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Mohawk College
EN-12: Continuing Education

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Does the institution offer continuing education courses that address sustainability?:

Total number of continuing education courses offered:

Number of continuing education courses offered that address sustainability:

Percentage of continuing education courses that address sustainability:

A copy of the list and brief description of the continuing education courses that address sustainability:
A list and brief description of the continuing education courses that address sustainability:

Energy Efficiency in Large Buildings BLDG10710
Examine the energy and resource efficiency challenges of large buildings and how to address them. Topics include a review of building operating systems, energy audits, energy management, and indoor air quality.

Corporate Social Responsibilities BUSN10099
Examine the key relationship dimensions between businesses, governments, and society. Discuss corporate social responsibility issues as they relate to quality of life, standard of living, sustainable development, and societal progress. Investigate Social Entrepreneurship, sustainability, commercialization, philanthropy, and the non-profit sector.

Society, Technology And Social Issues SSCISS299 (E)
Examine significant technological developments from an historical perspective and consider their immediate social, political, economic and ecological impact. Explore associated ethical dilemmas and implications for the future

Environmental Citizenship ENVR10006 (E)
Begin the journey to responsible environmental action, with emphasis on global environmental rights and responsibilities, planned sustainable use of our planet's resources and recognition of environmental health as a prerequisite to human health.

Environmental Geology ENVR10066 (E)
Examine the exciting and dramatic interactions between geology and the surrounding environments. Consider geologic events including: volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides and avalanches and their impact on humans and other life

Geography and Human Populations GSCI10012 (E)
Understand the interdependent relationship between geography and the location of human populations. Through scientific inquiry, discover the world's geographic landscape, the global processes that shape planet earth, and their relationship to the location of climates and the natural resources required to sustain healthy societies

Global Citizenship & Equity: World Hunger SSCI10063 (E)
Study the complex issue of world hunger. Examine and analyze causes of hunger and poverty in Canada and of the international level. Understand hunger alleviation strategies through food sovereignty perspectives, exploring the rights to food, access to land, control over resources and local decision making

Introduction to Sustainable Development ENVR10026 (E)
Discuss environmental, economic and social issue that impact the sustainability of our communities. Examine the effects of human populations on ecosystems and consider individual responsibility to promote sustainability through lifestyle change.

Socio Economic Change And Response CREDCAR07
Examine various social, economic and technological trends and the impact of change on the world of work. Learn to help clients understand the labour market and exercise control over their situation

Cults and Terrorism (SSCI10006)
Examine conformity issues surrounding religious fundamentalism, sects, cults, and terrorist groups. Explore reasons people join, and why they may have difficulty leaving, society's role in supporting cultic groups and strategies for protecting individuals and vulnerable populations.

Contemporary Social Problems-Police Foundations SSCISS288
Current social science paradigms and theories are used as a framework for analysis of contemporary social issues relevant to vocations in police services. Explore how individual behaviours collectively create social issues. Includes: crime, violence, abuse, social stratification, ageism, and racism

Aboriginal Peoples: Understanding and Reducing Victimization INDS10016
Aboriginal people are overrepresented both as victims and offenders. Explore the impact of the residential schools, effects of colonialism on traditional values and culture, and structural victimization. Critically examine and assess Canada's principal approaches to addressing victimization and offending by and against Aboriginal peoples.

Between Farm & Table:Local Food Businesses & Cooperatives CULI10086
Explore the plethora of local food businesses and infrastructure emerging across Canada. Businesses include innovative models such as cooperatives, eco-friendly distributors, non-profit partnerships and community supported agriculture. Brief history on global food system consolidation. Look at how restaurants, grocery stores, processors and abattoirs incorporate local food options. Discuss, debate and investigate regional examples.

Field to Fork:Introduction to Local and Global Food Systems HORT10021 (E)
Consider opportunities and challenges for making food system changes at the local and global political, economic and ecological levels. Examine biotechnology, organic farming, climate change, peak oil, water scarcity, and other global issues

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Do the figures reported above cover one, two, or three academic years?:

Does the institution have at least one sustainability-themed certificate program through its continuing education or extension department?:

A brief description of the certificate program(s), including the year the program was created:

Sustainable Local Foods Certificate
Learn about the need for sustainable local foods! Understand the production, processing, preparation, procurement and distribution of sustainable local foods. https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/ce/programs/hospitality-home-and-garden/sustainable-local-foods-certificate-937

Building Environmental Systems - BES Operator Class II (2017) (Mohawk College Certificate)
One of the most highly recognized certifications for building operations in Canada, the Building Environmental Systems - BES™ program is designed to provide education for the efficient and safe operation and maintenance of today's complex buildings. It is recommended that applicants be employed in building operations.

The BES™ program adheres to the fundamental premise that "the building is a system" in which heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, electrical power, lighting, water and air supply are not separate isolated systems but are connected and interdependent. Focus on the knowledge required to understand the functioning of all systems in commercial, office, institutional and residential buildings. There is also a focus on sustainability. The programs look at how buildings can be operated and maintained more efficiently. https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/ce/programs/technology-and-skills/building-environmental-systems-bes%E2%84%A2-operator-class-ii-990

Environmental Engineering
Designed for individuals with an interest in environmental issues, especially those working in the industrial or municipal sectors requiring a broader knowledge of the legal and technical aspects of the environment. Program graduates should be able to evaluate and implement programs to control environmental stresses. Topics include Environmental Audit, Waste Audit, Compliance Assessment, Program Implementation, Solid and Liquid Waste, Air Quality Assessment, Best Management Practices, and Emergency Planning. https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/ce/programs/technology-and-skills/environmental-engineering-083

Occupational Healthy and Safety
Occupational Health and Safety professionals are committed to promoting and supporting health and safety activities in all levels of their organizations. This program will help students develop or enhance their knowledge and expertise in workplace health and safety. From advising on health and safety requirements, to supporting Health and Safety Committees, interpreting OH&S act and regulations, and conducting accident/incident investigations, the program covers many facets of workplace health and safety. https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/ce/programs/technology-and-skills/occupational-health-safety-management-060

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