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STARS v2.2

Slippery Rock University
OP-6: Clean and Renewable Energy

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Total energy consumption, performance year:
263,555.10 MMBtu

Clean and renewable electricity (report kilowatt-hours):
kWh MMBtu
Imported electricity from certified/verified clean and renewable sources (i.e., bundled green power purchases) 0 Kilowatt-hours 0 MMBtu
Electricity from on-site, clean and renewable sources (rights retained/retired) 2,200 Kilowatt-hours 7.51 MMBtu

A brief description of the certified/verified sources of clean and renewable electricity:


A brief description of the on-site renewable electricity generating facilities/devices:

Grid-tied PV system:
The grid-tied PV system at the Macoskey Center is located southeast of Harmony House. The 2.4 kW PV array is constructed from 20 Evergreen Solar EC120 12v PV modules and uses a Sunny Boy 2500U PV 240V AC Intertie Inverter.
The array faces south and collects direct sunlight. The angle of the array is adjusted seasonally for maximum solar absorption.

This system is tied into the local utility company via a net metering system. If the system generates more power than the house is using at any given time, it feeds back into the utility grid and the Center is credited for it (the meter turns backwards). Conversely, if the house load is greater than what the PV system is generating, we can draw power from the grid. Additional small PV systems power a rainwater collection system and pumps used in an aquaponics research project, but the electric output of these systems is not monitored or included in our renewable energy reporting.

Clean and renewable thermal energy (report MMBtu):
Clean and renewable stationary fuels used on-site to generate thermal energy 54 MMBtu
Imported steam, hot water, and/or chilled water from certified/verified clean and renewable sources 0 MMBtu

A brief description of the clean and renewable stationary fuels:

Waste wood from campus operations.

A brief description of the certified/verified sources of clean and renewable thermal energy:

Waste wood from campus operations is collected and used in a woodburner for supplemental heating of the Harmony House at the Macoskey Center for Sustainable Systems Education and Research.

Unbundled renewable energy products (report kWh):
kWh MMBtu
Purchased RECs, GOs, I-RECs or equivalent unbundled renewable energy products certified by a third party 6,332,000 Kilowatt-hours 21,604.78 MMBtu

A brief description of the unbundled renewable energy products:

Slippery Rock University participated in a state system of higher education elecricity procurement process that purchased approximately 15% renewable energy through the FY11. This state system program was discontinued in 2012, but SRU has continued purchasing electricity from certified-renewable sources; 7,500,000 kWh of renewable energy RECs have been purchased each year from FY 2012 through FY 2015. In 2016 we began purchasing 10,000,000 kWH of wind power RECs, and in 2018 we purchased 15,000,000 kwh in RECs, over 53% of our total electricity usage for the year. Purchased RECs were reduced in 2020 due to financial conditions.

Total clean and renewable energy generated or purchased:
21,666.29 MMBtu

Percentage of total energy consumption from clean and renewable sources:

Website URL where information about the institution’s support for clean and renewable energy is available:

Electricity use, by source (percentage of total, 0-100):
Percentage of total electricity use (0-100)
Biomass 0
Coal 56
Geothermal 0
Hydro 8.10
Natural gas 8
Nuclear 24
Solar photovoltaic 0.10
Wind 2.80
Other (please specify and explain below) 1

A brief description of other sources of electricity not specified above:

The "other" fuel source is 1% oil (see https://www.firstenergycorp.com/about/generation_system.html#gsc.tab=0 for First Energy Corporation's mix of power plant fuel sources).

Energy used for heating buildings, by source::
Percentage of total energy used to heat buildings (0-100)
Biomass 0.02
Coal 36.50
Electricity 0.04
Fuel oil 0.70
Geothermal 0.04
Natural gas 62.70
Other (please specify and explain below) ---

A brief description of other sources of building heating not specified above:

Additional documentation to support the submission:

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