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EN-12: Continuing Education

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Total number of continuing education courses offered:

Number of continuing education courses that are sustainability course offerings:

Percentage of continuing education courses that are sustainability course offerings:

A copy of the institution’s inventory of its continuing education sustainability course offerings and descriptions:

Institution’s inventory of its continuing education sustainability course offerings and descriptions:

Sustainability is a common theme through many courses offered in subject areas such as:
-Environmental (via Environmental Studies credit courses)
-Public Policy (via KSC ISP and departmental credit courses)
-Manufacturing (via Sustainability Product and Design undergraduate degree program)
-Occupational Safety and Health (via OSHA Education Center)
-Personal Wellness (via Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning, Kids on Campus summer programs, and Ed2Go Online course provider)

It’s estimated that 40% to 50% of all course offerings include a Sustainability theme.

The institution does not currently code course offerings with a Sustainability theme, but the following are excerpted from its different inventories and schedules:

Summer 2020 Credit Undergraduate Courses:

MGT-215-01C Accounting for Sustainable Business (4 credits)
This course introduces the analysis and reporting of accounting information, primarily for internal use by managers for decision-making. Topics include financial statements, the accounting cycle, cost behavior, cost allocation, and financial planning and control. Sustainability concepts and emerging measurement systems are introduced. Course is not intended for Management majors. Prereq: MGT 101 and MGT 140 or permission of instructor.

ISGEOG-205-01C Environmental Geography (4 credits)
Explores complex relationships between nature, culture and place. Emphasis is placed on spatial aspects of human interactions with the environment resulting in serious issues including pollution, global climate change, and resource depletion. Environmentally sustainable actions will be examined and assessed.

ISSOC-399-01C Sociology of Consumption & Environment (4 credits)
This course analyses the complex role that consumption plays in the construction of identity and the commodification of culture and experience in a consumer society. Special attention will be paid to the issues of structure and agency and social class. We will further analyze the relationship between consumerism and environmental issues.

ISENST-399-01C Energy, Policy and Politics (4 credits)
Covers the policies and politics that shape the energy system of today. We examine legislation, policy, and political controversies about fossil fuels, nuclear, and renewables. Our focus is both historical and contemporary and primarily centered on the United States. This course is offered completely on-line.

SPDI-199-01C MRI to 3D Printing (1 credit)
MRI/CT Scan to 3D printing principles, scope of 3D printing, and bio-manufacturing will be addressed. A synchronized approach considering patient specific MRI or CT scan data, analysis, 3D digital model reconstruction, and additively manufacturing with 3D printing technique that supports seamless integration of solid modeling of intricated parts to resource based advanced manufacturing.

KSC OSHA Education Center occupational safety and health courses – safety and health sustainability in the workforce:
https://oshaedne.com/courses-by-number/ (this is a multi-tabbed link based on different industries and types of courses)

Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning:

Forest Dynamics: Trees and forests can sometimes seem relatively static. They are actually incredibly dynamic but their rate of change is out of sync with the typical length of human observation. In order to expose these dramatic and complex dynamics, learn about tree architecture and growth, how trees interact with each other, forest disturbance and regrowth, implications of forest dynamics on wildlife habitat, and the history of New England’s forests. The Harris Center’s Director Jeremy Wilson will draw on his knowledge and experience in the woods to provide New England examples that help dynamics in the forest that surrounds us.

Oceans and Atmospheres: The air and water that surround our planet are dynamic environments with huge influence on life forms and climate. This class will provide an overview of how these environments operate and interact, with excursions into marine biology, weather and climate, and environmental issues like ocean acidification, the ozone hole, and the accumulation of trash in our oceans.

Winter Ecology: How do New England animals survive outdoors during our cold winters? Join Harris Center naturalist John Benjamin in exploring the many amazing adaptations animals employ to find food, stay warm, and survive during the winter months. We'll learn about freezing wood frogs, chipmunk torpor, foraging mixed-species bird flocks, life in the "subnivean zone," and a lot more! This class will meet in Rhodes Hall.

Weather, the Fundamentals: This course will not prepare you for a job on TV, but you will learn that there is no such thing as “my” forecast. All the weather boys and girls parrot the same computer output, which computers use the same input, and from the same worldwide stations. You'll learn why we have this thing called weather, the key role, and the peculiar nature, of water, and why we can't just bomb hurricanes.

Kids on Campus Summer Programs:

The following is a list of courses developed for Summer 2020, which unfortunately was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is reflective of courses with a sustainability theme from previous years.

Buzz & Flutter: Wouldn't it be fun to have wings? This week we will investigate many insects and animals that buzz and flutter about each day, and even spend some time fluttering around ourselves!

Wild & Free: Explore the animals that live wild and free every day. From wild turkeys to bears, and even bunnies; we will take a look at their habitats, diets, and so much more!

Buggin' Out: Grab your magnifiers because we’re on a mission. We’ll set out to explore bugs; from insects to spiders and everything in between!

Stink, Stank, Stunk: Phew....What is that smell?: Join us as we explore many smelly creatures that live in the wild. Help us to answer questions like; Why does a skunk smell? What are some of their other smelly friends?

Nature’s Classroom: Put your technology aside and join me for a week of learning outside! Together we will take advantage of our environment to learn about people, animals, and things that are right outside our windows. We will work together to complete a series of activities and crafts that makes nature our very own classroom!

Ocean Adventures: Grab your scuba diving gear and dive under the ocean to learn about different animals and habitats that live under the ocean! Together, we will do research about different things that live in the ocean. We will get creative to make our own diorama that replicates the wonderful ocean that we will be learning about!

Outdoor Detectives: The outdoors is full of mysteries, and kids are natural detectives! Join us as we take on challenges, puzzles, and games involving the natural world around the Keene State College campus.

Owls: Are you curious about owls? Would you like to examine the contents of an owl pellet? Come and learn all about these amazing birds. Discover their habitat and how their bodies help them survive. Learn about the owl food chain. Read and write owl stories.

Wild Weather People: Have you ever wondered how a meteorologist predicts the weather? Do you wonder what tools they use to help them make their predictions? Here is your chance to make your own weather station and become an amateur meteorologist. Join me for a week of fun exploring the weather.

Bears, Bears, and More Bears!: Black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, sun bears, panda bears, and more bears! Take a trip into the life of wonderful bears around the globe. Through videos, songs, crafts, and games, we’ll learn about habitats, diets, lifestyles, and bear defenses.

Desert Discoveries: Uncover the mysteries found underneath the desert sand. Become intrigued by the fascinating desert ecosystems through a series of fun filled learning activities including games, experiments, and crafts.

Super Science STEM Activities: Spend your week studying physical, life, and earth science through a variety of STEM activities. Students will be encouraged to ask questions, develop models and plans, carry out investigations, analyze and interpret data along with many other real-life skills. Be ready to engage your mind in science!

Advanced LEGO® with Pneumatics/Renewable Energy: Use your engineering, physics, science, and math skills while having fun building and customizing motorized machines. Combine renewable energy sources such as solar and wind with pneumatic components that harness the power of air pressure.

GoSTEM! This program, designed for girls, sparks curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using critical thinking and project-based learning, students will design creative solutions to solve problems. Projects will reflect socially responsible, sustainable, renewable, and optical technologies. Women from industry will share their career experiences regarding education, empowerment, and the development of leadership skills.

Ed2Go Online, Non-credit course provider:
Individual course in “Start Your Own Edible Garden,” view at: https://www.ed2go.com/keene/online-courses/planting-a-garden/

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Does the institution have at least one sustainability-focused certificate program through its continuing education or extension department?:

A brief description of the certificate program(s):

Keene State College OSHA Education Center Certificates in Occupational Safety and Health (7 certificates)

Our online course provider, Ed2Go offers a Non-Credit Certificate in “Wellness and the Environment,” view at:

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