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Pomona College
AC-1: Academic Courses

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Figures required to calculate the percentage of courses with sustainability content::
Undergraduate Graduate
Total number of courses offered by the institution 797 0
Number of sustainability courses offered 35 0
Number of courses offered that include sustainability 68 0

Number of academic departments (or the equivalent) that offer at least one sustainability course and/or course that includes sustainability (at any level):

Total number of academic departments (or the equivalent) that offer courses (at any level):

Number of years covered by the data:

A copy of the institution’s inventory of its course offerings with sustainability content (and course descriptions):
An inventory of the institution's course offerings with sustainability content (and course descriptions):

Below is a list of all of Pomona College's courses with sustainability content. For the comprehensive list that includes course descriptions, please refer to the linked file: STARS Sustainability Courses 14-15 (1).xlsx.

ANTH051 Intro to Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH157 Anthropology of Chinese Society
ARHI179 Modern Art History and Sustainability
ARHI179 PO-01 Modern Architecture, City, Landscape and Sustainability.
ARHI184 A Social History of American Art
BIOL 103 Invasion Biology
BIOL 132 Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 144 Comparative Endocrinology with Laboratory
BIOL 166 Plant Biology
BIOL 180-Microbial Ecology
BIOL 181-Fire Ecology in Southern California Ecosystems
BIOL 189 Urban Ecology
BIOL001C PO-01 Biology of Garden Plants
BIOL041E PO-01 Intro Ecology & Evolutionary Bio w/Lab
BIOL104 PO-01 Conservation Biology
BIOL106 PO-01 Aquatic Ecology
BIOL121 PO-01 Insect Ecology & Behavior w/Lab
BIOL189S PO-01 Urban Ecology
CHEM106 PO-01 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM110A Organic Chemistry
CHEM161 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHNT 166: Chinese Fiction Old and New
EA 010 PO-01 Intro to Environmental Analysis
EA 030 PO-01 Science and the Environment
EA 085 PO-01 Food, Land & the Environment
EA 170 EA US Environmental History
EA 171 PO-01 Water in the West
EA 172 Crisis Management
EA 180 PO-01 Green Urbanism
EA 190 PO-01 Environmental Seminar
EA 191 PO-01 Thesis in Environmental Analysis
EA 20 Nature Culture Society
EA173 Ecology of Streams, Lakes and Wetlands
ECON 101 Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 102 Microeconomic Theory
ECON 123 International Economics
ECON 128 PO-01 Energy Economics, & Policy
ECON 128 PO-01 Energy Economics, & Policy
ECON First Year Seminar
ECON051 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON107 Applied Econometrics
ECON124 Water, Resources, Economics and Management
ECON125 PO-01 Natural Resource Econ & Policy
ECON127 PO-01 Environmental Economics
ECON128 Energy Economics and Policy
ECON155 Law and Economics
ECON52 Principles of Microeconomics
ENGL097 PO-01 Religion/Literature/Environment
ENGL170P PO-01 Early Modern Environments
FREN 103 PO - Frenchness: May '68-2008 and beyond
GEOL20A: Geohazards
GEOL020D PO-01 Paleontology/Evolution Earth's Biosphere
GEOL020E PO-01 Oceanography
GEOL111A PO-01 Introduction to GIS
GEOL112 Remote Sensing of the Earth's Environment
GEOL120 Geochemistry
GEOL127 PO-01 Mineralogy w/Laboratory
GEOL129 PO-01 Geophysics w/ Laboratory
GEOL152 Climate Change Intro to Geology
GEOL183 Sedimentology
GEOL20B Introduction to Geology: Planetary Geology
GRMT131 Topics in Public German Discourse
GRMT170 The Culture of Nature
HIST100F PO-01 Food/Culture/Power in Asia/Pacif
HIST100T PO-01 Global Environmental Histories
ID 001 An Intro to Ecodrama
ID 001 PO-02 Critical Inquiry Seminar - Arts Immersion: Air
ID 001 PO-06 Critical Inquiry Seminar - Cold Places
ID 1 Punk
LGCS010 Introduction to Linguistics
MS049 Intro to Media Studies
MS161 Image and Revolution: Japanese New Wave Cinema and Beyond
MS50 Introduction to Film
PE 010 PO-01 Hiking/Geocaching
PE 012 PO-01 Beginning Backpacking
PE 017 PO-01 Intro to Wilderness Survival
PE 037 JP-01 Rock Climbing
PHIL038 PO-01 Bioethics
PHIL7: Discovery, Invention, and Progress
PHYS017 PO-01 Physics in Society: Energy Policy
PHYS101: Modern Physics
PHYS175: Thermal Physics
PHYS41 General Physics
PHYS70 Space, Time, Quanta, and Entropy
POLI 111 Green Political Theory
POLI 165 Latin American Politics
POLI001B Modern Political Theory
POLI002 American Political Thought
POLI008 Intro to International Relations
POLI039 PO-01 Politics of Environmental Justice
POLI086 International Organizations, Communication and Power
POLI149 Science, Technology, and Public Policy
POLI97: Writing About Justice
POLI060 The Global Politics of Food and Agriculture
PSYC051 Intro to Psychology
PSYC163 Emotion w/ Lab
PSYC180D Seminar in Affective Neuroscience
RLST155 Religion, Ethics and Social Practice
RLST166A PO-01 Divine Body: Religion and the Environment
RUSS011 Contemporary Russian Culture and Society
RUST080 Russian Literature and Culture from 1900 to the Present
SOC 055 PO-01 Population & the Environment
SOC050 Introduction to Sociology
SOC90 Global Systems and Society
THEA001G Acting for Social Change

+ Date Revised: Jan. 6, 2016

The website URL where the inventory of course offerings with sustainability content is publicly available:
A brief description of the methodology the institution followed to complete the course inventory:

Courses were identified as being sustainability-focused or sustainability-related if the description available in the course catalog met the criteria for the STARS definitions, or if they were self-reported as such by department heads or faculty members.

How did the institution count courses with multiple offerings or sections in the inventory?:
Each course was counted as a single course regardless of the number of offerings or sections

A brief description of how courses with multiple offerings or sections were counted (if different from the options outlined above):

Which of the following course types were included in the inventory?:
Yes or No
Internships No
Practicums No
Independent study No
Special topics ---
Thesis/dissertation No
Clinical No
Physical education Yes
Performance arts Yes

Does the institution designate sustainability courses in its catalog of course offerings?:

Does the institution designate sustainability courses on student transcripts?:

The information presented here is self-reported. While AASHE staff review portions of all STARS reports and institutions are welcome to seek additional forms of review, the data in STARS reports are not verified by AASHE. If you believe any of this information is erroneous or inconsistent with credit criteria, please review the process for inquiring about the information reported by an institution and complete the Data Inquiry Form.