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ER-7: Sustainability-Related Courses

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The number of sustainability-related courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-related courses offered:

List of sustainability-related courses offered by Columbia:
88471 Social Epidemiology
A&HF 4130 Gender and Violence
A4027 Architechure Planning Preservation NY
A4042 Workshop in Urban Studies
A4124 Structures, Systems, and Materials
A4378 Living Architecture I
A4379 Living Architecture II
A4753 Life
A4780 Architecture and Human Rights
A4816 Climatic Design
AMST W3930 Food and American Life
AMST W3930* Equity in American Higher Education
ANTH 3005 Africa: Culture and Society
ANTH 3090 Native America
ANTH 3853 Moving Truths: The Anthropology of Transnational Advocacy Networks
ANTH 3880 Listening: Ethnography of Sound
ANTH 6057 Governmentality, Citizenship and Indigenous Political Critique
ANTH 6078 Strange Resonances, Close Listenings
ANTH G4201x Principles and Applications of Social and Cultural Anthropology
ANTH G4246y The Politics of Reproduction
ANTH G4390x Borders and Boudaries
ANTH G6038 Place, Space, Nature
ANTH G6045 Foundations in Social Inequality
ANTH G6345y Poetics and Politics of Infrastructure
ANTH G6621x Rotten Sun
ANTH G9101 Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology
ANTH S3908* Global Economy In Anthropological Perspective
ANTH V1170* Islands
ANTH v2010x Major Debates in the Study of Africa
ANTH v2016x Gendered Migration in Transnational Asia
ANTH V2400y Culture and Finance
ANTH V3440 US Cities in Transition
ANTH V3840 Urban life and cultural Imagination in South Asia
ANTH V3883x Anthropology of Cultural Biology Living Diversity
ANTH V3889x The Productivity of Crisis
ANTH V3893x The Bomb
ANTH V3924 Anthropology and Disaster
ANTH V3950 Anthropology of Consumption
ANTH V3970 Biological Basis of Human Variation
ANTH V3989 Introduction to Urban Anthropology
ANTH V3998y Race/Sexuality Science and Social Practice
ANTH1002 Interpretation of Culture
B6501-001 International Business
B8000 Special Studies in Business
B8200-001 Strategic Philanthropy
B8202-001 Modern Political Economy
B8299-006 The Private Sector and International Development
B8299-007 Globalization and Markets
B8299-011 Business in Society: Doing Well by Doing Good?
B8399-004 Emerging Financial Markets
B8399-030 Social Impact Real Estate Investing and Development
B8499-003 The Nonprofit Sector & the City
B8499-005 High Performing Nonprofits
B8499-007 Deals: Public-Sector Problem Solving
B8499-008 Launching Social Ventures
B8499-009 Social Venture Incubator
B9301-100 Financing Growth in Emerging Markets
B9301-115 Project Finance
B9301-119 Private Equity in Emerging Markets
B9301-123 Financing Energy Markets
B9301-136 Markets for the Poor
B9410-001 Business Innovations in International Development
B9455-017 Financing Social Ventures: Risk Capital for Expansion
B9455-018 Impact Investing Seminar
B9777-004 Private Equity & Entrepreneurship in Africa
BC2240 Plant Evolution and Diversity
BC2272 Ecology
BC2841 Lab-Plant Evolution and Diversity
CHEE E6252 Advanced surface and colloid chemistry
CIEE E3250 Hydrosystems Engineering
CIEN 4242 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
CIEN E4100 Earthquake & Wind Engineering
CIEN E4128 Civil engineering management
CIEN E4163 Environmental Engineering: Wastewater
CIEN E4250 Waste Containment Design and Practice
CIEN E4260 Urban ecology studio
CIEN E9101 and S9101 Civil engineering research
CSER V3440* The Changing American City
CSER W1012* History of Racialization in the United States
CSER W1040 Critical Approach-Study of Eth & Race
CSER W3222 Nature/Power:Environmental History of North America
CSER W3928 Colonization/Decolonization
CSER W3935* Sex in the Tropics
CSER W3962* Who Is Indigenous: A Global Perspective
EAEE 3901 Environmental Microbiology
EAEE E3221 Environmental Geophysics
EAEE E3999 Undergraduate Project II
EAEE E4003 Introduction to Aquatic Chemistry
EAEE E4006 Field Methods for Environmental Engineering
EAEE E4010 Remote Sensing and Environmental Change
EAEE E4900 Applied Transport and Chemical Rate Phenomena
EAEE E4901 Environmental Microbiology
EAEE E6150 Industrial catalysis
EAEE E6208 Combustion chemistry and processes
EAEE E6240 Physical hydrology
EAEE E8273 Mining Engineering Reports
EAEE E9302 Mining engineering research
ECON G4421 Topics on problems of emerging market economies
ECON W2257 Global Economy
ECON W4228 Urban Economics
ECON W4438 Economics of Race in the U.S.
ECON W4500 International Trade
EEEB 6200 Professionalism in Science
EEEB G4020 Population Genetics
EEEB G4134 Behavioral Ecology
EEEB G4140 Orinthology
EEEB G4165 Pathogen Evolution: Genes, Organiisms, Populations & Ecosystems
EEEB G4210 Herpetology
EEEB G4789 Biogeography
EEEB G4800 Teaching Conservation Biology
EEEB G6020 Fundamentals of GIS in Ecology/Conservation
EEEB G6110 Evolution
EEEB G6300 Research Methods Seminar
EEEB G6330 Conservation Psychology
EEEB G6400 Amazonia Seminar
EEEB G9501, 9502, 9503 Directed Research
EEEB G9509 Directed Readings
EEEB W 3997 & 8 Independent Study
EEEB W3142 Evolutionary Ecology
EEEB W3940 Current Controversies in Primate Behavior and Ecology
EEEB W4010 Evolutionary Basis of Human Behavior
EEEB W4248 Introduction to Population Genetics
EEEB W4321 Human Nature: DNA, Race and Identity
EEEB W4601 Biological Systematics
EEEB W4700 Race: The Tangled Histroy of Biological Concept
EESC BC3800x-BC3801y Senior Research Seminar
EESC G6001x and y Earth Science Colloquium
EESC G6003x and y Masters Research
EESC G6810 The Carbon Cycle
EESC G6908x Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis
EESC G6921 Atmospheric Dynamics
EESC G6923 Radiative Processes of Climate
EESC G6927 Tropical Oceanography
EESC G6928 Tropical Meterorology
EESC G6930x Ocean Dynamics
EESC G8010y Field Geology
EESC G8666 History of Amphibians and Reptiles
EESC G8667 History or Mammals
EESC G9668x and y Seminar in Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution
EESC G9910x and y Seminar in Atmospheric Science
EESC G9931x and y Physical Oceanography Seminar
EESC V1011 Earth: Origin, Evolution, Processes, and Future
EESC V1030 Oceanography
EESC V1053 Planet Earth
EESC V1411 Earth: Origin, Evolution, Processes, and Future: Lectures
EESC V2200 Earth's Environmental Systems: The Solid Earth System
EESC V2300 Earth Science: Life
EESC W056x Teaching and Learning Concepts in Earth Science
EESC W3018 Weapons of Mass Destruction
EESC W3101 Geochemistry for a Habitable Planet
EESC W4008x Introduction to Atmospheric Science
EESC W4050 Global Assessment and Monitoring Using Remote Sensing
EESC W4051 Advanced Applications of Remote Sensing and Image Processing
EESC W4076y Geologic Mapping
EESC W4630 Air-Sea Interaction
EESC W4885 Chemistry of Continental Waters
EESC W4886 Isotope Hydrology
EESC W4923 Biological Oceanography
EESC W4924 Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
EESC W4926 Chemical Oceanography
EESC W4926y Principles of Physical Oceanography
EESC W4960y Earth's Oceans and Atmosphere
EMPA U6036 Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
ENVP U6275 GIS for International Studies
ENVP U8201 Colloquium on Financial Management of Government
FM K4320 Nonprofit Financial Management
FM K4360 Grants
FM W4370 Foundations of Fundraising/Dev
FM W4380 Annual Campaigns
HSPB W3950 Social History of American Public Health
INAF U4090 Humanitarian Affairs Practicum
INAF U6041 Corporate Social Responsibility: A Human Rights Approach
INAF U6041 Corporate Social Responsibility
INAF U6043 Integrated Development Practice
INAF U6080 Energy Industry in Middle East/Africa
INAF U6139 International Organizations
INAF U6143 Gender and Human Rights
INAF U6145 Journalism, Human Rights and Social Change
INAF U6253 Introduction to International Development
INAF U6256 Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship for Development
INAF U6362 Global Collective Action
INAF U6367 Global Slums: A Political Economy
INAF U6475 Social Welfare and Development
INAF U6480 Poverty and Development in Local Perspective
INAF U6490 International Humanitarian Law
INAF U6495 Policy and Practice Humanitarian Assistance
INAF U6497 Humanitarian Crises in East Congo
INAF U6680 US Energy Security: Geopolitics of Oil & Gas
INAF U6735 Issues in Rural Development
INAF U6751 International Human Rights Law: Politics and Relevance
INAF U8172 Theory, History, and Practice of Human Rights
INAF U8177 Human Rights in Post-Communist Eurasia
INAF U8186 Humanitarian Challenges
INAF U8562 Maritime Transportation, Law & Public Policy
INAF U8785 Gender, Poliitics, and Development
ITSF 4018 Anthropology and Development
ITSF 4160 Human Rights Education in Africa: Politics, Policies & Pedagogies
ITSF 4199 Educational Planning and Sustainability
ITSF 4603 Human and Social Dimensions of Peace
ITSF 5015 Political Anthropology
L6071-001 Law and Development
L6173-001 Critical Legal Thought
L6223-001 Comparative Constitutional Law
L6243-001 Employment Discrimination Law
L6250-001 Immigration Law
L6272 Land Use
L6363-001 Professional Responsibility Issues in Public Interest Practice
L6459-001 The Law of Genocide
L6473-001 Labor Law
L6506-001 Gender Justice
L6601-001 Externship: City and State Policy Advocacy
L6601-002 Externship: City and State Policy Advocacy - Fieldwork
L6604-001 Externship: Immigration Law
L6604-002 Externship: Immigration Law - Fieldwork
L6667-001 Frederick Douglass Moot Court
L6873-001 Nalsa Moot Court
L6905-001 Antidiscrimination Law
L8021-001 S. International Law and Its Others: Race, Religion and the Question of Civilization
L8044-001 S. Human Rights At Home: Domestic Human Rights Advocacy
L8144-001 S. The Legal and Political Economy of Hunger
L8194-001 S. Antidiscrimination, Equality and the Law
L8271-001 S. Access to Healthcare
L8409-001 S. Lawyering for Social and Institutional Change
L8482-001 S. Immigration Law: The Removal Practice and Procedure
L8814-001 S. Cuba: Law, Policy and Transition
L8993-001 S. The Law of Occupation
L9060-001 S. Immigration Law and Policy
L9131-001 Community Enterprise Clinic
L9151-001 S. Intersectionalities: Theorizing Multiple Discrimination, Identity and Power
L9164-001 S. Labor Rights in a Global Economy
L9165-001 S. Transitional Justice
L9183-001 S. Nuremberg Trials and War Crimes Law
L9192-001 S. Welfare Law: Legal Issues and Policy Choices
L9213-001 S. Race and Gender-Conscious Remedies
L9220-001 S. Race and Poverty Law
L9232-001 Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic
L9232-002 Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic
L9239-001 Mediation Clinic
L9239-002 Mediation Clinic
L9252-001 S. Human Rights, Law and Development Workshop
L9408-001 S. Housing Discrimination
L9549-001 S. Queer Theory Workshop
L9832-001 S. Human Rights Reparations Under Domestic and International Law
LAND K4102 Plant Materials: Woody Trees and Shrubs I
LAND K4103 Plant Materials: Woody Trees and Shrubs II
LAND K4112 Landscape Technology: Site Grading and Drainage
LAND K4113 Landscape Technology: Construction and Site Details
LAND K4200 History and Theory of Gardening and Landscape Design
MECE 4302 Advanced Thermodynamics
MECE 4304 Turbomachinery
MECE 4305 Mechanics and Thermodynamics Propulsion
MECE E6100 Advanced Mechanics of Fluids
MECE E6104 Case Studies in Computational Fluid Dynamics
MECE E6313 Advanced Heat Transfer
MSTC 4043 Science and the Environment
MSTC 4056 Concepts in Earth Science
MSTC 4057 Concepts in Earth Science II
MSTC 5056 General Oceanography
MSTC 5058 Advanced Topics in Earth & Environmental Sciences
P6330 Radiobiology for Medical Physicists
P6670 Accountability-Humanitarian AID
P6810 Introduction to Global Health
P6811 Priorities in Global Public Health
P8108 Survival Analysis
P8306 Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
P8307 Molecular Epidemiology
P8308 Molecular Toxicology
P8311 Basic and Applied Nutritional Science: Emerging Global Issues
P8313 Toxicokinetics
P8325 Risk Assessment, Management & Communication
P8380 Health Physics Applications
P8403 Nutritional Epi
P8406 Infectious Disease Epidemiology
P8414 Cancer Epidemiology
P8465 Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
P8469 Epidemiology of Malaria
P8470 Epidemiology of Alcohol and Drug Disorders
P8471 Social Epidemiology
P8477 Epi Modeling for Infectious Diseases
P8507 Health and International Development: Institutions, Policies, and Politics
P8539 Health and Health Systems in Low Income Countries
P8590-064 Poverty, Public Policy and Child Development
P8605 Public Health Aspects of Reproductive Health
P8610 SRH and HIV/AIDS: Clinical, Policy, and Program Perspectives
P8620 Protection of Children in Disaster and War. A Global Classroom Linked to Practitioners in Northern Uganda - Pilot Project
P8685 Migration, Health: Global/Local Perspective
P8688 Forced Migration Practicum-Seminar
P8709 Seminar in Sexuality, Gender, Health, and Human Rights
P8737 Emerging Topics in Urbanism and Community Health
P8746 Persuasion and Coercion-Public Health
P8747 The Ethics of Public Health
P8760 Medical Anthropology: Trafficking, Sex Work, Health, and Human Rights
P9350 Global Master's Essay I
P9360 Master's Essay Critical Literature Review
P9361 Master's Essay Research I
P9362 Master's Essay Research II
P9419 Masters Essay in Epidemiology I
P9420 Masters Essay in Epidemiology II
PEPM U8147 Development Economics
PLA4008 Planning Theory
PLA4022 Fundamentals for Planners
PLA4035 Negotiantions for Planners
PLA4112 Physical Structure of Cities
PLA4151 Economics for Planners
PLA4387 Public/Private Partnerships NYC
PLA4394 Planning for Disasters
PLA4501 Local Economic Development Planning
PLA4577 Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Planners
PLA4609 Politics of International Placemaking
PLA4620 Public Financing of Urban Development
PLA6052 Planning Law
PLA6216 NYC Land Use Approvals
PLA6222 Affordable Housing Financing, Development and Policy
PLA6228 Invest Strategies/Distress ENV
PLA6232 Advanced GIS
PLA6245 Fundamentals of Building Systems
PLA6460 Redevelopment Policy
PLA6911 Urban Planning Studio-Hudson River Park
PLAN A4329 Disaster Planning
PLAN A4501 Local Economic Development Planning
POLS G4626 Global Justice & Democracy
POLS W3585 Political Economy of Development
PUAF U6411 Global Food Systems
SCNC W3010 Science, Technology and Society
SOCI W3243 China Today: Change, Inequalities, and Social Life
SOCI W3265 Sociology of Work and Gender
SOCI W3324 Global Urbanism
SUMA K4180 Writing About Global Science for the International Media
U4656 Latin America Poverty Laboratory
U4759 Human Rights Practicum I
U6040 International Energy Project Development & Financing
U6054 Oil Markets & Trading
U6082 Energy Industry in East Asia
U6112 Urban Ecology
U6151 Human Rights & Children
U6185 Health & International Development
U6221 Risk Assessment & Toxicology
U8216 Economics for Environmental Policy II
U9000.012 Capstone
URBS v2200 Introduction to GIS Methods
URBS V3200 Spatial Analysis: GIS Methods and Urban Case Studies
URBS V3308 Intro to Urban Enthographies
URBS V3310 Science and Technology in Urban Environments
URBS v3315 Metropolitics of Race and Place
URBS V3550 Community Building
URBS V3920 Social Entrepreneurship
URBS V3992-V3993 Senior Seminar: the Built Environment
W4303 Gender, Globalization, Empire
W8829-001 S. International Human Rights Advocacy

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By blending scientific research, education and practical solutions, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, is working to help guide the world onto a path toward sustainability.

The Institute, under the direction of Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, comprises more than 30 research centers and some 850 scientists, postdoctoral fellows, staff and students. Working across many disciplines to study and create solutions for problems in public health, poverty, energy, ecosystems, climate, natural hazards and urbanization.

Course offerings and sustainability-related courses numbers were calculated for each time a course is offered as a separate course.

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