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Dalhousie University
PAE-10: Affordability and Access Programs

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Does the institution have policies and programs in place to make it accessible and affordable to low-income students?:

A brief description of the institution’s participation in federal TRIO programs:

Dalhousie University is a Canadian university and participates in Government Student Loan programs. Assistance is based on financial need as established by the federal and/or provincial governments through an assessment of a student's application.

In Canada, there are two types of government student loan programs offered:
1. Canada Student Loans - A program run by the federal government.
2. Provincial Student Loans - Each province or territory has its own student loans program.

Provincial sudent loans websites:
Alberta: http://www.alis.gov.ab.ca
British Columbia: http://www.aved.gov.bc.ca/studentservices/
Manitoba: http://www.studentaid.gov.mb.ca
New Brunswick: http://www.studentaid.gnb.ca
Newfoundland: http://www.ed.gov.nl.ca/studentaid/
Nova Scotia: http://studentloans.ednet.ns.ca/
Northwest Territories: http://www.nwtsfa.gov.nt.ca
Nunavut: http://www.gov.nu.ca/education/index.htm
Ontario: http://osap.gov.on.ca
Prince Edward Island: http://www.studentloan.pe.ca
Quebec: http://www.afe.gouv.qc.ca/Anglais/
Saskatchewan: http://www.yesnet.yk.ca/sites/sfa
Yukon: http://www.education.gov.yk.ca

Students who are citizens or permanent residents of the US may apply for Stafford and PLUS loans through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Direct Loans - DL). This program includes Stafford and PLUS (parent and Graduate) loans only. Students attending foreign schools are not eligible for grants from the US government. Students must be registered in a degree program. Students in online or correspondence programs are not eligible.

For more detail please see the link below:

A brief description of the institution’s policies and programs to minimize the cost of attendance for low-income students?:

A brief description of the institution’s programs to equip the institution's faculty and staff to better serve students from low-income backgrounds:

A brief description of the institution’s programs to prepare students from low-income backgrounds for higher education:

A brief description of the institution's scholarships for low-income students:


Dalhousie has TWO main types of entrance scholarships:
1.grades based (automatic consideration)
A. Regular academic curriculum
B. International Baccalaureate curriculum

2. those that consider factors in addition to grades, i.e. financial need and/or leadership or volunteer experience (application required)

Renewable Entrance Scholarships are offered in the following amounts:

A. Regular Academic Curriculum
$32,000 ($8,000/year - Chancellor’s)
$20,000 ($5,000/year)
$16,000 ($4,000/year)

Non-renewable entrance scholarships:
$3,000 for students with a 95%+ adjusted average who do not receive a renewable scholarship offer
$1,500 for students with a 90 - 94.9% adjusted average
$1,000 for students with a 85 - 89.9% adjusted average
$500 for students with a 80 - 84.9% adjusted average (Atlantic Canadian students only)

B. International Baccalaureate Curriculum:
IB Renewable Entrance Scholarships are offered in the following amounts:
$32,000 ($8,000/year - Chancellor’s)
$20,000 ($5,000/year)
$16,000 ($4,000/year)

Prizes of $1,000 will be awarded to the top ten best written responses to the IB scholarship question (certificate students will also be considered)

Non-renewable entrance scholarships
$3,000 for students with 33+ predicted/anticipated points who do not receive a renewable scholarship offer
$1,500 for students with 30-32 predicted/anticipated points
$1,000 for students with 28-29 predicted/anticipated points

Shad Valley renewable scholarships
Two renewable scholarships of $16,000 ($4,000 per year) are offered to top high school applicants who have participated in Shad Valley. Students are automatically considered if indicated on application or contact the Assistant Registrar, Awards to be considered. Minimum 80% admissions average with complete application for admission by March 15.

2. Scholarships requiring a separate application
The scholarships listed below require a separate application. Students receive these scholarships in addition to grades based scholarships. A minimum 80% admissions average (regardless of citizenship) OR 28 predicted/anticipated IB Diploma points, as of March 15, is required to be eligible for these scholarships.

Bissett Scholarship (renewable) - 1 available
Value: $24,000 ($6,000 per year)
-Open to: Applicants from Cole Harbour High School, N.S.
-Interested students should contact the Cole Harbour Guidance Office.

Dalhousie Alumni Leadership/Association Scholarships - several available
-Value: between $1,000 and $2,000 each
-Open to: Canadian citizens or permanent residents AND international high school applicants

-Details: Candidates must have played a leadership role in extracurricular activities such as community service, student government, athletics, or the visual or performing arts.

Harrison McCain Scholarship (renewable) - 4 available
Value: $16,000 ($4,000 per year)
-Open to: High school applicants who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents (2 open to all faculties, 2 open to Nursing applicants)
-Details: Scholarships will be given to students with demonstrated financial need, a recognized initiative to funding their own education who possess strong leadership abilities.

General Entrance Award Application - over 200 awards available
Value: Range from $4,000 to $80,000 over four years
Open to: High school applicants who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
- First Nations & Indigenous Black Students Scholarships [PDF - 221 kB] are also open to transfer students.
- Bermudian citizens are eligible for the Jeff D. and Martha Edwards Scholarship.



Dalhousie University's Bursary program provides funds to assist students in financial need. Bursaries are typically smaller amounts of money (from $200-$600), intended to supplement other funding sources. Bursaries won't make up a major part of your funding, but they can fill in the gaps.


A brief description of the institution’s programs to guide parents of low-income students through the higher education experience:

A brief description of the institution’s targeted outreach to recruit students from low-income backgrounds:

Linda Marie Gillingwater Rainsberry Graduate Bursary

Competition dates: December 15 each year

An annual bursary of at least $1000 will be awarded to a student enrolled at the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Linda Marie Gillingwater RainsberryLinda Marie Gillingwater ("Gillybird") Rainsberry - student, writer, editor, educator, fundraiser, conflict mediator, television producer and curriculum designer.

Throughout her 20-year career as a television producer, Linda received numerous national and international awards. Linda was particularly proud of her Gemini award for Best Short Dramatic Program Saying Goodbye: The First Snowfall, which she dedicated to the memory of her mother. This program was part of a 10-part documentary series that focused upon the painful topics of grief and bereavement.

Linda used television to challenge conventional wisdom — television, she insisted, is not necessarily the enemy of the written word. Hooked on Reading (a series of six programs), invited viewers to join the adventures of three children as they shared with their father his enthusiasm for the world of books. Using a combination of narration, dramatized scenes and a viewers' guide, Linda encourages parents and other adults to read to and with children.

Linda created numerous other television programs, including a 10-part prime time telecourse on contemporary family issues, Family Matters, before returning to the classroom to pursue her passion for education. Linda first assumed the role of academic director of The Ambassador Program, an educational program for 16 to 24 year old adolescents who lived on Toronto's streets. After receiving national acclaim in Maclean's magazine for her efforts with Toronto's street youth community, Linda set her sights south of the border. As executive director of the Family Learning Circle, an adult learning agency located in the South Bronx, New York, Linda delivered on the promise of educational alternatives for marginalized students and adult learners. The three-site adult education school served 1,000 African-American and Latina women annually.

Linda knew first-hand the financial hardship associated with raising children as a single mother. Linda's professional accomplishments were counterbalanced at all times by her unconditional love for her two sons.
Linda Marie Gillingwater Rainsberry

Photo by: Mary Ann Donohue

The Linda Marie Gillingwater Rainsberry Graduate Student Bursary pays tribute to Linda - her passion for learning; her deep commitment to the underprivileged; her unwavering support of women's rights and in particular, the aspirations of women to reach for excellence in their chosen fields. In her own words, Linda explained: "The reality is that I am a secret agent, sent to inspire a new generation of women — happy, confident, playful, and agents of revolution."

It is the hope of Linda's two sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren that this bursary will help continue Linda's secret mission and honour the legacy of a woman who dedicated her life to her family, education and social justice.

Online donations to the Linda Marie Gillingwater Rainsberry Graduate Bursary can be made by following this Donations Link

* The recipient must have demonstrated financial need.
* Preference will be given to single mothers whose area of study is in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science and whose research incorporates a social justice analysis.
* Preference given to a student whose research is on women's studies.

* Bursary Application (Word Document)
* Bursary Application (PDF Document)

A brief description of the institution’s other admissions policies and programs:

Transition Year Program (TYP)
The Transition Year Program (TYP) is a one-year program designed for First Nations and African Canadian students who wish to enter university but who do not meet the standard entrance requirements.

A brief description of the institution’s other financial aid polices or programs:

A brief description of the institution’s other policies and programs not covered above:

External Scholarships & Bursaries

Many External Scholarship and Bursaries are offered to university students on behalf of outside organizations. *Most are awarded annually, unless otherwise stated. Before applying for these awards, please be advised that there are some restrictions. The guidelines, policies, and application procedures for each award can be found by clicking on the individual award name. Deadlines will vary.

African Nova Scotian Student University Entrance Scholarships
Valued at $4,500, these scholarships are available to African Nova Scotian students who successfully complete Grade 12 in the public school system of NS within the current year and who have been accepted and will attend a university in the academic year immediately following Grade 12. Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time degree program and have obtained an average of 75% in select courses.

Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia
Open to any student - undergraduate, graduate, or medical - in Nova Scotia who is interested in pursuing research in Alzheimer Disease or related dementia.

Atlantic Canada Marine Biodiversity Essay Contest
Open to any student currently enrolled in Grade 12 at a Canadian high school in the Atlantic Region

BMO Financial Group/Lime Connect Canada Scholarship & Internship Program for Students with Disabilities
Full-time students with a disability who are interested in a career in financial services.

Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation Scholarships
Numerous awards available to females studying Engineering at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) National Scholarship
Open to all Canadian residents studying in Canada. Applicants must be sponsored by a CFIG member store

Canadian Federation of University Women Scholarship
Females who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and have been out of school or university for at least five years prior to embarking on present program of study.

Canadian Federation of University Women (Truro Branch) Scholarship
Females who are Canadian citizens and at the time of receiving the award, a resident of Truro, the County of Colchester or District of East Hants. Applicants must have been out of high school for at least three years.

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Scholarship Program
Applicants to this Scholarship Program must be either hard of hearing, deafened or oral deaf.

The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Undergraduate Scholarships
Open to Canadian citizens and landed immigrants in their third year of undergraduate study who are planning a career in atmospheric, hydrological, oceanographic or limnological sciences.

The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society "The Weather Network" Scholarship
Open to female students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents in their third year of study in an atmospheric science program at a Canadian university.

Communications Nova Scotia Diversity Bursary
Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities, African Nova Scotians, racially visible people.

The Dalton Camp Award
Up to two Canadians are selected to win a $5,000.00 prize for excellence in essay-writing on the link between democratic values and the quality of the media in Canada.

EFC Foundation Scholarship Program
Full-time students enrolled in Engineering, Business Administration/Commerce, Engineering Technologist/Technician, Computer Science, or Phase 2 or 3 of a College/Apprenticeship Program. Applicants must be Canadian citizens who have completed at least their first year of study with a minimum 70% average.

Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia Bursaries & Scholarships
Four $500 scholarships/bursaries available to students who are under the care of a physician for the treatment of epilepsy.

Export Development Canada (EDC) International Business Scholarships
Available to second, third or fourth year undergraduate students who are enrolled in studies in international business, economics, or combined business with sustainable management or environmental studies.

GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program
Aboriginal peoples, women in engineering programs, or persons with disabilities who are Canadian citizens in their first-year of full-time study in engineering or business/management. Applicants must have high academic performance and demonstrate financial need.

George F. Flood Memorial Scholarship
Open to members of the Saint John Construction Association (SJCA), employees of members of the SJCA, and members of staff of the SJCA. Two $5,000 scholarships awarded based on academic standing and/or need.

Glamour's Top 10 College Women Competition
Open to current second year female students. Ten $3,000 scholarships.

Google Canada Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship
A number of $5,000 scholarships available to female students (fourth year undergraduate or graduate) who are studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or a related technical field.

Halifax Womens Network Bursary
Women residing in Nova Scotia for the intended school year who have successfully completed at least one year of post-secondary education.

Hamilton Community Foundation Bursaries
Available to post secondary full time students who are able to demonstrate a financial need and have completed their high school requirements in publicly-funded secondary schools in the City of Hamilton (Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth).

International Initiatives in Deaf Studies Award
Recipient must be a post-secondary student, either full or part-time, whose educational pursuits and/or volunteer work indicates an interest in international initiatives in deaf studies and/or hearing impairment.

Kin Canada Bursaries
Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, graduating from High School or currently studying at a post-secondary institution

Leo J. Krysa Family Undergraduate Scholarship
Awarded annually to a student in the faculty of Arts or Education about to enter the final year of study in pursuit of an undergraduate degree. Applicant’s programs must emphasize Ukrainian and/or Ukrainian Canadian studies. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Canada Bursary Fund
Restricted to students who have had a parent or guardian killed in an impaired-driving crash.

Maritime Dairy Industry Scholarship
Two scholarships of $2,000 each. Must have completed 2 years of post-secondary education, resident of NS, NB or PE and be enrolled in a program that has application to the dairy industry.

Rhodes Scholarship
Applicants must:
(1) be a Canadian citizen or a person domiciled in Canada;
(2) have been born between October 2, 1985 and October 1, 1989;
(3) except for medical students, have received an undergraduate degree before taking up the scholarship,
(4) have proven intellectual and academic attainment of a high standard, show integrity of character, sympathy and protection of the weak and the ability to lead.
Interested students should contact the Dean of their faculty at the end of the winter term concerning the nomination/application process.

Tearmann Society for Abused Women Joanne Kohout Memorial Bursary [PDF -
Women who are pursuing studies relevant to issues pertaining to abused women and their children through a recognized educational institution. Applicants must be affiliated with Tearmann Society.

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
Awards recipients must meet the following criteria: involvement in voluntary humanitarian work, Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, undergraduates studying towards their first university degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution in Canada, maintain a satisfactory academic standing and continued involvement in voluntary humanitarian and community work.

Toyota Earth Day Scholarship
This scholarship is open to students who are currently in their graduating year or have graduated in the last two years from a Canadian high school or Quebec Cegep and are entering their first year of full-time studies at an accredited Canadian college or university. Applicants must have demonstrated outstanding environmental commitment, community service and leadership during the course of their studies.

Tylenol Scholarship
$5,000 - $10,000 scholarships available to students who are pursuing careers in the medical field. Awards made based on leadership qualities and academic performance.

UCBeyond Scholarship
Students diagnosed with Crohn's disease or rheumatoid arthritis.

Valley Recreation Coordinator's/Director's Association Bursary
Two $500 bursaries awarded to students entering their first year of a post-secondary recreation program in Nova Scotia either from high school or as a transfer student. Applicants must be from Windsor/West Hants of Hants County, King's County, Annapolis County or Digby County.

WorldNomads.com Travel Documentary Scholarship to the Amazon
Students who are at least 18 years of age with a current passport and a passion for documentary film production.

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