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National Tsing Hua University
AC-10: Support for Sustainability Research

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Institute of Service Science, National Tsing Hua University
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Does the institution have an ongoing program to encourage students in multiple disciplines or academic programs to conduct sustainability research?:

A brief description of the student sustainability research program:

NTHU is a research-oriented university, and students admitted to undergraduate and graduate studies tend to have a strong academic orientation. There are several research opportunities to engage with sustainability-related research projects through joining research labs or participating in research activities. To further encourage students who have been doing sustainability-related research, NTHU held a SDGs Week event in October 2020 to issue a research competition activity for students to submit their research posts and present for evaluation. The projects have been curated on sustainability websites for reference. (https://sdgs.nthu.edu.tw/our-response/collections?execution=student_project_research)

Does the institution have a program to encourage academic staff from multiple disciplines or academic programs to conduct sustainability research?:

A brief description of the faculty sustainability research program:

NTHU is a research-oriented university that encourages individual teachers to form research teams and apply for project grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology. In addition, in 2016, NTHU merged with the National Hsinchu University of Education, which focuses on humanities and social sciences. The sponsorship of the R&D office encourages science and engineering professors and humanities and social sciences professors to cooperate in solving sustainable development issues.


Has the institution published written policies and procedures that give positive recognition to interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary research during faculty promotion and/or tenure decisions?:

A copy of the promotion or tenure guidelines or policies:
The promotion or tenure guidelines or policies:

In order to promote exchanges in different academic disciplines, improve the quality of interdisciplinary research, NTHU handles subsidies for interdisciplinary research programs.

I. Qualification:
(1) To apply for program host and co-host, you should be full-time teachers (assistant professors, associate professors, professors) and full-time researchers (assistant researchers, associate researchers, researchers) who are eligible for the Ministry of Science and Technology's thematic program;
(2) Only one program application can be made per person.

II. The number of grant plans and the size of funds:
Each plan is subsidized by about NT$300,000 to NT$500,000 per year. The actual number of approved items and funds will be adjusted depending on the funding of the Ministry of Education for schools in the current year.

See for details: https://rd.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/404-1006-186546.php?Lang=zh-tw

Does the institution have ongoing library support for sustainability research and learning?:

A brief description of the institution’s library support for sustainability research:

The University Library constructs a resource-rich environment and offers service of complete access, in support of research, teaching, and learning efforts concerning sustainability.

In terms of library collection, a sufficient budget is constantly dedicated to the acquisition of books, journals and databases. Up till 12/31 of 2020, the total amount of our collection had soared over 7200 thousand, including databases related to sustainability research, such as EBSCO’s GreenFILE, ScienceDirect, and SpringerLink, etc.

Personnel-wise, a designated subject librarian for each school of the university offers much-needed assistance to students and faculty members conducting sustainability research. Subject librarians lead workshops on the usage of E-resources, as well as specific courses set up on demands of teaching needs. These efforts aim to reinforce information literacy of student and faculty members, which serves as a powerful backbone for research endeavors on sustainability.

Exhibitions, talks, and other events of particular themes are also planned and held by the library. Participants can enrich their minds with profound concepts related to sustainability, including environmental and ecosystem, physical and mental health, cultural diversity, preservation of culture, aesthetic education, and others. Below is a list of events held in the last three years:

1. Environment and ecosystem
1.1 Ark Island: Prof. Chia Wei Li Fantastic Plant World
1.1.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/ARK_Island/
1.2 “Green Live, Easy Life” Book Exhibition & Film Festival
1.2.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/bookfair_plants/
1.3 Insectivorous Plants - Delicacy of Mother Nature
1.3.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/nanda_20200217.html
1.3.2 https://youtu.be/5_H7kaV7-KU
1.4 Ke Chin-Yuan - Our Island: Photography Exhibition of Taiwan Environmental Change in the Past 30 Years
1.4.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2019/nature_20190528.html

2. Physical and mental health
2.1 “Lessons from the Post COVID-19 Pandemic” Book Exhibition
2.1.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/week/
2.2 Book-ing Heart Proposal Book Exhibition
2.2.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/nanda_20201103.html
2.2.2 http://counsel.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/406-1250-189790,r599.php
2.3 Healing Reading Book Exhibition
2.3.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2018/reading_nandaex_20180424.htm

3. Cultural diversity
3.1 The Practice of Social Justice in Multiculturalism
3.1.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020.html#nanda_20201026-1
3.1.2 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/nanda_20201026.html
3.2 Center Retrospective Exhibition for World Austronesia and Indigenous Peoples
3.2.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2019/hslib_20190212_main.htm
3.2.2 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2019/nanda_20190507.html
3.3 “Reading Gender, Seeing the Wonderful World” Book Exhibition & Film Festival
3.3.1 https://m.facebook.com/NTHULIB/photos/a.442728997906/10159151888382907/?type=3&source=54
3.3.2 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/research/theme/index.html#tabs_01/

4. Preservation of culture
4.1 Exhibition of History Detective, Professor Huang Yi-Long
4.1.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/YLHuang/
4.2 Sing Our Own Songs – Jian Shangren and Taiwanese Folk Music
4.2.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/jian/index.html
4.3 Taiwanese Traditional Ballad Singing -Liam Kua
4.3.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2019/sp_20191112.html
4.3.2 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2019.html#hslib_20190523-1
4.3.3 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/nanda_20200803.html

5. Aesthetic education
5.1 Nature, Mind and Order: Yi-Cheng Hu’s Flower and Bird Paintings
5.1.1 https://youtu.be/OLUWEAnplG0
5.1.2 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/nanda_20200901.html
5.2 Unlimited Music Power: the Cross-domain Era of Post-epidemic Music
5.2.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020/nanda_20201116.html
5.2.2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW0SYQgb6Wc
5.2.3 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2020.html#nanda_20201116-1
5.3 Exhibition of Landscape, Lifestyle, and Aesthetics: the Country and the City
5.3.1 https://www.lib.nthu.edu.tw/events/2019/nanda_20190527.html

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