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École de Technologie Supérieure
EN-3: Student Life

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Sustainable office
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Does the institution have an active student group focused on sustainability?:

Name and a brief description of the active student groups focused on sustainability:

Tributerre is a student committee of the École de Technologie Supérieure whose mission is to apply the various concepts of sustainable development on campus. It seeks to reduce the school's ecological footprint, to raise awareness of the ÉTS community (students, employees and professors) to various environmental issues, but also to improve the quality of life of everyone on campus. (From their Facebook page)

Does the institution have a garden, farm, community supported agriculture (CSA) or fishery program, or an urban agriculture project where students are able to gain experience in organic agriculture and sustainable food systems?:

A brief description of the gardens, farms, community supported agriculture (CSA) or fishery programs, and/or urban agriculture projects:

Does the institution have a student-run enterprise that includes sustainability as part of its mission statement or stated purpose?:

A brief description of the student-run enterprises:

Started by the ÉTS Student Association, the 100 Génies Resto-Pub is well established in campus life. The pub sources its beer locally in kegs and cans. As for coffee, a Quebec company (local) supplies the pub with coffee. As for the supply of local products for food, the supply varies according to the season (being more difficult to source locally during the winter). For chicken, for example, this product is local (Exceldor). The Pub plans to reintroduce its composting system soon and uses compostable cups and lids for the coffee. Eco-responsible practices and sustainable development are among the company's values and it intends to put more emphasis on such practices. Being an NPO, its mission reflects its desire to give back and involve the people of ÉTS in its activities. The Pub still hires about 6 students from ÉTS on a part-time basis and is proud to have a nice cohabitation with the early childhood centre (CPE) that exists near its premises. In 2022, the Pub's management wants to partner more with the ÉTS Sustainable Development Team to improve its eco-responsible practices. The Pub wishes to give back to the ÉTS community and share its values through its mission.

Does the institution have a sustainable investment fund, green revolving fund, or sustainable microfinance initiative through which students can develop socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible investment and financial skills?:

A brief description of the sustainable investment funds, green revolving funds or sustainable microfinance initiatives:

The goal of the FDDAÉÉTS is to contribute to the sustainable development of ÉTS by providing funding for activities, events or personal training of a sustainable nature. In creating this Sustainable Development Fund, the students of the AÉTS wished to finance projects that promote the integration and application of sustainable development within the university community. This initiative meets the objectives of providing incentives for the creation of sustainable development projects and engaging and motivating people on the path to sustainable development. The FDDAÉÉTS funds dozens of projects and awards several grants each year. Web address: FDDAEETS.com

Has the institution hosted a conference, speaker series, symposium, or similar event focused on sustainability during the previous three years that had students as the intended audience?:

A brief description of the conferences, speaker series, symposia, or similar events focused on sustainability:

January 24, 2019: conference by Patrick Bonin of Greenpeace Canada (Mr.Bonin will begin the conference by giving you a global portrait of Quebec in terms of environment. The conference will then focus on the place of engineering in the fight against climate change. The speaker will also present some turnkey solutions for ÉTS students and professionals to reduce their ecological footprint).

March 14, 2019: Environmental panel moderated by Cédrick Pautel (Interim CEO and SG of ÉTS) Speakers: Dominic Champagne, Laure Waridel, Mohammed Cheriet, Raphael Leblanc

Climate March March 15, 2019: ÉTS student rally organized by TribuTerre

March 28, 2019: Conference: being an eco-responsible citizen, presented by Équiterre, organized by TribuTerre

September 24, 2019: Co-organization of the Climate Emergency Declaration signing event, by TribuTerre and ÉTS. 100 people present including 50 students.

Sept 25, 2019: Raising awareness of student involvement in sustainable development during the club party.

Oct 3, 2019: Conference on zero waste organized by TribuTerre and presented by Mélissa De La Fontaine (world zero waste expert)

Sept 27, 2019: SD awareness and recruitment for Tributerre at the club party

October 23, 2019: Semaine québécoise de la réduction des déchets 2019: Relaunch of the "Faites le plein" campaign. Sale of low-cost Nalgene water bottles and broadcast of an animated video giving information on the benefits of removing single-use water bottles from the campus.

February 11: SD Student Alliance and ÉTS: presentation and action on the SDGs

February 20: Presentation and discussion (the planet invites itself to ÉTS): raising awareness of the student climate movement

March 5, 2020: Lion Électrique conference organized by Tributerre: transportation electrification with a focus on the engineering behind vehicle design

October 20, 2020: Conferences as part of the Quebec Waste Reduction Week (QWRW): The myths of recycling organized by TribuTerre and ÉTS

October 22, 2020: Conferences during the Quebec Waste Reduction Week (QWRW): Food Waste organized by TribuTerre and ÉTS

January 27, 2021: Le génie pour la société (Engineering for Society) conference presented by Hugo Lafrance: "The Zero Carbon Building Standard and a case study of the Phénix building".

March 3, 2021: Engineering for Society Lecture: "Sustainable Engineering, Engineering for Transition" presented by Philippe Terrier, co-director of the Engineering for Sustainable Development Laboratory at ÉTS and Lecturer.

May 12, 2021: Engineering for Society Lecture: "Urban Agriculture: The Role of Engineering" presented by Danielle Monfet and Éric Duchemin.

October 27, 2021: Engineering for Society Lectures: "The post-Covid-19 city: what challenges for mobility and urban planning?" Presented by Florence Paulhiac, Full Professor at UQÀM in the Department of Urban and Tourism Studies.

November 25, 2022: Conference "Reducing GHGs: Spotlight on research, campus energy performance and student clubs".

January 26, 2022: Le génie pour la société conference "L'art public et l'ingénierie, une collaboration méconnue, mais indispensable" moderated by Annie Gérin (Art historian) and Linda Covit (artist and author of the work Autoportraits located in the Place des Réflexions of ÉTS), Paul-Henry (Structural engineer) and Nadia Myre (Visual artist and professor).

These events are just a sampling of ÉTS' lectures, presentations and campaigns related to sustainability.

Has the institution hosted a cultural arts event, installation, or performance focused on sustainability with the previous three years that had students as the intended audience?:

A brief description of the cultural arts events, installations, or performances focused on sustainability:

ÉTS organizes a series of shows called "les RDV culturels" offered free of charge to the entire ÉTS community and to the residents of the neighbourhood. These shows offer different artistic disciplines and showcase the diversity of artists. Since January 1, 2019, the following shows have been offered to the community:
Arnaud Soly
Random Recipe (this show was produced for the International Women's Rights Day)
Jordan Officer
Pierre-Yves Roy Desmarais
Roman Zavada
Cabaret virtuel (Arnaud Soly, Michelle Desrochers, Maude Landry)
Cabaret virtuel - back to school special (Arnaud Soly, Mariana Mazza, Daphné Létourneau)
Cabaret virtuel - back to school special (Louis T, Maude Landry, Jo Cormier)
Back to school show - Émile Bilodeau (in the park around Ludovic Boney's artwork)

ÉTS launched a call for proposals from artists for the creation of a mural to promote the place of women in engineering. The winning artists were Lacey & Layla Art. A multi-stakeholder committee of students, staff and faculty was formed to evaluate the proposals received and select the winners.
Mural Objective Feminine Plural: https://www.etsmtl.ca/nouvelles/2019/appel-projets-murale/
Presentation and artist: https://www.etsmtl.ca/nouvelles/2019/annonce-murale-lacey-layla/
Opening and cultural mediation: https://www.etsmtl.ca/nouvelles/2019/vernissage-murale-femmes-genie

Inauguration of two new parks and two new artworks. As a result of the consultations that led to the 2018 campus urban development plan, ÉTS made a commitment to increase greening and the integration of arts and culture on campus. The dedication of these two parks and artworks is an early realization of these commitments.
(set dates): Inauguration of the park and Ludovic Boney's work: https://www.etsmtl.ca/nouvelles/2020/inauguration-oeuvre-art-reaction-en-chaine/
Inauguration of the Place des Réflexions and Linda Covit's Self-Portraits: https://www.etsmtl.ca/nouvelles/2021/nouvelle-place-et-nouvelle-oeuvre-art-public-campus-ets. This inauguration was done within the framework of the days of the culture in the presence of the president - director general of " Culture pour tous " Mrs Louise Sicuro, of the artist Linda Covit and representatives of the municipal and provincial governments.

Thanks to the collaboration between the ÉTS student association (AÉÉTS) and the ÉTS sustainable development team, a mural art contest was held to beautify the newly renovated student pub. A multi-stakeholder committee composed of students, staff and faculty members was formed to evaluate the proposals and select the winner.

Acquisition and installation of the work "Antigone VII" by artist Liliana Berezowsky: https://www.etsmtl.ca/nouvelles/2021/don-sculpture-antigonvii-ets/

Co-organization of the NPO MR-63, the city of Montreal and ÉTS, within the framework of the Journées de la culture, of an ÉTS edition of the series of events "Les dimanches F-MR". Programming: DJ POLCINI, DJ JULES (Presentation of visual artists Benz DeBrosse and Karyn Nakamura. https://www.facebook.com/events/553565389303369?ref=newsfeed

As part of the Journées de la culture 2021, a tour of the artworks at ÉTS was organized. The tour allowed members of the community and the public to walk through the various works of art exhibited in the different buildings of ÉTS.

Does the institution have a wilderness or outdoors program that follow Leave No Trace principles?:

A brief description of the wilderness or outdoors programs that follow Leave No Trace principles:

Has the institution had a sustainability-focused theme chosen for a themed semester, year, or first-year experience during the previous three years?:

A brief description of the sustainability-focused themes chosen for themed semesters, years, or first-year experiences:

Does the institution have a program through which students can learn sustainable life skills?:

A brief description of the programs through which students can learn sustainable life skills:

The Tributerre student group has among its orientations that of educating the ÉTS community to ecoresponsible citizenship. For example, they organized a conference on zero waste, presented by Mélissa De La Fontaine (world zero waste expert) and a presentation and discussion (the planet invites itself to ÉTS): to raise awareness among students about the student climate movement.

Relaunch of the "Faites le plein, boire l'eau de nos fontaines" campaign during the Semaine québécoise de réduction des déchets (SQRD) to inform and encourage the ÉTS community to reduce (and eliminate) the use of single-use water bottles. Water fountains on campus were dressed with campaign information, a conference was held on the subject, as well as video clips and the sale of Nalgene water bottles.

An informative guide on how to sort the different compostable, recyclable and disposable items is available in the residences of the ÉTS campus. This guide helps residents better understand waste separation and disposal.

October 20, 2020: Quebec Waste Reduction Week (QWRW) Lectures: Recycling Myths organized by TribuTerre and ÉTS

October 22, 2020: Conferences during the Quebec Waste Reduction Week (QWRW): Food Waste organized by TribuTerre and ÉTS

February 25, 2021: Publication in the ÉTS student newsletter "Interface" of an article on donations of used clothing or other objects and the boxes made available by the organization Le Support, which raises funds for the development of the Société québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle by collecting used clothing and household items.

October 26, 2021: Presentation of the film "Recipes for a better world" by Benoit Bringer as part of the Semaine Québécoise de réduction des déchets (SQRD).

January 26, 2022: Student Life Services (SLS) joins Bell Let’s Talk Day to fight against the stigma associated with mental illness.

Does the institution offer sustainability-focused student employment opportunities?:

A brief description of the sustainability-focused student employment opportunities offered by the institution:

Open Doors 2019 and 2020: Students hired to capture attendees' transportation data and educate them on the event's carbon neutral approaches.

Student employment for the ÉTS art trail: Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts students and ÉTS students

Due to the pandemic and the lack of physical activities on campus, student employment opportunities related to sustainability were almost non-existent during the pandemic months.

Does the institution have a graduation pledge through which students pledge to consider social and environmental responsibility in future job and other decisions?:

A brief description of the graduation pledge(s):

During the engineer's engagement ceremony, future engineers make several social commitments. For example, a commitment of honour to society it is intended to serve, an unwavering moral greatness, the obligation to help each other between engineers, the obligation of reliability, a promise on honour to serve humanity to the best of its knowledge and means.

A brief description of other co-curricular sustainability programs and initiatives that do not fall into one of the above categories:

The School has dozens of scientific and technological clubs and student groups whose activities are related to sustainable development. Here are several examples: the Green Building Association, Chinook (wind vehicle), Eclipse (solar vehicle), Omer (human-powered submarine), QUIETS (green snowmobiles), CRABE (ÉTS bicycle repair and adjustment centre), DécliQ (creativity and engineering), Énergie-ÉTS (energy issues), EtSPERANTO (community and intercultural), Intégrale (social group for the LGBTA community), Les INGénieuses (social group for female students), PRÉCI (international cooperation), project Découverte (twinning ÉTS students and 6th year students), SerreÉTS (design of energy efficient greenhouses and development of automated agricultural systems), Tributerre (regroupement étudiant en développement durable), Formule ÉTS (voiture de course électrique), Plastic LOOP (économie circulaire - plastique), Véloom (véhicule à propulsion humaine)

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