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ER-7: Sustainability-Related Courses

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A list of sustainability-related courses offered:

ANTH 1100 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Tamils
ANTH 1105 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Tibet
ANTH 1110 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Japan
ANTH 1115 The Caribbean in Post-Colonial Perspective
ANTH 1120 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Hopi and Navajo
ANTH 1140 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Maya
ANTH 1145 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Aztecs
ANTH 1150 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Regional Cultures of Africa
ANTH 1160 The Ancient Egyptian Civilization
ANTH 1170 Exploring Culture and Gender through Film
ANTH 2010 Introduction to Physical Anthropology 1
ANTH 3000 Primate Behavior
ANTH 4060 Nutrition and Anthropology
ANTH 4170 Primate Evolutionary Biology
ANTH 4505 Globalization and Transnational Culture
ANTH 5600 Human Ecology: Cultural Aspects
AREN 3130 Building Energy Laboratory
ASEN 4012 Aerospace Materials
ASEN 4018/4028 Senior Projects 1: Design Synthesis
ASEN 4519/5519 Energy Systems for Earth and Aerospace Applications
ATOC 1060 Our Changing Environment: El Niño, Ozone, and Climate
ATOC 3070 Introduction to Oceanography
ATOC 3300/GEOG 3301 Analysis of Climate and Weather Observations
ATOC 3500 Air Chemistry and Pollution
ATOC 3600/GEOG 3601/ENVS 3600 Principles of Climate
ATOC 4750/5750 Desert Meteorology and Climate
ATOC 5235 Introduction to Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sensing
ATOC 6100 Predicting Weather and Climate
BCOR 2400 Fundamentals of Marketing
CAMW 4001 Seminar on the American West
CHEM 1011 Environmental Chemistry 1
CHEM 1031 Environmental Chemistry 2
CHEM 5061 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 2
CHEM 5151 Atmospheric Chemistry
CHEM 5161 Analytical Spectroscopy
CHEM 5171 Electroanalytical Chemistry
CHEM 6111 Nanoscience in Chemical Analysis and Biotechnology
CHEN 1000 Creative Technology
CVEN 1317 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering
CVEN 3414 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
CVEN 3424 Water and Wastewater Treatment
CVEN 4434/5434 Environmental Engineering Design
CVEN 4474 Hazardous and Industrial Waste Management
CVEN 5050 Advanced Solar Design
CVEN 5323 Applied Stream Ecology
CVEN 5494 Surface Water Quality Modeling
CVEN 5830-005 Building Energy Systems
CVEN/ENVS 3434 Introduction to Applied Ecology
EBIO 1030 Biology: A Human Approach 1
EBIO 1040 Biology: A Human Approach 2
EBIO 1210 General Biology 1
EBIO 1220 General Biology 2
EBIO 2040 Principles of Ecology
EBIO 3170 Arctic and Alpine Ecology
EBIO 3175. Arctic and Alpine Ecology Lab
EBIO 3180 Global Ecology
EBIO 3190 Tropical Marine Ecology
EBIO 4060 Landscape Ecology
EBIO 4100/5100. Advanced Ecology
EBIO 4175 The Scientific Basis for Ecosystem Management of Public Lands
EBIO 4630 Field Techniques in Environmental Science
EBIO 4800/5800 Microbial Ecology; Culture, Politics and Climate Change
EBIO/GEOL/ENVS 4160 Introduction to Biogeochemistry
ECEN 4517/5517 Renewable & Power Electronics Lab
ECEN 4555/5555 Principles of Energy Systems & Devices
ECEN 5005 Photovoltaic Devices
ECEN 5017 Conventional and Renewable Energy Issues
ECEN 5254 Radar and Remote Sensing
ECON 3545/4545 Environmental Economics
ECON 4514 Economic History of Europe
ECON 8535 Environmental Economics I
ECON 8545 Environmental Economics II
ECON 8555 Water Resources Development and Management
EDUC 5316 Nature of Social Studies and Social Studies Education
EDUC 5355 Methods and Materials in Secondary Social Studies
ENGL 3267 Women Writers
ENVD 2001 Introduction to Social Factors in Environmental Design
ENVD 2003 Ecology and Design
ENVD 2100 Architecture Studio 1
ENVD 2120 Environmental Design Lab: Sustainable Design
ENVD 2130 Environmental Design Lab: Conservation Design
ENVD 4023 Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVD 4311 Housing Policies and Practices
ENVD 4363 Design For/With Schools
ENVS 1000 Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVS 3520 Environmental Issues in Geosciences
ENVS 3600 Principles of Climate
ENVS 5000 Policy, Science, and the Environment
ENVS 5100 Energy Science and Technology
ENVS 5120 Topics in Quantitative Methods
ENVS 5730 Introduction to the Policy Sciences: The Decision Process
ESBM 3700 Entrepreneurial Environments
ETHN 1123 Exploring Non-Western Cultures: Hopi and Navajo
EVEN 1000 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
FARR 1562 Gandhi's Satyagraha: Love in Action for Humans and Other Creatures
GEEN 1100 Social Impact of Technology
GEEN 1400 Engineering Projects
GEOG 1001 Environmental Systems 1: Climate and Vegetation
GEOG 2002 Geographies of Global Change
GEOG 2412 Environment and Culture
GEOG 3412 Conservation Practice and Resource Management
GEOG 3422 Conservation Thought
GEOG 3612 Geography of American Cities
GEOG 4261 Glaciers and Permafrost
GEOG 4271/5271 The Arctic Climate System
GEOG 4501/5501 Water Resources and Water Management of Western United States
GEOG 4822 Environment and Development in China
GEOG 6402 Seminar: Comparative Environmental Studies
GEOL 1010 Introduction to Geology
GEOL 1060 Global Change: An Earth Science Perspective
GEOL 2100 Environmental Geology
GEOL 3130 Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast
GEOL 3410 Paleobiology
GEOL 3500 Earth Resources and the Environment
GEOL 3520 Environmental Issues in Geosciences
GEOL 4060/5060 Oceanography
GEOL 4070 Paleoclimatology
GEOL 4080 Societal Problems and Earth Sciences
GEOL 4500 Critical Thinking in the Earth Sciences
GEOL/ENVS 3520 Environmental Issues in Geosciences
HIST 1010 Western Civilization 1
HIST 1061 The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome
HIST 2543 Medieval Societies
HIST 4417 Environmental History of North America
HIST 6417 Readings in Environmental History
HONR 4055 Discourse Analysis and Cultural Criticism
HUMN 4835 Literature and Social Violence
INVS 1000 Responding to Social and Environmental Problems through Service Learning
INVS 3000 Innovative Approaches to Contemporary Issues through Service Learning
INVS 4402 Nonviolent Social Movements
INVS 4999 Teaching Social Justice
IPHY 3420 Nutrition, Health, and Performance
LAWS 6205 Lawyers for Social Change
LAWS 6503 Law and Social Sciences
LAWS 7122 Mining and Energy Law
LAWS 7164 Land Conservation Law
LAWS 7212 Environmental Litigation
LAWS 7916/7926 Independent Legal Research: Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy
LAWS 8104 Seminar: Cities, Suburbs, and the Law
LAWS 8351 Seminar: Law and Economics of Utility Regulation
LAWS 8407 Seminar: Tax Policy
LDSP 2400 Understanding Privilege and Oppression in Contemporary Society-Leadership in a Multicultural World
MBAC 6000 Socially Responsible Enterprise
MBAX 6801 Global Perspectives Seminar
OPIM 3000 Systems Thinking
PACS 4500 Senior Seminar in Peace and Conflict Studies
PHYS 1110 General Physics 1
PHYS 2010 General Physics 2
PRLC 2810 Global Issues in Leadership
PRLC 3810 Global Issues in Leadership
PSCI 4012 Global Development
SOCY 2011 Contemporary Social Issues and Human Values
SOCY 2031 Social Problems
SOCY 4017 Animals and Society
SOCY 4047 Topics in Environment and Society
SOCY 4052 Social Inequalities in Health
SOCY 7002 Social Disparities in Health
SOCY 7017 Population and Environment
WMST 2600 Gender, Race, and Class in a Global Contex
WMST 3500 Global Gender Issues
WMST 3730 Third World Women and the Politics of International Development
WRTG/NRLN 3020 Topics in Writing
XBUS 6640 Operations Management

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