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A list and brief descriptions of the continuing education courses that address sustainability:

NC4706 Economic Liberty and Social Change Dr. Wenzel will discuss the relationship between institutions (the rules of the game) and economic growth, moving from theory to the contemporary American stage. He will also discuss strategies for how to replace institutions that encourage conflict and stagnation with those that foster harmony and human flourishing by a combination of historical case studies and speculation for the future.
SP4750 Nature Photography Field Trip This hands-on field trip gives you the opportunity to hone your skills as a nature photographer. We will explore one of Southwest Florida's magnificent preserves to capture alligators, birds and landscapes. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you participate in the nature photography class. Be aware that we will be walking over rough terrain and there will be limited restroom facilities.
NC4760 Excess in America: A Crisis of Common Sense and Self Discipline Excess Materialism – Excess Government – Excess Waste – Excess Spending – Excess Consumption – Excess Debt – Excess Body Weight – Excess Political Posturing – Excess Commercial Real Estate – Excess Residential Real Estate – Excess Environmental Contamination – Excess Litigation – White Collar Greed – Political and Corporate Narcissism – Excess Exported Manufacturing – Excess Foreign Oil Dependence – The Deindustrialization of America – Excess Media – Excess Trivia – Excess Petroleum Cost – Excess Entitlement – Excess Medical . . . Excess in America: Is there any doubt?
NC4761 Capitalism and Social Justice For as long as commercial society has existed, there has been tension between an economy’s ability simultaneously to satisfy private wants and provide for public needs. This class will examine great debates of the past and apply them to the current political tensions between left-wing progressives and right-wing conservatives. We will explore questions such as, “How does capitalism benefit the poor?” “Should markets have moral limits?” “Are markets the best means to achieve the public good?” “To what extent should economic liberty be constrained?”
NC4779 Birds of South Florida Every year hundreds of millions of birds visit or travel through and over Florida. Some are permanent residents. Many only winter here; others are here only for the summer when they nest, while most stop to rest and eat on their exhausting inter-continental journeys. Join in the enthusiasm and enjoy the slides of dozens of these beautiful, amazing, fascinating neighbors and visitors hosted by a life-long bird watcher.
AT4793 Folly of the Crowds "I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people,” said Isaac Newton after losing most of his money. Real estate bubbles, Wall St. con games and Ponzi schemes are nothing new. Learn about South Seas Co., tulips, relics and other extraordinary mass obsessions through history.
NC4814 Marriage Equality In America: Has the Time Finally Come and Are We Ready? “Marriage Equality” and same-sex marriage. Mr. Goldstein will review the recent Supreme Court marriage equality cases, and will discuss the rapidly changing world of marriage equality, focusing on what is happening in the courts, the state legislatures and at the voting booth.
NC4825 American Presidents: 1776 – 1929 Congress had no power to tax as the Revolutionary War wore on. So desperate was the situation that George Washington went out of pocket to pay his troops. One hundred fifty years later, after a half dozen or so significant economic booms and busts, Herbert Hoover was faced with a financial collapse of almost Biblical proportions. Some said this was proof of the failure of capitalism and by extension the American way of life. We’ll explore the surprisingly similar causes of the Panics of the 19th century and how they affected the sitting President and the country; and what, if any, effort was made to prevent them in the future, and if the root causes still exist today.
NC4826 American Presidents: 1930 – Today Despite President Hoover’s best efforts, President Roosevelt inherited in 1933 an economic collapse that only got worse as continuing bank failures and mounting unemployment sank the nation to new depths. Unprecedented governmental action, World War II, and a revival of the natural business cycle saw prosperity return. The rest of the century saw its share of boom and bust, but nothing close to the depressed times of the 1930s, that is until the so-called Great Recession of today. What comparisons can be made between these economic events and the reactions of the various Presidents in office at the time?
NC4828 Tai Chi “Moving Stillness and Relaxation” Tai Chi helps improve joint flexibility, muscle strength and balance. As a rejuvenation exercise, it promotes stress management as well as increasing memory and concentration. This class is available to all and is done standing. No previous experience required.
NC4829 Yoga for Everyone! Enjoy the many aspects of yoga. Enhance flexibility, strength and balance. De-stress and relax. No previous experience required. This class requires a yoga mat and the ability to get down on the floor.
AT4830 Finding Happiness and Personal Joy The most popular course in the history of Harvard University shows how a new science of Positive Psychology helps us understand the elusive state of happiness and gives us the keys for achieving it. Learn powerful psychological techniques to increase happiness in every area of your life.
NC4855 Nature Photography There is probably no more challenging subject for cameras than wildlife. Whether it is polar bears or pelicans, orchids or orcas, the quest for the perfect shot is endless. The quarry is invariably erratic, endangered and elusive. However, the pursuit of this precious image is what makes it such fun, so rewarding. Learn the tricks and tips to make photos that you’ll be proud to show! This class is specially geared towards capturing the flora and fauna of Southwest Florida.
AT4840 Positive Quotations In this modern world of tweets and instagrams and spur of the moment comments, quickly read and easily deleted, wouldn't it be great to actually sit down and discuss some of the most meaningful quotations from great leaders, renown legends, politicians, and spiritual leaders; quotations which have changed people's lives and still give food for thought? Open discussion and shared interpretations will give a unique view of some of the greatest positive quotations ever!
AT4841 A Potpourri of Poetry A light and loving look at some of our favorite poems and the world of poetry. Shared individual perspectives and interpretations will open doors to an often confusing and mysterious poetic world. Beginning simply, learn to love the lyrical beauty and hidden meanings which your own life experiences can bring to a new understanding of this magical potpourri of poetry -- the rhythms, the rhymes, the hidden poetic devices which bring forth the glory of the written word.
NC4891 The Healthcare and Social Systems of China The healthcare and social security systems of China are woefully misunderstood in the west. China has a long way to go with improving these systems, and the road is going to be costly. Is it possible that the future cost of these programs will bring down the government of China? What can the rest of the world learn from the Chinese approach? Let’s examine multiple-level system of healthcare and social security safety nets and learn of the hardships and costs imposed on the Chinese people.
HC0677 Tai Chi: “Meditation in Motion” for Better Health The gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi promote better health, leg strength, and an overall feeling of well-being, according to the Mayo Clinic. The rhythmic movements and controlled breathing of Tai Chi, or “meditation in motion,” requires practitioners to live in the present, thereby reducing stress and producing an inner calm. Tai Chi is low impact, reduces blood pressure, and is especially suitable for older adults. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, and shoes.
HC0686 Basics of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Of the 5 styles of tai chi commonly practiced today, Yang is the best known. This 8 class series is designed to introduce the new student to the Basics of Yang Style. Adding the philosophical foundation while learning the physical components makes this a complete system of learning. To provide individual instruction, this series is limited to 8 students. Recommended by doctors, Harvard Medical College and the Mayo Clinic, enjoy this ancient art that connects the mind and body.
HC0647 Florida's Literary Heritage Five landmark books frame the study of the cultural heritage and history of Southwest Florida, and the writers who found creative inspiration in their cracker surroundings. Works span more than 75 years, beginning with M. Stoneman Douglas' River of Grass (1930), and including Peter Matthiessen’s Killing Mr. Watson (1990) as the class discusses the area's unique sensitivities to its biodiversity, demographics, ecology and development. The instructor provides insights about literary symbolism, plot development, irony, and dialog, historic perspective and narrative style. Readers are encouraged to take independent field trips to each book's setting. Students procure their own books. The class meets every other Thursday for six weeks.
HC0614 Less About Me, More About We This study seeks to answer those who claim that liberalism is immoral and destroying the values of this country. It does so in a manner and language that provides understanding and meaning to the religious and non-religious. Using the perspective that its 'less about me and more about we,' it seeks to provide careful and reasoned responses in specifically Judeo-Christian context, to many of the most vocalized and divisive current issues: patriotism, war, abortion, 'war' on women, homosexuality, poverty and the environment.
HC0664 Great Decisions: Foreign Policy Register early so that the Great Decisions 2014 Edition can be ordered and delivered prior to January 14. Great Decisions is a discussion group of individuals interested in important foreign policy issues. Great Decision groups are centered on the Great Decisions briefing book. This well researched annual publication provides eight timely global topics to be read by participants prior to the weekly meeting to facilitate active participation. The cost of the Great Decisions briefing book is included in the registration fee. This year’s topics include: Defense Technology, Israel, Turkey, Islamic Awakening, Energy Independence, Food Security and Climate Change, China's Foreign Policy, Brazil A Giant Awakes.
HC0665 American History Redux: A People’s History of the United States In this book study and discussion, we will explore the writing of historian and social activist Howard Zinn, who wrote American history from the point of view of and in the words of America's women, factory workers, African Americans, Natives Americans, working poor, and immigrant laborers.
NC4596 Public Art and Rites of Passage Penny Balkin Bach will examine three very different works of public art (from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries) through the lens of Arnold van Gennep’s anthropological view of the stages of rites of passage.  Philadelphia's “Museum Without Walls” is one of the nation's largest collections of outdoor sculpture, which parallels the history of American art. Bach's experience with this historic collection, as well as her work with contemporary artists, has shaped her particular view of this continuum of innovation, creation, controversy, and incorporation. She will also talk about recent work that invites the public to stop, look, listen, and experience public art in entirely new ways through interactive programs and technology.
SP5057 Rookery Bay Boat Tour Learn about the importance of estuaries and the activities of Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. The trip includes a slide presentation, a boat trip trawling at the Reserve examining the critters that live in the bay, and, if time allows, an easy walk across Key Island to the beach. Closed-toe shoes, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses are recommended. Please dress appropriately by monitoring the weather on the day of the excursion. Participants must be able to enter and exit the boat unassisted, and stand without difficulty while on the boat.
SP5062 “Birding” Field Trip Join birding enthusiast Steven Mutart as he leads you in search of the birds of SWFL at Tigertail Beach on Marco Island and at Eagle Lakes Community Park in Naples. Bring your camera, binoculars, and a love of our feathered friends.
MI5498 The Dolphin Explorer Become an explorer with the “Dolphin Project” survey team as they discuss their observations of the dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, birds, bobcat, deer, and numerous other creatures of our 10,000 islands. Learn about Seymour the dolphin and his siblings and all the relatives. As discussed on Good Morning America, in National Geographic’s “100 Places that can change your child’s life”, and ABC television. Meet Capt. Chris Desmond and members of his team for this film/lecture presentation.
NC5094 Orchids, Bromeliads, Succulents, Oh My! Learn how to select beautiful plants that can thrive on Southwest Florida's natural precipitation. The variety of plants will surprise you. Expand your plant palette to include an array of the easiest plants to care for in your garden.
AT5096 Gardening in Small Places Southwest Florida has many challenges when gardening within courtyards, patios, and lanais. Making the correct plant choices is crucial due to sunlight, air circulation, pests, and plant hardiness. An emphasis will be given to orchids, bromeliads, and succulents that have proven to be the most beautiful, lasting, and carefree.
NC5099 Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and Blooms By adding a few colorful flowering plants to your current landscape you can create a breeding ground and inviting habitat for as many as a dozen types of beautiful butterflies. Learn the basics of butterfly and hummingbird gardening while using Florida friendly flowers.
NC5506 Blooms, Birds, and Butterflies of Costa Rica After many months at a rainforest preserve and traveling throughout the country, Thomas Hecker has captured the day to day beauty of a tropical paradise. Costa Rica has over a thousand species of orchids and butterflies, not to mention countless other beautiful flowers and birds. Join us on a tour of what makes Costa Rica an ecological paradise.
AT5101 Fabulous Flowering Trees Enjoy the beauty of flowering trees from the lush and exotic to the bizarre as we explore the many options available. We will look at flowering trees that are appropriate for every application from courtyards to golf courses. There is a beautiful flowering tree for you to choose for each month of the year to make your home and garden more beautiful.
NC5215 The Story of Africa This course will explore the rich diversity of Africa by examining its people and languages, its social and religious organizations, its economic and political systems, and its contacts with the non-African world. The first session will lay out the continent and trace the movement of peoples. The second and third sessions will look at the cultural and socio-economic dimensions of its people. The fourth session will examine the political and international facets of the precolonial and early colonial periods. The course will focus on sub-Sahara Africa and primarily within Africa's precolonial past.
NC5354 Nature and Wildlife Photography There is probably no more challenging a subject for cameras than wildlife. Whether it is polar bears or pelicans, orchids or orcas, the quest for the perfect shot is endless. The quarry is invariably erratic, endangered and elusive. However, the pursuit of this precious image is what makes it such fun, so rewarding. Learn the tricks and tips to make photos that you’ll be proud to show! This class is specially geared towards capturing the flora and fauna of Southwest Florida.
NC5426 The Global Energy Revolution For decades we have been dependent on energy imports because we thought our own stocks were running out. But then we suddenly discovered fracking even though it has been around since 1947. Now, in a few years we will likely be energy independent with large energy exports. But is fracking a menace to the environment? If we can frack why can't Europe and China? Do we still have to be nice to the Arab states that supplied our energy? Can we step away from the growing chaos of the Middle East. Can we pull up the drawbridges we ourselves built to the entire outside world? Can we, should we, focus only on our own big problems of crumbling infrastucture, unfair wealth distribution, expensive health care and more? The rest of the world is an awfully messy place. Why not just forget it?
NC5428 Yes, We Can End Poverty. Everywhere. Almost Globally one billion people have risen out of poverty in the last quarter-century. Will the remaining one billion come out of poverty in the next quarter-century? Why does any poverty remain in an extraordinarily rich country like America? What can we do about it? What should we do?
HC0584 "Who's Afraid of the Much-Maligned Snake?" Why do snakes have such a bad reputation in the western world? Why do so many of us feel repelled and frightened by them? And why do so many eastern cultures have a different perspective? Snakes play an important role in legends, fairytales, and most importantly, differing religious meanings in our western and eastern cultures.
HC0587 The Advantages of Forgiveness In 1995, investment banker Azim Kamisa's only son Tariq, a student at San Diego State University, was shot and killed by a 14-year-old gang member as he was delivering pizzas for a part-time job. Since then, Kamisa has eased his own pain by extending forgiveness to the killer and working with youth at risk. Could you do this? Could I? Or are some acts so horrific that no forgiveness is possible? This lecture explores such questions, including the emotional and even physical benefits of forgiving others as we would hope they would forgive us.

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