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STARS v2.0

University of Louisville
AC-9: Academic Research

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Kentucky Institute for the Environment & Sustainable Development
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Number of the institution’s faculty and/or staff engaged in sustainability research:

Total number of the institution’s faculty and/or staff engaged in research:

Number of academic departments (or the equivalent) that include at least one faculty or staff member that conducts sustainability research:

The total number of academic departments (or the equivalent) that conduct research:

A copy of the sustainability research inventory that includes the names and department affiliations of faculty and staff engaged in sustainability research:
Names and department affiliations of faculty and staff engaged in sustainability research:

Abrams,Jamie Law
Ahuja,M. K. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Alexander,James Biology
Alexander,Suraj Industrial Engineering
Alphenaar,Bruce William Electrical & Computer Engineering
Amos,Delaina Chemical Engineering
Antle,Becky F. Sociology
Arnold,Craig A. Law
Arteel,Gavin Pharmacology & Toxicology
Bai,Lihui Industrial Engineering
Baik,Moon-he Fine Arts
Baldwin,Richard Chemical Engineering
Barber,Gerard M. Kent Social Work
Barnes,Brian Philosophy
Barnett,Russell KIESD
Barve,Shirish Medicine
Baumgartner,Kathy B. Epidemiology
Baumgartner,Richard N. Epidemiology
Berfield,Thomas Mechanical Engineering
Berson,Robert E. Chemical Engineering
Bhaskgar,N.R. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bhatnagar,Aruni Medicine
Burns,Christopher Chemistry
Cai,Jian Pharmacology & Toxicology
Carreiro,Margaret Mary Biology
Carrico,Ruth Lynne Medicine
Cave,Mathew Medicine
Chan,Ying Kit Fine Arts
Christensen,Dana N. Kent Social Work
Clark,Barbara Johnson Biochemistry
Coburn,Geoff Mechanical Engineering
Cohn,Robert W. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cole,Marcie Biochemistry
Collins,Wanda Lott Kent Social Work; Sociology
Conklin,Daniel Cardiology
Coomes,Paul A. Business
Coopman,Ted M. Communication
Corbitt,Cynthia Biology
Crain,Mark M. Bioengineering
Croasdaile,Michael Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cunningham,Anita B. Kent Social Work
D'Ambrosio,Joseph G. Health Innovation & Sustainability
Darling,O. Dentistry
Datta,Somnath Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
Datta,Susmita Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
Davis,D. W. Pediatrics
DeCaro,Daniel Urban & Public Affairs
Dove,Guy Philosophy
Druffel,Theodore Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
D'Souza,Stanley Physiology
Dugatkin,Lee Biology
Elmaghraby,Adel Computer Engineering & Computer Science
Emery,Sarah M. Biology
Esterhay JR,Robert J. Health Management
Ewald,Paul William Biology
Faul,Anna Kent Social Work
Feldhoff,Pam EVPRI
Fosl,Cate Women's and Gender Studies
Fredriksson,Per Economics
Freedman,Jonathan Pharmacology & Toxicology
French,Mark Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fu,Xiao-An Chemical Engineering
Fuselier,Linda Biology
Gaeth,Liliana Dentistry
Gaughan,Andrea Geography and Geoscience
Ghasemi Fare,Omid Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gilderbloom,John Urban & Public Affairs
Goetzke,Frank Urban & Public Affairs
Harnett,Cindy Kathleen Computer Engineering & Computer Science
Harris,Muriel Public Health & Information Sciences
Hart,Joy Communication
Haws,Jonathan A. Anthropology
Head,Barbara A. Nursing
Heberle,Lauren Sociology
Hein,David W. Pharmacology & Toxicology
Hill,Bradford Medicine
Howarth,David Geography and Geoscience
Howell,Penny B. Middle and Secondary Education
Hoyle,Gary Environmental & Occupational Health
Hurst,Harrell E. Pharmacology
Imbroscio,David Political Science; Urban & Public Affairs
Jacobs,Robert Environmental & Occupational Health
Jauanthi,Chakram Physics & Astronomy
Jortani,Saeed Pathology
Kalbfleisch,Theodore Biochemistry
Karam,Eli A. Kent Social Work
Keeling,Deborah Griffith Justice Administration
Keynton,Robert S. Bioengineering
King,Kristi Health and Sport Sciences
Klein,J. Medicine
Klinge,Carolyn Muriel Biochemistry
Kolers,Avery Philosophy
Kong,Maiying Bioinformatics
LaJoie,Scott Public Health & Information Sciences
Leonard,Melinda Pyschology
Levinson,Ariana Law
Li,Bingtuan Mathematics
Li,Yong Biochemistry
Linder,Mark Pathology
Lingo,Amy Middle and Secondary Education
Liu,Jinjui Chemistry
Markowitz,Lisa Anthropology
Mayfield,Theresa Gale Dentistry
McClain,Craig Medicine
McClave,Stephen A. Medicine
McCracken,Elizabeth Pollution Prevention
McGinley,William Civil and Environmental Engineering
McIntyre,Michael Electrical & Computer Engineering
McKinney,William Paul Public Health & Information Sciences
McNamara,Shamus Engineering
Mendes,Sergio B. Physics
Merchant,M. Medicine
Merry,M. K. Political Science
Metaxas,John Michael KIESD
Michalczyk,Lawrence Kent Social Work
Mountain,Keith Geography and Geoscience
Nabor,John Electrical & Computer Engineering
Neal,Rachel Environmental & Occupational Health
Norton,Carol Sociology
O'Hara,Ken Pollution Prevention
Osborne,Jason Education & Counseling Psychology
O'Tool,Timothy Medicine
Park,Sam Mechanical Engineering
Park,Yong Mechanical Engineering
Parola,Arthur C. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Payne,Rodger Political Science
Pisano,M. Michelle Dentistry
Polivka,Barbara Nursing
Powell,David Medicine
Prabhu,Sumanth D. Medicine
Prough,Russell A. Biochemistry
Ramirez,Julio A. Medicine
Ratansamy,Paul Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
Rieger,J. H. Sociology
Rockaway,Thomas Doan Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rokosh,Gregg Medicine
Roman,Jesse Medicine
Roussel,Thomas Bioengineering
Rothstein,Laura Law
Running,Mark Biology
Salmon,Paul Pyschology
Samuelson,David Biochemistry
Sar,Bibhuti K. Kent Social Work
Satyavolu,Jagannadh Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
Schaner-Tooley,Christine Biochemistry
Schreck,Melissa Ann Public Health & Information Sciences
Schultz,David Biology
Shain,Cynthia Collins Justice Administration
Sharp,M. Keith Mechanical Engineering
Simpson,David M. Urban & Public Affairs
Smith,Allison Biology
Spurgeon,Joshua Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
Srivastava,Sanjay Cardiology
States,Christopher Pharmacology & Toxicology
Stock,Gabriela Anthropology
Stone,James Education & Human Development
Sumanasekera,Gamini U. Physics
Sun,Zhihui Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sunkara,Mahendra K. Chemical Engineering
Tollerud,David Environmental & Occupational Health
Valdes,Roland Pathology
Van Zyl,Michiel Adriaan Kent Social Work
Vandenbroucke,Russell Theater Arts
Vesely,William Scott Civil and Environmental Engineering
Walsh,Kevin M. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Williams,Bronwyn English
Willing,Gerold A Chemical Engineering
Wise,John Pharmacology & Toxicology
Yanovich,Steve Biology
Zamborini,Frank Chemistry
Zhang,Haifeng Geography and Geoscience
Zhang,Xiang Chemistry
Zhang,Sumei Urban & Public Affairs
Zwang,Qunwei Environmental & Occupational Health

A brief description of the methodology the institution followed to complete the research inventory:

Faculty and staff engaged in sustainability-related research were identified through compilation of lists of sustainability research organizations, centers and institutions and through grant proposals submitted from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015 that are compiled on a data base maintained by the Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation Office. The organizations, centers and institutions include:
• University of Louisville Sustainability Council—organization that includes faculty, staff, and students that conduct research in the sustainability field. The Council members are appointed by the Provost. Faculty and staff actively engaged in research are listed.
• Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development—this institute is composed of seven centers located throughout the University. The purpose of the Institute is to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration on sustainability related research.
• Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research—the Conn Center conducts and facilitates R&D on potentially commercially feasible renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The Center promotes partnerships among the state's colleges and universities, private industries, and non-profit organizations to actively pursue federally and privately funded research and development resources that are dedicated to renewable energy solutions.
• Center for Environmental Cardiology—the Center is engaged in research on how environmental pollutants contribute to cardiovascular risk and to delineate the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms by which pollutants exacerbate atherosclerosis, promote thrombosis and increase myocardial ischemic injury.
• University of Louisville Sustainability Scholars Roundtable—All UofL faculty, staff and graduated students engaged in research related to sustainability are encouraged to join the Scholars Roundtable to share research interests, goals and projects. The goal of the Roundtable is to encourage interdisciplinary research. Faculty and staff who have attended the Roundtable over the last 3 years have been identified for inclusion in the list of faulty/staff engaged in sustainability research.
• Grant Proposal Submittals—all grant proposals are logged onto a data base maintained by the Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation (EVPRI). The data base includes the Principal Investigator’s name, the Title of the proposal, whether the proposal was for research, and key word descriptors. The data base from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015 was searched by key word and title for the following words:

adaptive cycle
adaptive reuse
air quality
alternative fuel
aquatic ecosystem
architecture - environmental
bicycle transit
building materials
carbon emissions
carbon footprint
city planning
climate change
community development
community gardens
community partners
complete streets
ecological footprint
economic development
edible landscapes
energy conservation
energy consumption
energy efficiency
environmental change
environmental education
environmental health
environmental law
environmental policy
forest ecology
global change
green energy
green infrastructure
green movement
green purchasing
green rooftops
hazardous waste
invasive species
landscape architecture
landscape urbanism
liver toxicity
local food
low-impact development
mass transit
natural hazards
new urbanism
organic agriculture
place making
pollution prevention
public participation
regional development
renewable energy
risk assessment
rural development
sense of place
smart growth
social change
social justice
social responsibility
social-ecological system
source reduction
stream restoration
sustainable agriculture
sustainable architecture
sustainable design
sustainable development
sustainable energy
sustainable living
triple bottom line
urban agriculture
urban canopy
urban ecology
urban forest
urban renewal
urban soils
walking city
waste management
water quality

Identified grant proposals were reviewed and those whose purpose was not research or was not sustainability related, were deleted. Principal investigators were included in the list of faculty/staff engaged in sustainability related research. The total number of faculty members engaged in research is based on the number of tenured research faculty employed by the University.

A brief description of notable accomplishments during the previous three years by faculty and/or staff engaged in sustainability research:

UofL Sustainability Research Highlights in the previous three years include:

1. UofL's Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research formed a partnership with a South Carolina company to accelerate commercialization of a coal-like product made from wood and biomass materials.
Conn Center partners with company, consortium on wood-to-energy project (UofL Today, June 25, 2015): http://louisville.edu/uofltoday/campus-news/conn-center-partners-with-company-consortium-on-wood-to-energy-project
If tree falls in forest, it could become NuCoal (Courier-Journal, June 25, 2015): http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2015/06/25/tree-falls-forest-become-nucoal/29290687/

2. UofL's Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research spins off startup company, Bert Thin Films LLC, which received a $225,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop and commercialize a new material to reduce the costs of manufacturing solar cells.
Solar startup emerges from UofL's Conn Center & earns national grant (UofL Today, Jan. 12, 2015): http://louisville.edu/uofltoday/campus-news/startup-emerges-from-conn-center-earns-national-grant

3. UofL's Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research spins off startup company, Advanced Energy Materials, which has honed a process to create tiny granules of a catalyst material using zinc oxide particles that can absorb sulfur in fuels to 5 parts per million or less.
UofL Startup Works Toward Fueling Profits: Innovation creates cleaner-running diesel (Courier-Journal, Dec. 8, 2014): http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2014/12/08/advance-energy-materials-invents-tiny-particles-make-cleaner-fuel-easier-produce/20096097/

4. UofL School of Public Health and Information Sciences establishes the Commonwealth Institute of Kentucky for community-based research, health policy support and education:
New UofL health policy institute to address Kentucky health issues & disparities (UofL Today, Dec. 4, 2014): http://louisville.edu/uofltoday/campus-news/health-policy-institute-to-address-ky.-health-issues-disparities

5. Beargrass Falls (April 2014): Video: http://youtu.be/0rAjktmbXU4
Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/uofl/sets/72157644238250322/
Student using solar energy to purify water (UofL Today, Apr 23, 2014): http://louisville.edu/uofltoday/campus-news/student-using-solar-energy-to-purify-water
UofL Students Help Restore Beargrass Creek (Courier-Journal, April 18, 2014): http://www.courier-journal.com/story/tech/science/environment/2014/04/18/beargrass-creek-restoration/7876153/

6. UofL's Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research researched and produced the “Making Louisville Home for Us All: A 20-year Action Plan for Fair Housing” report for the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission, in consultation with Metropolitan Housing Coalition.
Action plan for Louisville fair housing released by UofL researchers (UofL Today, Feb. 13, 2014): http://louisville.edu/uofltoday/campus-news/action-plan-for-louisville-fair-housing-released

7. UofL’s Center for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility was profiled in the National Council for Science and the Environment’s report: Interdisciplinary Environmental and Sustainability Education and Research: Institutes and Centers at Research Universities (January 2014, p. 128-129): http://www.ncseonline.org/2014-institutes-and-centers-research-universities-report

The website URL where information about sustainability research is available:

Unfortunately, our inventory is not a complete accounting of all sustainability-related research at UofL. Rather, it represents our best available data, from an inventory of research grants and publications over fiscal years 2013-2015. We do not have an efficient system for tracking unpublished and non-grant-supported research, but we know many faculty are engaged in such research related to sustainability and we value their many contributions.

The information presented here is self-reported. While AASHE staff review portions of all STARS reports and institutions are welcome to seek additional forms of review, the data in STARS reports are not verified by AASHE. If you believe any of this information is erroneous or inconsistent with credit criteria, please review the process for inquiring about the information reported by an institution and complete the Data Inquiry Form.