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Submission Date May 28, 2021
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STARS v2.1

Northeastern University
AC-9: Research and Scholarship

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Special Projects - Sustainability
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Total number of the institution’s faculty and/or staff that are engaged in research (headcount):

Number of the institution’s faculty and/or staff that are engaged in sustainability research (headcount):

Percentage of the institution's faculty and staff researchers that are engaged in sustainability research :

Total number of academic departments (or the equivalent) that include at least one faculty or staff member that conducts research:

Number of academic departments (or the equivalent) that include at least one faculty or staff member that conducts sustainability research:

Percentage of research-producing departments that are engaged in sustainability research:

A copy of the institution’s inventory of its sustainability research that includes names and department affiliations of faculty and staff engaged in sustainability research:

The institution’s inventory of its sustainability research that includes names and department affiliations of faculty and staff engaged in sustainability research:

1. Abur, Ali: Electrical and Computer Engineering
2. Adams, Daniel: Architecture
3. Alshawabkeh, Akram N: Civil and Environmental Engineering
4. Amidon, Jane: Architecture
5. Amirabadi, Mahshid: Electrical and Computer Engineering
6. Ando, Teiichi: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
7. Arnold Mages, Michael: Art and Design
8. Aslam, Javed: Khoury College of Computer and Information Science
9. Baker, Shalanda: Energy Law
10. Bansil, Arun: Physics
11. Basagni, Stefano: Electrical and Computer Engineering
12. Basl, John: Philosophy and Religion
13. Beighley, Ed: Civil and Environmental Engineering
14. Bishop, Scott: Landscape Architecture
15. Born, Jeffrey: Finance & Insurance Group
16. Bosso, Christopher J: School for Public Policy/Urban Affairs
17. Bowen, Jennifer L.: Marine and Environmental Sciences
18. Breckenridge, Lee: Environmental and Natural Resources Law
19. Brown, Nick: Landscape Architecture
20. Brown, Phillip: Sociology/Health Sciences
21. Busnaina, Ahmed: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
22. Caracoglia, Luca: Civil and Environmental Engineering
23. Carr, Sara Jensen: Architecture and Landscape Architecture
24. Carrier-Fulton, Rebecca: Chemical Engineering
25. Cephas, Jay: Architecture
26. Chen, Qin (Jim): Civil and Environmental Engineering
27. Choi, Sunho: Chemical Engineering
28. Chowdhury, Kaushik: Electrical and Computer Engineering
29. Davis, Martha F: School Of Law
30. Deravi, Leila: Chemistry and Chemical Biology
31. Detrich, H William: Marine and Environmental Sciences
32. DiMarzio, Charles A: Electrical and Computer Engineering
33. Ding, Aidong A: Mathematics
34. Distel, Daniel: Marine and Environmental Sciences
35. Duggan, Claire: Stem
36. Dulaski, Daniel M: Civil and Environmental Engineering
37. Dy, Jennifer G: Electrical and Computer Engineering
38. Eckelman, Matthew: Civil and Environmental Engineering
39. Epstein, Slava S: Biology
40. Erb, Randall: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
41. Erdogmus, Deniz: Electrical and Computer Engineering
42. Ergun, Ozlem: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
43. Faber, Daniel : Sociology
44. Fannon, David: Architecture/Civil and Environmental Engineering
45. Fei, Yunsi: Electrical and Computer Engineering
46. Fernandez, Loretta: Civil and Environmental Engineering/Marine and Environmental Sciences
47. Fitzgerald, Joan: School for Public Policy/Urban Affairs
48. Flynn, Stephen: Political Science
49. Fu, Yun (Raymond): Electrical and Computer Engineering
50. Furth, Peter: Civil and Environmental Engineering
51. Gallaway, Joshua: Chemical Engineering
52. Ganguly, Auroop: Civil and Environmental Engineering
53. Giese, Roger W: Pharmaceutical Sciences
54. Goluch, Edgar: Chemical Engineering
55. Gouhier, Tarik: Marine and Environmental Sciences
56. Gouldstone, Andrew: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
57. Grabowski, Jonathan: Marine and Environmental Sciences
58. Griffin, Jacqueline: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
59. Grinstein, Amir: Marketing Group
60. Gupta, Surendra, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
61. Hajjar, Jerome: Civil and Environmental Engineering
62. Haley, Danielle: Health Sciences
63. Harlan, Sharon: Health Sciences and Sociology
64. Harris, Richard: Engineering Office Of The Dean
65. Harris, Vincent G: Electrical and Computer Engineering
66. Harteveld, Casper: Game Science and Design
67. Hashmi, Sara: Chemical Engineering
68. Heefner, Gretchen: History
69. Heiman, Donald E: Physics
70. Helmuth, Brian: Marine and Environmental Sciences/School for Public Policy/Urban Affairs
71. Heydari, Babek: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
72. Hidrovo- Chavez, Carlos: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
73. Hopkins, Julia: Civil and Environmental Engineering
74. Hughes, Anne Randall: Marine and Environmental Sciences
75. Hung, Francisco: Chemical Engineering
76. Isaacs, Jacqueline A: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
77. Jin, Xiaoning (Sarah): Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
78. Jung, Yung Joon: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
79. Kaeli, David R: Electrical and Computer Engineering
80. Kamarthi, Sagar: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
81. Kane, Michael: Civil and Environmental Engineering
82. Kar, Swastik: Physics
83. Kimbro, David: Marine and Environmental Sciences
84. Kloeckl, Kristian: Architecture/Art+Design
85. Koutsopoulos, Harilaos: Civil and Environmental Engineering
86. Kowalski, Gregory J: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
87. Kuhl, Laura: School for Public Policy/Urban Affairs
88. LaBoy, Michelle: Architecture
89. Larese-Casanova, Phillip: Civil and Environmental Engineering
90. Lehman, Bradley M: Electrical and Computer Engineering
91. Lev-Ari, Hanoch: Electrical and Computer Engineering
92. Levendis, Yiannis: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
93. Lewis, Laura H: Chemical Engineering
94. Li, Ang: Architecture
95. Lopez, Steven: Chemistry and Chemical Biology
96. Lotterhos, Kathleen: Marine and Environmental Sciences
97. Love, Tim: Architecture
98. Luzzi, David: Office of the Provost
99. Makowski, Lee: Chemistry and Chemical Biology/Bioengineering
100. Makris, Purnima: Electrical and Computer Engineering
101. Manjourides, Justin: Health Sciences
102. Maas, Kayse: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
103. McGruer, Nicol E: Electrical and Computer Engineering
104. Melodia, Tommaso: Electrical and Computer Engineering
105. Metghalchi, Mohammed: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
106. Mi, Ningfang: Electrical and Computer Engineering
107. Minus, Marilyn: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
108. Mueller, Amy: Civil and Environmental Engineering
109. Muftu, Sinan: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
110. Mukerjee, Sanjeev: Chemistry and Chemical Biology
111. Munitxa, Maider: Architecture
112. Munoz, Samuel: Marine and Environmental Sciences/Civil and Environmental Engineering
113. Myers, Andrew: Civil and Environmental Engineering
114. Nayeb-Hashemi, Hamid: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
115. Nisbet, Matthew: Communication Studies
116. O'Brien, Dan: School for Public Policy/Urban Affairs
117. Offenhuber, Dietmar: Art + Design/Public Policy
118. Onnis-Hayden, Annalisa: Civil and Environmental Engineering
119. Patterson, Mark: Marine and Environmental Sciences/Civil and Environmental Engineering
120. Pinto, Amit: Civil and Environmental Engineering
121. Pieper, Kelsey: Civil and Environmental Engineering
122. Ries, Justin: Marine and Environmental Sciences
123. Rinaldi, Matteo: Electrical and Computer Engineering
124. Sandler, Ronald L: Philosophy and Religion
125. Scarpino, Samuel: Marine and Environmental Engineering
126. Schirner, Gunar: Electrical and Computer Engineering
127. Scyphers, Steven: Marine and Environmental Sciences
128. Senier, Laura: Sociology and Health Science
129. Shatkin, Gavin: School for Public Policy/Urban Affairs
130. Sheahan, Thomas C: Civil and Environmental Engineering
131. Shefelbine, Sandra: BioEngineering
132. Shrivastava, Aatmesh: Electrical and Industrial Engineering
133. Singh, Hanumant: Electrical and Computer Engineering/Marine and Environmental Sciences
134. Smith, David: Khoury College of Computer and Information Science
135. Stephens, Jennie: School for Public Policy/Urban Affairs
136. Stojanovic, Milica: Electrical and Computer Engineering
137. Stubbins, Aron: Marine and Environmental Sciences
138. Su, Ming: Chemical Engineering
139. Sun, Hao: Civil and Environmental Engineering
140. Sun, Nian-Xiang: Electrical and Computer Engineering
141. Tang, Xiaoyu: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
142. Taslim, Mohammed E: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
143. Trussell, Geoffrey C: Marine and Environmental Sciences
144. Vicino, Thomas: Political Science
145. Vitek, Jan: College Of Computer and Information Science (CCIS)
146. Vollmer, Steven V: Marine and Environmental Sciences
147. Wan, Kai-tak: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
148. Wang, Qi (Ryan): Civil and Environmental Engineering
149. Weinstein, Liza: Sociology
150. West, Richard: Chemical Engineering
151. Wiederspahn, Peter: Architecture
152. Wylie, Sara Ann: Sociology/Health Sciences
153. Zhang, Yang: Civil and Environmental Engineering
154. Zhu, Hongli: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

A brief description of the methodology the institution followed to complete the research inventory (including the types of faculty and staff included as researchers):

Data includes Investigators with the role of Lead PI, Co-PI, or Multip-PI (NIH) that participate in active awards where sustainability is the Research Theme. The list is updated annually by Institution Research with direct contact with departments. All tenured and tenure-track faculty are counted as researchers.

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The information presented here is self-reported. While AASHE staff review portions of all STARS reports and institutions are welcome to seek additional forms of review, the data in STARS reports are not verified by AASHE. If you believe any of this information is erroneous or inconsistent with credit criteria, please review the process for inquiring about the information reported by an institution or simply email your inquiry to stars@aashe.org.