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ER-7: Sustainability-Related Courses

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The number of sustainability-related courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-related courses offered:

American Studies
AMER066/166- Representing the Environment
AMER141/ELS141- Innovative Social Enterprises, Felice Shapiro
AMER185- Native American Issues – Politics of Representation

ANTH015- Native Peoples and Indigenous Rights in South America, David Guss
ANTH020- Global Cities, Cathy Stanton
ANTH185- Native American Issues

Art History
FAH095- Boston Architecture and Urbanism

AST010-Wanderers in Space, Kenneth Lang

BIO007ENV007- Environmental Biology, Colin Orians, Michael Reed
BIO010/ENV010- Plants and Humanity, George Ellmore
BIO014- Organisms and Populations, Francie Chew, George Ellmore, Harry Bernheim
BIO051/ENV051- Experiments in Ecology, Francie Chew, Sara Lewis, Philip Starks, George Ellmore, David DesRochers, Colin Orians
BIO142- Population and Community Ecology, Francie Chew
BIO143- Evolutionary Ecology, Erik Dopman
BIO164/ENV164- Marine Biology, Jan Pechenik

Chemical and Biological Engineering
CHBE136/CE136- Air Pollution Control, Wayne Chudyk
CHBE138/CE138- Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies, Larry Cohen
CHBE170- Technological Processes and the Environment
CHBE193 – Electronic Devices for Energy Applications, Matthew J. Panzer

CHEM008/CE030- Environmental Chemistry, Jonathan Kenny, John Durant, Natalie Capiro
CHEM167/CE167- Environmental Toxicology, Anne Marie Desmarais

CHNS108- Rural and Urban China Through Cinema, Xueping Zhong

Civil and Environmental Engineering
CE001- Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering, Kurt Pennell
CE032- Environmental Engineering Principles, Steven Chapra, Wayne Chudyk, Kurt Pennell
CE054/CH54/ENV54- Fundamentals of Epidemiology, Mark Woodin
CE070/ENV70- Introduction to Hazardous Materials Management, Anne Marie Desmarais
CE093- Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Spring), Christopher Swan, John Durant
CE094- Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Fall), Brian Brenner
CE099- Internship in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Brian Brenner, Betsy Kulamer
CE103- Water Quality Monitoring, Steven Chapra
CE112/ENV112- Hydrology/Water Resource, Shafiqul Islam, Richard Vogel
CE113/GEO113- Groundwater, Grant Garven
CE131- River Hydraulics and Restoration, Richard Vogel
CE132- Environmental Engineering Processes, Andrew Ramsburg
CE133- Wastewater Plant Design, Wayne Chudyk
CE137- Public Health, David Gute
CE139- Bioremediation: Natural and Enhanced, Wayne Chudyk
CE142- Advanced Soil Mechanics, Christopher Swan
CE143- Site Remediation, Wayne Chudyk
CE194/GEO132- Groundwater Chemistry and Quality, Grant Garvin
CE201/UEP201/ENV201- Land Use Planning II, Jon Witten
CE202- Environmental Statistics, Richard Vogel
CE207/UEP207/ENV207- Environmental Law, Robert Russell
CE212- Chemical Principles in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Wayne Chudyk
CE213- Transport Principles in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Andrew Ramsburg
CE214- Environmental and Resource Systems, Annette Huber-Lee and Richard Vogel
CE239- Physicochemical Processes in Water and Wastewater
CE240- Principles of Wastewater Treatment
CE241/MPH241- Biology Water and Health, David Gute

Community Health
CH099- Special Topics: Social Movements and Public Health, Kevin Irwin
CH104- Women and Health, Alissa Spielberg
CH188- Special Topics: Computer and Intelligent Medicine, Simon Glickman

EC048- Health Economics, Andrea Balan Cohen and Emilia Simeonova
EC124- State and Local Public Finance, Thomas Downes
EC127- Urban Economics, Anna Hardman
EC130- Topics in Environmental Economics, Ekaterina Gnedenko
EC132- Economics of Energy Markets, Gilbert Mitcalf
EC135- Topics in Economic Development
EC144- Income Inequality, Poverty and Economic Justice, Linda Loury
EC165- Labor and Global Supply Chains, Drusilla Brown

ED164/PJS164- Education for Peace and Justice, Deborah Donahue-Keegan and Kathleen Weiler

EN020- Clean Your Room (CEE)
EN021- Computers and the Environment (CEE), Richard Vogel
EN038- Environmental Measurements (CEE)
EN068- Ecology of Business (CEE), Stephen Levine

ENG160/ENV160/PSJ150- Environmental Justice and U.S. Literature, Elizabeth Ammons

NUTR215/UEP223- Fundamental of U.S. Agriculture, Tim Griffin
NUTR233- Agriculture Science and Politics I, Tim Griffin
NUTR324/DHP213 – Humanitarian Politics, Peter Walker
NUTR327– Food Systems, Hugh Joseph
NUTR333- Agriculture Science and Politics II, Tim Griffin

Environmental Studies
ENV099- Environmental Internship, George Ellmore
ENV193-02/UEP232- Introduction to GIS, Barbara Parmenter
ENV196-05/UEP294-05- Remote Sensing, Eman Ghoneim
ENV200-01/UEP200- Land Use Planning, Jon D. Witten
ENV286-01/UEP286- Environmental Ethics, Sheldon Krimsky

Experimental College
EXP021-F- Eco-Psychology
EXP038-S- The Consumer Society
EXP058-CF- Marketing for Social Change, Dorie Clark
EXP065-F- Healing Plants: Culture and Ecology in South America, Angela Steward, Selena Ahmed
EXP085-S- Ethical Leadership in Business, Steve Frigand

Fletcher School
DHP P214: Introduction to Global Health
EIB B284: Petroleum in the Global Economy
DHP D236: Global Migration and Displacement
DHP D237: Nutrition in Complex Emergencies: Policies, Practice and Decision-making
EIB E215m: Empirical Topics in Globalization
DHP P216: Resilience Audits in International Humanitarian Policy and Public health
EIB E247 Economic Development and Econometric impact evaluation
DHP P290: Migration and Transnationalism in Latin America

GEO002- Environmental Geology w/Lab, Jack Ridge, Jacob Benner, Anne Gardulski, Molly McCanta
GEO005- Introduction to Oceanography, Anne Gardulski
GEO115- Quaternary and Glacial Geology, Jack Ridge

HIST103- Consumption, Power and Identity: Food and Clothing in Modern Times, Ina Baghdiantz McCabe

Peace and Justice Studies
PJS111/SOC111- Social Change and Community Organizing
PJS114- Social Movements in American Politics
PJS135-01/SOC135- Social Movements, Matthew Gregory
PJS141/Phil141- Global Justice, Lionel McPherson

PHIL024- Intro to Ethics, David Denby
PHIL124- Bioethics, Mitchel Silver

PHY005- The Nuclear Age-Its Physics and History

Political Science
PS173- International Environmental Politics
PS188-20 – Politics of International Environmental Negotiation, Nancy Gleason
PS194- U.S. Environmental Policy, Kent Portney
PS250 – Elements of International Environmental Policy, William Moomaw

PSY013- Social Psychology, Sina Nathanson

SOC050- Globalization and Social Space, Anna da Silva, Paul Joseph
SOC113- Urban Sociology, Ryan Centner
SOC184/UEP273- Non-profits, States and Markets, Susa Ostrander

Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
UEP122- Biotechnology: Social and Environmental Issues, Sheldo Krimsky
UEP166- Environment, Development, and Security in International Politics, Ingar Palmlund, Ann Urosevich, Maria Nicolau
UEP171- Planning Challenges
UEP173- Transportation Planning, Mark Chase
UEP 174- Clean Air and Water, Rusty Russell
UEP178- Planning for Low Impact Development, Jon D. Witten
UEP191- Philanthropy and Fundraising, Patricia Bonner-DuVal, Sylvia Johnson
UEP205- Urban Planning and Design, Christine Cousineau
UEP262- Environmental Economics
UEP267- Methods in Environmental Impact Assessment
UEP279- Water Resources Policy and Planning and Watershed Management, Scott Horsley
UEP283- Environmental Communication and Education
UEP290- Integrated Assessment of Freshwater Resources: Issues and Methods

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The list of sustainability related courses includes courses offered at the undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy from Fall 2008 through Spring 2011. Each course is only counted once, regardless of how many times it was offered during this time frame.

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