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ER-7: Sustainability-Related Courses

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The number of sustainability-related courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-related courses offered:

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Course Number Course Name
AMST 6495.80 Historic Preservation: Principles and Methods
ANTH 3501 (151) Anthropology of Development
ANTH 3504 (154) Illness, Healing, and Culture
ANTH 3513 Human Rights and Ethics
ANTH 3803 Old World Prehistory: First Farmers to First Cities
ANTH 6702 Anthropology of the Environment in Latin America
ARTH 6235 Art Therapy: International Social and Cultural Diversity
BISC 0801 Do We Need Biotechnology
BISC 1005 The Biology of Nutrition and Health
BISC 1006 The Ecology and Evolution of Organisms
BISC 1111 Cells and Biology
BISC 1112 The Biology of Organisms
BISC 2305 Plant Biology
BISC 2450 Organic Evolution
BISC 3325 Environmental Physicology
BISC 3460 Conservation Biology
BISC 3461 Plant-Animal Interactions
CHEM 1000 Pathway to a Renewable Chemistry Economy
CHEM 1003 Contemporary Science for Non-Science Majors
CHEM 3140 Geochemistry
ECON 2136 Natural Resources and Environmental Economics
ECON 6237 Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources
ENG 3730W Topics in Postcolonial Literature
ENRP 6101 Environmental Sciences I
ENRP 6102 Environmental Sciences II
ENRP 6140 Environmental Impact Statement Procedures and Environmental Law
ENRP 6298 Capstone Course
FA 2179 Slow Food Photography
GEOG 1003 Society and Environment
GEOG 2108 Weather and Climate
GEOG 2110 Climate and Human Ecology
GEOG 2127 Population Geography
GEOG 2128 Geomorphology
GEOG 2133 People, Land and Food
GEOG 2134 Energy Resources
GEOG 2136 Water Resources
GEOG 2137 Environmental Hazards
GEOG 2140 Cities and Society
GEOG 2141 Cities in the Developing World
GEOG 3132 Environmental Quality and Management
GEOG 3198 Arctic Systems
GEOG 3810 Building Cities
GEOG 6198 Arctic Systems
GEOG 6207 Land Use Planning and Community Development
GEOG 6208 Land Use and Transportation Planning
GEOG 6219 Urban Climate
GEOG 6220 Climate Change
GEOG 6222 Resources and the Environment
GEOG 6230 Environmental Issues in Development
GEOG 6243 Urban Geography
GEOL 1001 Physical Geology
GEOL 2159 Geobotanical Ecology of Central Appalachians
GEOL 3138 Hydrogeology
GEOL 3191 Geology of Energy Resources
GEOL 3193 Intro to Environmental Law
HIST 3324 US Urban History
HONR 1033 Scientific Reasoning and Discovery Proseminar
HONR 1034 Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
HONR 1034 Our Place in Nature
PPPA 6025 Ethics and Public Values
PPPA 6085 Community Development Policy and Management
MSTD 6203 Preventive Conservation Concepts
MSTD 6204 Preventive Conservation Techniques
ORSC 2116 Leading Change
ORSC 2123 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
ORSC 6240 Corporate Responsibility
PHIL 1000 The Philosophy of Human Rights
PHIL 2132 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2133 Philosophy and Non-Violence
PHIL 2135 Ethics and Business in the Professions
PHIL 6230 Ethical Issues in Policy Arguments
PHIL 6231 Economic Justice
PHIL 6262 Normative Issues- Foreign Policy
PHYS 1003 Physics for Future Presidents
PSC 2220 Public Opinion
PSC 2224 Environmental Law and Policy
PSC 2229 Media and Politics
PSC 2367 Human Rights
PSC 3192W Development Challenges in Africa
SMPA 3194 Development, Governance and Digital Technology
SMPP 6241 Global Corporate Social Responsibility
SMPP 6290 Corporate Environmental Management and Policy
SOC 2105 Social Problems in American Society
SOC 2169/W Urban Sociology
SOC 2181 Sociology of Food: School Food Policy
SOC 6249 Race and Urban Development
SOC 6250 Urban Sociology
TRDA 6204 Personal Aesthetics II: The Environment
UW 1020 Food Movements and Rhetoric of Social Change
UW 1020 Frankenstorms, Politics and Media: Communicating Climate Change in a Polarized Atmosphere
UW 1020 Architecure and Ecology
UW 1020 Writing for Social Change: Writing with DC Community Organizations

Elliott School of International Affairs
Course Number Course Name
IAFF 3179 Energy and the Environment
IAFF 3180 Global Energy Security
IAFF 3183 Migration, Gender & International Development
IAFF 3186 Development Issues in SE Asia
IAFF 3187 Venezuela and Political Economy of Oil
IAFF 3190 International Environmental Policy
IAFF 3190 International Oceans Policy
IAFF 6119 The Arctic: New Frontier for Energy, Environment, and Development
IAFF 6121 Cornerstone Seminar in International Development
IAFF 6138 Gender and Development
IAFF 6138 Rural Development, Human Rights, and Biodiversity
IAFF 6138 Gender, Tourism and Development
IAFF 6138 Indigenous People & Development
IAFF 6138 Financing Climate Change Policy
IAFF 6138 Environment and Development
IAFF 6158 International Issues in Energy
IAFF 6190 International Climate Change Policy
IAFF 6378 Oil: Industry, Economy, Society

Milken Institute School of Public Health
Course Number Course Name
HLWL 1101 Science of Integrated Medicine
HLWL 1104 Outdoor and Environmental Education
HLWL 1108 Weight and Society
HLWL 1110 Issues in Alternative Medicine
HLWL 1112 Issues in Women’s Health
HLWL 1114 Personal Health and Wellness
HLWL 1116 Lifestyle Nutrition
HLWL 1117 Functional Fitness
EXSC 1114 Community Nutrition
EXSC 2119 Basic Nutrition
EXSC 2122 Food Systems and Public Health
PubH 1101 Introduction to Public Health and Health Services
PubH 2114 Environment, Health and Development
PubH 2117 Service Learning in Public Health
PubH 3132 Health and the Environment
PubH 3133 Global Health and Development
PubH 3135 Health Policy
PubH 3136 Health Law
PubH 3190 Current Issues in Bioethics
PubH 6099 Pesticides and Cancer
PubH 6121 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
PubH 6122 Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Policies, Politics and Programs
PubH 6123 Toxicology: Applications for Public Health Policy
PubH 6124 Problem Solving in Environmental and Occupational Health
PubH 6125 Intro to Children’s Health and the Environment
PubH 6126 Assessment and Control of Environmental Hazards
PubH 6127 Applied Environmental Health Microbiology
PubH 6128 Global Environment and Occupational Health
PubH 6129 Problem Formulation in Environmental and Occupational Health
PubH 6131 Applied Data Analysis in Water
PubH 6132 Water Sanitation and Hygiene in Disaster Relief Management and Development
PubH 6219 Information Sources in Environmental and Occupational Health
PubH 6362 Civil Rights Issues/Health Care
PubH 6401 Comparative Regional Determinants
PubH 6440 Global Health Economics and Finance
PubH 6482 International Food and Nutrition
PubH 6485 Prevention and Control of Water and Sanitation Diseases
PubH 6551 Maternal & Child Health II
PubH 6555 Reproductive Health: US and Global Perspective
PubH 6558 Women, Gender, and Health
PubH 6099 US Food Policy and Politics
PubH 8411 Advanced Topics: Principles of Environmental Health Risk Science
PubH 8412 Advanced Topics: Environmental and Occupational Health Research and Practice

School of Business
Course Number Course Name
IBUS 4900 International Perspectives on Green Business
IBUS 4900 Industry, Economy, Society
MGT 4900 Employment Conflict and Negotiation
SMPP 6215 Corporate Governance
SMPP 6241 Global Corporate Responsibility
SMPP 6290 Strategy and International Political Economy
SMPP 8331 Doctoral Seminar in Business and Public Policy

School of Engineering and Applied Science
Course Number Course Name
CE 1010 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering
CE 3140 Sustainability in Engineering Materials
CE 3520 Environmental Engineering 1: Water Resources and Water Quality
CE 3521 Environmental Engineering Laboratory
CE 4410 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
CE 4411 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
CE 4450 Introduction to Geo-Environmental Engineering
CE 4620 Hydrology and Hydraulic Design
CE 6501 Environmental Chemistry
CE 6504 Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
CE 6506 Microbiology for Environmental Engineers
CE 6507 Advanced Treatment Processes
CE 6508 Industrial Waste Treatment
CE 6509 Introduction to Hazardous Wastes
CE 6605 Groundwater and Seepage
CE 6607 Water Resources Planning and Control
CE 6610 Pollution Transport System
CS 4532 Information Policy
ECE 6690 Power Systems Economics
ECE 6691 Power Systems Reliability
EMSE 3740 Systems Thinking and Policy Modeling I
EMSE 3855W Critical Infrastructure Systems
EMSE 4410 Survey of Finance and Engineering Economics
EMSE 6230 Hazardous Waste Management and Cleanup
EMSE 6240 Environmental Hazard Management
EMSE 6260 Energy Management
EMSE 6285 Analytical Tools for Energy Management
EMSE 6290 Climate Change
EMSE 6295 Environmental Security
EMSE 6320 International Disaster Management
EMSE 6325 Medical and Public Health Emergency Management
EMSE 6350 Hazard Mitigation in Disaster Management
EMSE 6410 Survey of Finance and Engineering Economics
EMSE 6740 Systems Thinking and Policy Modeling I
EMSE 6745 Systems Thinking and Policy Modeling II
EMSE 6992 Beyond Compliance: Next Generation Environmental Self Governance
MAE 4149 Thermal Systems Design
MAE 6291 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering

School of Law
Courses Course Number
LAW 6424 Animal Law
LAW 6430 Environmental Law
LAW 6431 Wildlife and Ecosystems Law
LAW 6432 Air Pollution Control
LAW 6434 Water Pollution Control
LAW 6437 Coastal, Navigation, and Wetlands Resource Law
LAW 6438 Energy Law and Regulation
LAW 6439 Energy and the Environment
LAW 6440 Natural Resources Law
LAW 6442 Control of Solid and Hazardous Wastes
LAW 6443 Oil and Gas Law
LAW 6444 Regulation of Toxic Substance Risk
LAW 6449 Environmental and Toxic Torts
LAW 6450 Federal Facilities Environmental Law Issues
LAW 6452 Environmental Issues in Business Transactions
LAW 6454 International Environmental Law
LAW 6455 International Climate Change Law
LAW 6458 Environmental Negotiations
LAW 6459 Atomic Energy Law
LAW 6460 Environment and Energy Policy Practicum
LAW 6464 Environmental Crimes
LAW 6465 Environmental Crimes Project
LAW 6466 Environmental Law Seminars (Food and Agriculture, Energy Commodities Trading, Comparative Energy Regulatory Systems)
LAW 6467 Environmental Legislation Project
LAW 6468 Graduate Environmental Placement
LAW 6469 Environmental Lawyering
LAW 6545 International Project Finance Law
LAW 6571 Human Rights and Environmental Protection
LAW 6627 Environmental Law Clinic

School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Course Number Course Name
HSCI 2103 Health Policy/Health Care Systems
HSCI 2105 Ethics for Health Professionals
HSCI 2108 Quality Improvement/Health Care
HSCI 4103 Health Care Law/Regulation

College of Professional Studies
Course Number Course Name
PSLD 6201 Introduction to Design
PSLD 6202 Site Analysis
PSLD 6203 Site Engineering
PSLD 6204 Construction Methods and Materials
PSLD 6212 History of Landscape Design
PSLD 6213 Contemporary Themes in Landscape Design Seminar
PSLD 6231 Site Design Studio
PSLD 6236 Planting Design Studio
PLSD 6221 Landscape Plants for Fall
PSLD 6223 Landscape Plants for Spring
PSLD 6225 Landscape Plants for Summer
PSLD 6240 Comprehensive Project
PSUS 6235 Special Topics in Urban Sustainability

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(1) The Green Leaf Course list is subject to change from semester to semester. For the most updated list, please download the Compendium of Green Leaf Courses from our website at https://sustainability.gwu.edu/green-course-list.
(2) As previously noted, this inventory is more extensive than the Green Leaf Course list, which was developed primarily as a tool to identify allowable credits for the Sustainability minor.

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