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ER-7: Sustainability-Related Courses

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The number of sustainability-related courses offered :

The total number of courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-related courses offered:
Subject Catalog Number Title
ENSC 406 Eng.Ethics,Law,Prof.Practice
CMPT 106 Science, Technology and Soc.
CMPT 320 Social Implications
ENSC 100 Eng.Technology and Society
ENSC 106 Science, Technology and Soc.
ENSC 304 Human Factors
ENSC 100W Eng. Technology and Society
FNST 101 Origins Canada's First Peoples
LS 812 Science/Human Values
MPP 804 Polit.Found/Policy Analysis II
PHIL 144 Natural and Social Science
PHIL 341 Philosophy of Science
SA 101 Intro-Anthropology
SA 358 Philosophy of Social Sciences
SA 363 Development/Underdevelopment
SA 364 Urban Communities and Cultures
SA 100W Canadian Society
URB 620 Communities/Cultures
POL 223 Canadian Political Economy
EXPL 110 Organizing Society
GERO 401 Environment and Aging
HIST 146 Africa after Slave Trade
HIST 376 North American West
PSYC 385 Evolutionary Psyc.
PSYC 388 Biolog.Rhythms/Sleep
SA 260 Individual and Society
SA 302W Global Problems/Capitalism
URB 650 Urban Governance
URB 610 Urban Design
HIST 323 The Canadian Prairies
POL 373 Human Security
SA 286 Aboriginal People/Bc
CRIM 419 Aboriginal/Indigenous Justice
CRIM 429 Indigenous Peoples and Law
ECON 354 Comparative Econ. Institutions
ECON 372 Economics of Globalization
ECON 851 Econ Hist of Europe
ECON 853 Econ.Hist.Of N.Am.
ECON 878 Hist Econ Prior 1870
ECON 879 Hist Econ Since 1870
ECON 890 Pub.Econ:Expenditure
ECON 891 Econ Public Choice
ECON 893 Marxian Economics
ECON 895 Comparative Econ Sys
ENGL 359 Literature of British Columbia
ENGL 360 Indigenous Popular Writing
ENGL 455W Topics in Canadian Literature
EXPL 120 Experiencing Society
EXPL 130 Global Development
GSWS 309 Gender and Intl. Development
HIST 104 Americas,Coloniz.-Independence
HIST 360 Hist of Science: Greeks-Newton
HIST 361 History Sci:18C. to Present
HIST 363 History of Technology
HIST 436 British Columbia
HIST 895 Rural History
IS 800 Development Policy/Practice
IS 801 Institutions, Polices and Dev.
IS 802 Political Econ. of Development
IS 816 Global Security Studies
IS 450W Seminar on Global Problems
LAS 815 Theories LA Development
LAS 835 Social/Political Change in LA
LS 810 Self and Society
LS 811 Tradition/Modernity
LS 813 World Views
POL 327 Globalization/Can.
POL 342 Dev Countries-Global Politics
POL 343 Global Polit.Econ.
POL 344 International Law
POL 346 International Organization
POL 423 B.C. Govt & Politics
POL 424 Quebec Govt/Politics
POL 426 Canadian Political Behavior
POL 855 Sci/Technol/Pub.Plcy
POL 856 Social/Econ Policy
POL 861 Issues/Political Dev
SA 321 Social Movements
URB 630 Devel.Plan.Policy
URB 635 Urban Inequality/Just City
URB 640 Urban Regions/Change
URB 655 Global Cities
URB 660 Transportation and Urban Devel
URB 670 Urban Research Methods
URB 675 Urban Economic Development
URB 680 Managing Cities
BUS 426 Auditing and Assurance
BUS 691 Business and Government
BUS 813 Ethics,Wealth Mgmt
BUS 338 Foundations of Innovation
BUS 343 Intro to Marketing
BUS 403 Seminar in Bus and Society
BUS 447 Global Marketing Mgm
BUS 478 Strategy
BUS 603 Structure/Chg in Organizations
BUS 707 Ethical Decision Making
BUS 710 Emerging Markets
BUS 763 Managing Self and Others
BUS 361 Project Management
BUS 435 Mgmt of International Firms
BUS 604 Organizational Chg/Development
BUS 753 Ethics and CSR
PUB 330 Publication Design
CMNS 845 CMNS and Development
CMNS 259 Acoustic Dim. Cmns I
IAT 451 Design Ubiquitous Environments
CMNS 258 Electroacoustic Cmns
CMNS 323 Cultural DimensionsAdvertising
CMNS 342 Science/Public Policy
CMNS 346 Communication and Development
CMNS 347 Conflict and Intervention
CMNS 359 Acoustic Dimensions
CMNS 431 News Research and Analysis
CMNS 456 Cmns to Mitigate Disasters
EDUC 230 Intro. Philosophy of Education
EDUC 433 Philisophic Issues Curriculum
EDUC 484 Scientific Misconceptions
EDUC 848 Aesthetic Education
EDUC 852 Drama in Education
EDUC 859 Philosophy of Sci.
EDUC 479 Physical Education
EDUC 311 Foundations in Aboriginal Educ
EDUC 416 Secondary Science
EDUC 811 Fieldwork I
EDUC 812 Fieldwork II
GEOG 449 Environ/Urban Development
REM 642 Sustainable Com Planning & Dev
REM 621 Ecological Economics
SCD 401 Social Enterprise for SCD
SCD 403 Leadership in Sustain.Com.Dev.
SCD 412 Directed Studies Sust.Com.Dev.
GEOG 440 Law and Geography
GEOG 441 Cities, Space, and Politics
GEOG 440W Law and Geography
GEOG 468 Society and Environment China
GEOG 429 Environment and Inequality
GEOG 389W Nature and Society
REM 643 Conflict/Dispute Res
REM 611 Pop/Community Ecolog
EVSC 491W Advn Field Studies Environ.Sci
GEOG 100 Society, Space, Environment
GEOG 102 World Problems
GEOG 241 Social Geography
GEOG 362 Geog Urban Built Environments
GEOG 385 Agriculture/Environ.
GEOG 451 Spatial Modeling
GEOG 641 Built Environment
GEOG 362W Geog Urban Built Environments
REM 100 Global Change
REM 602 Nat.Resource Mgmt II
REM 641 Law and Resources
REM 646 Impact Assmt/Mgmt
REM 648 The Tourism System
REM 652 Community Tourism
REM 655 Water Planning/Mgmt
REM 801 Research Methods
REM 802 Research/Ph.D.Stud.
REM 671 Forest Ecology
REM 471 Forest Ecosytm.Mgmt
GEOG 428 World Forests
REM 651 Project Eval/Val.Mth
REM 647 Recreation Planning
GEOG 645 Resource Management
HSCI 349 Community and Health Service
HSCI 443 Molecular Toxicology Lab
HSCI 130 Foundations of Health Science
HSCI 323 Pharmacology and Toxicology
HSCI 412 Health Communication
HSCI 441 Virology Laboratory
HSCI 476 Seminar in Drug Action
HSCI 483 Sr Seminar Environment Health
HSCI 776 Molecular Drug Action
HSCI 822 Globalization and Health
HSCI 835 Society and Health
HSCI 846 Exposure Analysis
HSCI 847 Risk Assessment
HSCI 848 Human Toxicology
HSCI 849 Environmental Epidemiology
HSCI 216 Human Ecology and Health
HSCI 866 Host-Microbe Interactions
HSCI 100 Human Biology
HSCI 160 Global Perspectives on Health
HSCI 212 Infectious Diseases
HSCI 214 Mental Health and Illness
HSCI 305 The Canadian Health System
HSCI 308 Sickness and Wealth
HSCI 312 Hlth Promo: Indiv, Communities
HSCI 320 Global Health Ethics
HSCI 324 Human Genetics and Evolution
HSCI 329 Exploitation
HSCI 340 Social Determinants of Health
HSCI 404 Public Policy and Hlth Systems
HSCI 406 Global Persp Indigenous Health
HSCI 407 International Trade and Health
HSCI 424 Strategic Applications of GIS
HSCI 431 The Global HIV-AIDS Epidemic
HSCI 486 Global Health Seminar
HSCI 821 Introduction to Global Health
HSCI 823 Health, Gender and Development
HSCI 824 Health Care Systems
HSCI 825 Advocacy and Communication
HSCI 828 Health and Social Justice
HSCI 829 Health Policy Making
HSCI 830 Health Promotion
HSCI 850 Pollution and Health
HSCI 870 Global Health Affairs
BISC 435 Introduction to Pest Mgmt.
MASC 470 Special Topics Marine Biology
MASC 471 Spec.Topics in Marine Biology
MASC 472 Spec.Topics in Marine Biology
MASC 473 Special Topics Marine Biology
MASC 474 Spec.Topics in Marine Biology
MASC 475 Spec.Topics in Marine Biology
MASC 476 Spec.Topics in Marine Biology
MASC 477 Spec.Topics in Marine Biology
MASC 478 Special Topics Marine Biology
MASC 479 Spec.Topics in Marine Biology
MASC 412 Biology of Fishes
BISC 304 Animal Ecology
BISC 441 Evol. of Health and Disease
BISC 891 STT-Paleoecology/Palynol
BISC 304W Animal Ecology
MASC 430 Marine Ecology
BISC 439 Industrial Microbiology
BISC 445 Physiology-Animals
BISC 839 Indust.Microbiology
BISC 883 Special Topics Env. Toxicology
CHEM 192 Chemistry/Home,Work,Environ.
EASC 302 Sediment. Petrology
EASC 402 Sedimentology
EASC 421 Volcanology
EASC 611 Sedimentology
EASC 622 Principles/Ichnology
KIN 140 Contemporary Health
KIN 180 Intro to Ergonomics
KIN 382 Workplace Health
KIN 431 Environ.Carcinogen.
KIN 831 Curr Topics Thermophysiology
KIN 180W Introduction to Ergonomics
MASC 415 Structure in Animals
PHYS 140 Mechanics and Modern Physics
STAT 100 Chance and Data Analysis
BISC 100 Introduction to Biology
BISC 440 Biodiversity
BISC 440W Biodiversity
BISC 306 Invertebrate Biology
BISC 310 Natural History of BC
BISC 404 Plant Ecology
BISC 410 Behavioural Ecology
BISC 418 Parasitology
BISC 807 Eco/Evol. Physiology
BISC 830 Community and Macroecology
BISC 838 Population Ecology
BISC 867 Ecology of Infectious Diseases
BISC 404W Plant Ecology
BISC 102 General Biology
BISC 366 Plant Physiology
MBB 566 Host-Microbe Interactions
BISC 824 Survival Strategies
CHEM 191 Living in Materials World
EASC 313 Soil/Rock Engineer.
EASC 412 Groundwater Geochemistry
EASC 413 Resource Geotechnics
EASC 416 Hydrogeology
EASC 601 Adv. Groundwater Geochem
EASC 615 Applied Geophysics
PHYS 344 Thermal Physics

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Data source(s) and notes about the submission:
Total number of taught courses offered at SFU: 4170 (Derived by taking all SFU graduate and undergraduate courses offered over the past 2 years, less those which are graduate theses, courses used solely for transfer credit, directed studies, and co-op education semesters)

Course inventory was conducted by extracting key words from the definition of sustainability-related courses and running a search through our curriculum database. The courses found were then verified by faculty members in the appropriate faculties.

Total number of taught courses offered at SFU: 4170 (Derived by taking all SFU graduate and undergraduate courses offered over the past 2 years, less those which are graduate theses, courses used solely for transfer credit, directed studies, and co-op education semesters)

Course inventory was conducted by extracting key words from the definition of sustainability-related courses and running a search through our curriculum database. The courses found were then verified by faculty members in the appropriate faculties.

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