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ER-7: Sustainability-Related Courses

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The number of sustainability-related courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-related courses offered:

-PLAN 3005.03: Cities and the Environment in History
-PLAN 3010.03: Urban Ecology
-PLAN 3001.03: Landscape Ecology
-PLAN 3040.03: Reading the Suburbs
-PLAN 4001.06: Environmental Planning Studies
-PLAN 3020.03: Landscape Design
- CLAS 2025.03: Nature, the Human, Community, and the Divine in the Pre-Modern West
-CTMP 3220.03: The Aesthetics of Nature
-CTMP 3150.03: Nature and History
-CTMP 3210.03: Intersecting Bodies, Selves and Environments
-EMSP 2330.03: Nature Imagined: Literature and Science in Early Modern Europe
-EMSP 3000.06: The Study of Nature in Early Modern Europe
-EMSP 3340.03: Natural Knowledge, Human Nature, and Power Francis Bacon and the Renaissance
-ENGL 4005.03: Studies in National Lit: Green
-GERM 3550.03: Germany and the Environment
-HSTC 2206.03 Bio-politics: Human Nature in Contemporary Thought
-HSTC 3210.03 Environmental History 1
-HSTC 3212.03 The Biosphere: Global Perspectives in Science and Philosophy
-INTD 3114.03: Environment and Development
-INTD 4013.03: Environmental Conflict & Security
-PHIL 2480.03: Environmental Ethics
-PHIL 2485.03: Technology and the Environment
-POLI 3380.03: Politics of Climate Change
-POLI 3385.03: Politics of the Environment
-POLI 3589.03: Politics of the Sea I
-POLI 3590.03: Politics of the Sea II
-SOSA 2100X/Y.06: Environment and Culture
-SOSA 3200.03: Environmental Anthropology
-SOSA 4210.03: Tourism and Development
-ENVE 3000.03 / IDIS 2000.03: Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
-ENVE 3000.03 / IDIS 2000.03: Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
-ENVE 4421.03: Biogeochemistry and Bioremediation.
-ENVE 4402.03 Design Project for Environmental Engineers II
-ENVE 4401.03- Design Project for Environmental Engineers I
-ENVE 4411.03: Indoor Environment Control and Air Quality
-ENVE 3412: Energy and the Environment
-ENVE 3432: Waste Management
-ENVE 4221: Biogeochemistry and Bioremediation
-ENVE 3461.03: Environmental Measurements and Analysis
-ENVE 4772.03: Environmental Assessment and Management
-ENVE 4651: Solar Energy Utilization
-CIVL 3451: Water Quality and Treatment
-MINE 4818.03: Mine Waste Management.
-CIVL 4431.03: Water Distribution and Sewerage Systems.
-CPST 3030.03: Engineering in Society II.
-IENG 3301.03: Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering.
-IENG 4558.03: Project Management and Control.
-MECH 4820.03: Energy from Renewable Resources
-IENG 4500.03: Operations Research Methods for Systems Engineering.
-CHEE 4772.03: Environmental Assessment and Management.
-MATL 4813.03: Iron and Steel Production.
-MINE 4815: Mining and the Environment
-MGMT 4701.03 Advanced Resource/Environmental Management
-MGMT 1700X/Y.06: Introduction to Environmental and Resource Management.
-MGMT 4001.03: Strategy Formulation
-MGMT 4013.03: Marine Protected Areas
-MGMT 4021.03: Fisheries Management
-MGMT 4702.03 Advanced Resource/Environmental Management 2
-HAHP 3000.03: Community Development
-HPRO 4422.03: Environmental Health
-BIOL 2060.03: Introductory Ecology
-BIOL 1030.03: Biology for Engineers.
-BIOL 3101.03: Microbial Ecology
-BIOL 3600.03: Aquaculture
-BIOL 3060.03: Environmental Ecology
-BIOL 4104.03:Environmental Microbiology
-BIOL 3061.03: Communities and Ecosystems
-BIOL 3065.03: Conservation Biology
-BIOL 3069.03: Population Ecology
-BIOL 3225.03: Plants in the Human
-BIOL 3601.03: Nature Conservation
-BIOL 4335.03: Environmental Impacts in Marine Ecosystems.
-BIOL 3615.03: Methods in Ecology
-BIOL 3620.03: Field Survey of Terrestrial Biodiversity
-BIOL 3623.03: Applied Coastal Ecology - Field intensive, lab and lecture
-BIOL 3632.03: Applied Field Methods in Fish Ecology
-BIOL 3624.03: Urban Freshwater Systems
-BIOL 3666.03: Species Invasions
-BIOL 3762.03: Terrestrial BioDiversity
-BIOL 4160.03: Political Ecology
-BIOL 4335.03: Marine Impacts
-CHEM 2505.03: Environmental Chemistry
-CHEM 4203.03: Environmental Chemistry
-CHEM 2505.03: Environmental Chemistry
-ECON 2216.03: Economics of Global Warming
-ECON 3332.03: Resource Economics
-ECON 3335.03: Environmental Economics
-ENVS 2001.03: Analytical Environmental Science and Social Responsibility
-ENVS 3400.03: Human Health and Sustainability
-ENVS 1000.06: Introduction to Environmental Studies
-ENVS 3000.03: Environmental Science Internship
-ENVS 3210.03: Environmental Law II: Natural Justice and Unnatural Acts
-ENVS 2001.03: Analytical Environmental Science and Social Responsibility
-ENVS 3200.03: Introduction to Environmental Law
-ENVS 3225.03: Plants in the Human Landscape
-ENVS 3226.03: Economic Botany, Plants and Civilization
-ENVS 3300.03 Contaminated Site Management
-ENVS 3501.03: Environmental Problem Solving I
-ENVS 3502.03: Environmental Problem Solving II: The Campus as a Living Laboratory
-ENVS 4001.03 Environnemental Impact Assessment
-ENVS 4210.03: Environmental Law II: Natural Law and Unnatural Acts
-ENVS 3801.03: Directed Readings in Environmental Science
-ENVS 4220.03: International Environmental Law for Scientists
-ENVS 4950.03: Advanced Topics in Environmental Science.
-ENVS 3001.03: Environmental Science Field School
-ERTH 2410.03: Environmental and Resource Geology I
-ERTH 2270.03: Introduction to Applied Geophysics
-ERTH 2380.03: Geochemistry
-ERTH 3440.03: Geomorphology
-ERTH 3500.03: Geoscience Information Managemen
-ERTH 3601.03: Global Biogeochemical Cycles.
-ERTH 4520.03: GIS Applications to Environmental and Geological Sciences.
-ERTH 3410.03: Environmental Geology II
-GEOG 3001.03: Landscape Ecology
-GEOG 3114.03: Environment and Development.
-GEOG 4520.03: GIS Applications to Environmental and Geological Science
-GEOG 3500.03: Exploring Geographic Information Systems.
-GEOG 3440.03: Geomorphology
-GEOG 2100X/Y.06: Environment and Culture
-GEOG 3005.03: Cities and the Environment in History
-OCEA 4000.03 Oceans and Global Change
-OCEA 4335.03: Environmental Impacts in Marine Ecosystems
-PHYC 2310.03: Energy and the Environment
-PHYC 2800.03: Climate Change
-PHYC 2310.03: Energy and the Environment
-HIST 3210.03: Canadian Cultural Landscapes
-HIST 3370: North American Landscapes
-STAT 3345.03: Environmental Risk Assessment
-MARI 3600.03: Aquaculture
-MARI 3623.03: Applied Coastal Ecology
-MARI 3632.03: Applied Field Methods in Fish Ecology.
-MARI 4335.03: Environmental Impacts in Marine Ecosystems
-ARCH 4212.03:Building Systems Integration
-ARCH 5111.03: Integrated Coastal and Ocean Planning
-ARCH 5210.03: Life Cycle Analysi
-ARCH 5204.03: Composite Materials
-ARCH 1200X/Y.06: Science of the Built Environment
-BIOL 5060.03: Environmental Ecology
-BIOL 5261.03: Communities and Ecosystems
-BIOL 5160.03: Political Ecology
-ENVI 5021.03: Fisheries Management
-ENVI 5001.03: Environmental Assessment
-ENVI 5041.03: Environmental Education
-ENVI 5505.03: Biophysical Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management
-ENVI 5504.03: Management of Resources and the Environment
-ENVI 5120.03: Environmental Ecology
-ENVI 5500.03: Socio-political Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management
-ENVI 5205.03: Law and Policy for Resource and Environmental Management.
-ENVI 5480.03: Environmental Ethics
-ENVI 5031.03: Economics for Resource and Environmental Management
-ENVI 5010.03: Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Health
-ENVI 5044.03: Industrial Ecology
-HESA 6340.03: Human Resources in Healthcare
-MARA 5021.03: Fisheries Management
-MARA 5589.03: Politics of the Sea
-MARA 5001X/Y.06: Contemporary Issues in Ocean Management and Development
-PLAN 6103.03: Urban Ecology
-PLAN 6601.06: Special Project Studio: Environmental Planning
-PLAN 6106.03: Transportation Planning
-PLAN 5005.03: Cities and the Environment in History
-SOSA 5007.03: Tourism and Development
-AGRI 5310.03: Special Topics in Applied Ethology
-CHEM 6203.03: Environmental Chemistry
-CIVL 6144.03: Geo-Environmental Barrier Design
-CIVL 6414.03: Environmental Systems Engineering
-MINE 6017.03: Mining and the Environment
-CH&E 6001.03: and Occupational Health
-ERTH 5600.03: Exploring Geographic Information Systems
-ECON 5516.03: Resource and Environmental Economics I (Resources)
-ECON 5517.03: Resource and Environmental Economics II (The Environment)
-IDIS 6013.03: Environmental Health Engineering
-IDIS 6031.03: Energy and the Environment
-INTD 5007.03: Environment and Development
-OCEA 5335.03: Environmental Impacts in Marine Ecosystems
-CHEE 6743.03: Process Synthesis.
-PUAD 6537.03: Environmental Policy
-ARCH 3208: Building Technology
-ARCH 4211: Building Systems Integration
-ARCH 4212: Building Systems Integration


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