of them as we explore some of the 50 springs and seeps, enchanting marshlands, streams, and ash/mesquite groves in the middle of a harsh landscape of Mojave Desert alkali flats. Expect to walk two to three miles on boardwalks and maintained trails with spectacular mountain and desert views and to meet wildflowers, birds, butterflies, and dragonflies (which we will net and release).

143EX1250 - Discover the Desert
Enjoy a short hike (2.2 miles, elevation gain 100’) into the Mojave
Desert while learning about the natural history of the desert, observing plant adaptation and rain shadow, honing your skills of natural observation, and opening your senses. This course focuses on the lower elevations of the Mojave Desert and is ideal for beginning naturalists and anyone curious about the desert.

143EX1234 - Nature Connections
Strengthen your physical and emotional connection to nature and the Mojave Desert. Learn how to move within this fragile, complex ecosystem and interact with nature without disturbing wildlife.
Sharpen your senses by focusing on relaxation, visualization, and grounding. Time will be spent on basic interpretation of bird calls and behavior, reading animal signs (scats and tracks), and strengthening observation skills. This course offers a natural approach to interacting with nature.
143EX2242 - Native People & Plants in the Mojave Desert
Several different Native American societies thrived in the harsh conditions of the Mojave Desert for thousands of years. Uncover their secrets to suvival including what they ate and where they got materials for day to day living. Explore the plants Native Americans used for everything from food items to diapers, shoes, and medicine. This fun, interactive program includes an interpretive plant walk through the
Clark County Wetlands Park, exploration of artifacts and objects, and a variety of interesting demonstrations.

143EX1243 - Across the Mojave to Palm Springs
Visit some of the most interesting and scenic geological features of the Mojave National Preserve and experience outstanding natural and cultural highlights of Palm Springs, California. Your geologist/naturalist guide first takes you to the historic 1924 Spanish revival
Kelso Depot, which now serves as the visitor center for Mojave National Preserve. Stop at nearby Kelso Dunes, which at 600 feet are some of the highest dunes in the region. Take a 3-mile round trip hike to the rim of Amboy Crater, an extinct but geologically young volcano. The first day’s final outing is the Palm Spring Aerial Tramway, which rises in elevation to 8500 feet at its summit in Mt. San Jacinto State Park. Recharge with an overnight in downtown Palm Springs. Sunday morning is set aside for a brief talk by a tribal ranger before hiking the Indian Canyons’ Palm Canyon area.
The last stop is the Palm Springs Art Museum; on display will be art of the American West. The tour departs mid-afternoon for the return to Las Vegas.

143EX1233 - Nature Connections (Continuing Education Sampler)
Consciously connect with the desert around you and deepen your appreciation for the Mojave’s fragile, complex ecosystem. Using
Sunset Regional Park’s native areas and interpretive signage as a backdrop, time will be spent on basic interpretation of bird behaviors, reading animal scats and tracks, and strengthening observation skills. This course offers a natural approach to interacting with nature. It is a brief introduction of the five week Nature Connections course offered at Desert National Wildlife Refuge.

Does the institution have at least one sustainability-themed certificate program through its continuing education or extension department?:

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Spring 2014 Professional Development (certificates): 109 classes, 1075 enrollments
Spring 2014 Personal Enrichment: 175 classes, 1534 enrollments

Summer 2014 Professional Development (certificates): 46 classes, 440 enrollments
Summer 2014 Personal Enrichment: 48 classes, 500 enrollments

Fall 2014 Professional Development (certificates) as of10/15/14: 79 classes, 658 enrollments
Fall 2014 Personal Enrichment as of 10/15/14: 105 classes, 988 enrollments

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