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Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
OP-8: Sustainable Dining

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Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor host a farmers market, community supported agriculture (CSA) or fishery program, or urban agriculture project, or support such a program in the local community?:

A brief description of the farmers market, CSA or urban agriculture project:
The IUPUI Fresh Produce Market is held the third Thursday of every month and it a partnership of IUPUI Sustainability, Healthy IU, and IUPUI Food Services. There, you can find and purchase a variety of organic herbs, fruits, vegetables, and other food items sourced locally or from the IUPUI Urban Gardens. More information on the IUPUI Fresh Produce Market: https://sustainability.iupui.edu/operations/food/index.html

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor host a sustainability-themed food outlet on-site, either independently or in partnership with a contractor or retailer?:

A brief description of the sustainability-themed food outlet:
Simply Puur is a new dining concept at the IUPUI Campus Center. Simply Puur's menu focuses on offering fresh, healthy, sustainable items. "Simply Puur will be offering clean, minimally processed menu selections with a focus on well-being and sustainability. The focus is on clean, local and organic ingredients, with much of the menu being cooked from scratch. These delicious meals are made to fuel the body and mind," said Rachel Jahrsdoerfer, marketing manager for Chartwells at IUPUI. "We will also utilize the Office of Sustainability's community gardens, just like we do with all of our locations." More information on Simply Puur: https://news.iu.edu/stories/2019/03/iupui/inside/28-simply-puur-focuses-on-healthy-food-options.html https://dineoncampus.com/iupui The Market is an open market store setting that is new and improved and provides healthier options: https://news.iu.edu/stories/2019/01/iupui/JagNews/23-campus-center-in-the-market-for-healthier-snacks.html

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor support disadvantaged businesses, social enterprises, and/or local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through its food and beverage purchasing?:

A brief description of the support for disadvantaged businesses, social enterprises, and/or local SMEs:
IUPUI Food Services, operated by Chartwells, supports and purchases from local farms. See a list of the Sustainability and Wellness attributes: https://dineoncampus.com/iupui/sustainability https://www.facebook.com/eatatiupui/photos/a.125228305937/10157101929615938/

Estimated percentage of total food and beverage expenditures on products from disadvantaged businesses, social enterprises, and/or local SMEs:

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor host low impact dining events or promote plant-forward options?:

A brief description of the low impact dining events and/or plant-forward options:
Meatless Mondays - This program emphasizes vegetarian and vegan cuisine in dining halls on Mondays. Annual Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Community Dinner, a free meal offered to the PAWS Pantry and other student advocacy served groups. The food for these meals is prepared and served by the Campus Kitchen at IUPUI, a student-powered food rescue and hunger relief organization. Food that would otherwise have gone to waste is rescued from across campus and repurposed into nutritious meals. Pre-COVID, the Campus Kitchen at IUPUI was providing Quarterly on campus free community meals. IUPUI Food Services also hosts monthly specialty Chef guided "teaching kitchen" to support and highlight low impact meal options that also allows the students to actively participate in preparing these types of meals. https://www.facebook.com/eatatiupui/photos/a.125228305937/10157101929615938/ Catering Services provides and promotes Sustainability options: Chartwells is always looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint. We are continuing our current efforts by using plant forward menuing, local produce, cage-free eggs, fair-trade coffee and more. https://iupui.catertrax.com/upload/guideline.pdf

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor have a vegan dining program that makes diverse, complete-protein vegan options available to every member of the campus community at every meal?:

A brief description of the vegan dining program:
Meatless Mondays - This program emphasizes vegetarian and vegan cuisine in dining halls on Mondays. Vegan and vegetarian meal options are available at Tower Dining all other times as well. Vegan options are available for all catered meals. Vegetarian and Vegan Options are also available at the Campus Market: https://www.facebook.com/eatatiupui/photos/a.125228305937/10157101499535938/

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor inform customers about low impact food choices and sustainability practices through labelling and signage in dining halls?:

A brief description of the sustainability labelling and signage in dining halls:
Meals in Tower Dining are labeled to indicate vegetarian and vegan options. Items offered in The Campus Market are also labeled accordingly: https://www.facebook.com/eatatiupui/photos/a.125228305937/10157101499535938/ IUPUI Food Services also provides an online tool that provides a menu listing of all locations that includes the nutritional content for each item: https://dineoncampus.com/iupui/whats-on-the-menu

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor participate in a competition or commitment program and/or use a food waste prevention system to track and improve its food management practices?:

A brief description of the food recovery competition or commitment program or food waste prevention system:
Chartwells tracks all food waste in their facilities through the Waste Not (formerly known as Trim Trax) program. The goal of Waste Not is to track, measure, and reduce food waste to save on hauling costs, production costs, and food waste. Chartwells is also a supporter of The Campus Kitchen at IUPUI, a student led hunger relief initiative. Chartwells provides weekly donations of prepared food that eliminates it from going to waste and can be re-purposed by the Campus Kitchen for meals prepared for those experiencing food insecurity on campus and in our local community. - The Campus Kitchen at IUPUI rescues quality, unused food and re-purposes it into meals for those experiencing food insecurity. To date, over 36,000 lbs of food have been rescued from disposal since Oct. 2014.

Has the institution or its primary dining services contractor implemented trayless dining (in which trays are removed from or not available in dining halls) and/or modified menus/portions to reduce post-consumer food waste?:

A brief description of the trayless dining or modified menu/portion program:
- Go Trayless - Curtails food waste, promotes healthier eating habits through portion control, and reduces the amount of water and energy used for washing the trays. - This past academic year, smaller plates were introduced at the all-you-care-to-eat dining location in an effort to curb food waste

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor donate food that would otherwise go to waste to feed people?:

A brief description of the food donation program:
Campus Kitchen at IUPUI utilizes recovered food that would have otherwise gone to waste from Chartwells-run IUPUI Food Service. This food is used to create nutritious meals for clients in the Indianapolis community, including IUPUI's on-campus food pantry. The Campus Kitchen is sponsored by the IUPUI Office of Sustainability. Spring, 2020 the Campus Kitchen at IUPUI started a Paws' Express meal program, providing weekly to-go style meals for our on-campus food pantry, Paws' Pantry. This provides healthy nutritional meals for any member of IUPUI that is experiencing food and/or financial insecurities. https://sustainability.iupui.edu/engagement/campus-kitchen/index.html https://news.iu.edu/stories/2020/02/iupui/jagnews/19-paws-express.html

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor divert food materials from the landfill, incinerator or sewer for animal feed or industrial uses?:

A brief description of the food materials diversion program:
Cooking oil is collected to be cleaned and recycled.

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor have a pre-consumer composting program?:

A brief description of the pre-consumer composting program:
Pre-consumer food waste is collected for compost from the two kitchens on campus. The food is sent to GreenCycle of Indiana, a local industrial composter. In 2019, Dining services composted 103 Tons of pre-consumer materials.

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor have a post-consumer composting program?:

A brief description of the post-consumer composting program:
Any leftover food from catering or the main dining hall that has not been served is rescued and donated to feed people by the Campus Kitchen at IUPUI (CKIUPUI) and what is not used by CKIUPUI is diverted to compost. Each semester Chartwells collaborates with the IUPUI Sustainable Food Waste Intern to host Food Waste Reduction events in Tower Dining. This provides the opportunity to educate students on minimizing their food waste and during these events we weigh all of the food waste material and are able to compost the post event materials.

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor utilize reusable service ware for “dine in” meals?:

A brief description of the reusable service ware program:
- The dining hall uses reusable service-ware (metal silverware, ceramic dishes, reusable plastic cups) that are washed and re-stocked. - Zero waste catering options are available at IUPUI. https://iupui.catertrax.com/upload/guideline.pdf IUPUI Food Services offers many sustainable catering options, including vegetarian and vegan options, local and seasonal produce, cruelty-free animal products, and zero waste catered meals. See the Green Catering Guide below to help guide your conversations with IUPUI Food Services: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bgGMMq-66jnBqz6dkO3Golyhp_s1A1em/view?usp=sharing

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor provide reusable and/or third party certified compostable containers and service ware for “to-go” meals (in conjunction with an on-site composting program)?:

A brief description of the compostable containers and service ware:
IUPUI Food Services offers a reusable To Go program utilizing containers that can be returned and exchanged for a new container for their next meal.

Does the institution or its primary dining services contractor offer discounts or other incentives to customers who use reusable containers instead of disposable or compostable containers in “to-go” food service operations?:

A brief description of the reusable container discount or incentives program:
To Go Containers are provided to students that have opted to purchase a meal plan. Nearly all of our meal plans are based on using Meal Swipes to eat at Tower Dining. Students may swap a Meal Swipe for a carry-out meal from Tower Dining. https://mealplans.iupui.edu/learn-more.html

A brief description of other sustainability-related initiatives not covered above:
A list of IUPUI Food Services Sustainability & Wellness Services: -Serve cage-free shell eggs -Support and purchase from local farms -RGBH-free milk -Trans-fat free oils -Reduced antibiotic poultry -Only serve seafood on the Monterey Bay Seafood safe list - (https://www.seafoodwatch.org/seafood-recommendations/consumer-guides) -Fair trade coffee options -Trayless dining -Implement training and education for employees on how to operate sustainably -Develop educational materials for guests on how everyone can make an impact https://dineoncampus.com/iupui/sustainability - Healthy IU (https://healthy.iu.edu/) is a a university-wide employee wellness program that has resources available for free to all employees. Healthy IU's objectives are to raise awareness, build skills and create an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice. IU is a complex system; working together we will weave a culture of wellness into the fabric of IU at the individual, departmental, campus, and university-wide levels. - Nutrition Counseling and Weight Management programs are services provided by Healthy IU and available to the IUPUI community https://healthy.iu.edu/wellness-information/nutrition/index.html - The IUPUI Division of Student Affairs - Health and Wellness, offers the following services to students: General medical services for acute illnesses (like the flu) and injuries (like a sprained ankle) Women’s health services including wellness exams and birth control Immunization services for flu, measles, mumps, rubella, and more Travel clinic services for students and staff members traveling overseas Campus recreation Mental health resources and counseling For more information: https://studentaffairs.iupui.edu/health/index.html

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