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ER-6: Sustainability-Focused Courses

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The number of sustainability-focused courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-focused courses offered:

List of sustainability-focused courses offered at Columbia:

A4623 Sustainable Futures
A4684 Sustainable Design
A6170 Architecture & the Sustainably Built Environment
A6796 Resilience
ANEB G4124 Peoples and their Environment: Ecological and Anthropological Interactions
ANTH 6410 Between Land and Sea
ANTH G4194 Oil Culture
ANTH G6169 Culture, Ecology, and History in China
ANTH V2027 Changing East Asian Foodways
ANTH V3004 Introduction to Environmental Anthropology
ANTH V3895 Anthropology and the Politics of Climate Change
ANTH V3971 Environment and Cultural Behavior
ANTH W3973 Environment and Development
ANTH W4022 Political Ecology
APPH E4130 Physics of solar energy
ARCH A4623 Sustainable Futures
ARCH A6170 Architecture and the Sustainably Built Environment
B8299-017 New Developments in Energy Markets
B9301-001 Finance & Sustainability
B9301-120 Carbon Finance
B9301-124 Sustainability and Investment Management
B9455-016 Social Entrepreneurship: Global Perspective
B9877-004 The Business of Sustainability (Master Class)
CHEN E4410 Environmental control technology
CHEN E4600 Atmospheric aerosols
CIEE E3255 Environmental Control and Pollution Reduction Systems
CIEE E3260 Engineering for developing communities
CIEE E4252 Environmental Engineering
CIEE E4257 Groundwater Contaminant Transport and Remediation
CIEN E1201 The art of structural design
CIEN E3004 Urban infrastructure systems
CIEN E3128 Design Projects
CIEN E3141 Soil mechanics
CIEN E4010 Transportation engineering
CIEN E4163 Environmental Engineering: Wastewater
CIEN E6246 Advanced Soil Mechanics
CIEN E9165-S9165 Independent studies in environmental engineering
CNAD K4130 Green Building and Sustainability: Tools and Techniques
EAEE E1100 A Better Planet by Design
EAEE E2002 Alternative Energy Sources
EAEE E3101 Earth Resource Production Systems
EAEE E3800 Earth & Environmental Engineering Lab I
EAEE E4001 Industrial Ecology of Earth Resources
EAEE E4009 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Resource, Environmental & Infrastructure Management
EAEE E4150 Air Pollution Prevention and Control
EAEE E4160 Solid and Hazardous Waste management
EAEE E4190 Photovoltaic Systems Engineering and Sustainability
EAEE E4257 Environmental Data Analysis and Modeling
EAEE E4361 Economics of Earth Resource Industries
EAEE E4550 Catalysis for Emissions Control
EAEE E4950 Environmental Biochemical Processes
EAEE E4980 Urban Environmental Technology and Policy
EAEE E6200 Theory and applications of extreme value statistics in engineering and earth sciences
EAEE E6210 Quantitative environmental risk analysis
EAEE E6212 Carbon sequestration
EAEE E6220 Remedial and corrective action
EAEE E8229 Selected topics in processing minerals and wastes
EAEE E9271-S9272 Earth and environmental engineering thesis
EAEE E9273-E9274 Earth and environmental engineering reports
EAEE E9280 Earth and environmental engineering colloquium
EAEE E9281 Prospects for nuclear energy - earth and environmental engineering seminar
EAEE E9305-S9305 Earth and environmental engineering research
EAEE E9800-S9800 Doctoral research instruction
EAEE E9900-S9900 Doctoral dissertation
EAIA E4200 Alternative Energy Resources
ECIA W4100 Management and Development of Water Systems
ECON W4080 Globalization, Incomes and Inequality
ECON W4301 Economic Growth and Development
ECON W4321 Economic Development
ECON W4625 Economics of the Environment
ECON W4750 Globalization and its Risks
EEEB 4850 M.A. Thesis Development Seminar
EEEB G4060 Invasion Biology
EEEB G4086 Ethnobotany
EEEB G4100 Forest Ecology
EEEB G4120 Islands: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation
EEEB G4126 Conservation Genetics
EEEB G4127 Disease Ecology and Conservation
EEEB G4130 Restoration and Urban Ecology
EEEB G4138 Molecular Ecology
EEEB G4150 Modeling Populations and Communities
EEEB G4184 Plant Conservation in Theory and Practice
EEEB G4185 Insect Ecology and Conservation
EEEB G4190 Conservation in Managed Landscapes: Ecology, Livelihoods & Policy
EEEB G4192 Introduction to Landscape Analysis
EEEB G4195 Marine Conservation Ecology
EEEB G4205 Extinction Science
EEEB G4250 Understanding Nature Through Observation and Experiment
EEEB G4260 Food, Ecology, and Globalization
EEEB G4620 Food, Ecology, Globalization
EEEB G4645 Cultural and Biological Diversity
EEEB G4650 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes
EEEB G4660 Fish Biodiversity, systematics, and evolution
EEEB G4666 Insect Biodiversity
EEEB G4910 Field Botany and Plant Systematics
EEEB G4990 Ph.D Thesis Development Seminar
EEEB G5005 Introduction to Statistics for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
EEEB G5010 Statistical Modeling in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
EEEB G6125 Behavioral Ecology and Conservation
EEEB G6150 Advances in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
EEEB G6905 Graduate Seminar in Conservation Biology
EEEB G6990 Topics in Conservation Biology
EEEB V1010 Human Species - Place in Nature
EEEB W1001 Biodiversity
EEEB W2001 Environmental Biology I: Elements to Organisms
EEEB W2002 Environmental Biology II: Organisms to the Biosphere
EEEB W2010 Tropical Biology
EEEB W3020 Introduction to Statistics for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
EEEB W3087 Conservation Biology
EEEB W3991 Senior Seminar I
EEEB W3992 Senior Seminar II
EEEB W3993 EBHS Senior Thesis Seminar
EEEB W3994 EBHS Senior Thesis Seminar
EEEB W4110 Coastal Estuarine Ecology
EEEB W4122 Fundamentals of Ecology and Evolution
EEEB W4128 Management of Ecosystems and Landscapes
EEEB W4192 Introduction to Landscape Analysis
EEEB W4240 Animal Migration in Theory and Practice
EEEB W4340 Human Adaptation
EEEB W4550 Plant Physiological Ecology
EESC G4402-G4403 Managing and Adapting to Climate
EESC G4403x Managing and adapting to climate change
EESC G6920y Dynamics of Climate
EESC G9001x and y Reseacrch in Earth and Environmental Sciences
EESC G9500x and y Seminar in Plant Physicology and Ecology
EESC S9070 Field Research
EESC V1003 Climate and Society: Case Studies
EESC V1201 Environmental Risks and Disasters
EESC V1600 Earth Resources and Sustainable Development
EESC V2100 Earth Science: Climate
EESC W2330 Science for Sustainable Development
EESC W3000x and y Tutorial Study in Earth and Environmental Sciences
EESC W3015 The Earth's Carbon Cycle
EESC W3901 Environmental Science Senior Seminar
EESC W4020 Humans and the Carbon Cycle
EESC W4040 Climate Thermodynamics and Energy Transfer
EESC W4400 Dynamics of Climate Variability and Change
EESC W4400x Dynamics of Climate Variability and Climate Change
EESC W4401 Quantitative Models of Climate-Sensitive Natural and Human Systems
EESC W4404 Regional Climate and Climate Impacts
EESC W4405 Summer Seminar in Climate and Society
EESC W4406 Summer Internship in Climate and Society
EESC W4550 Plant Ecophysiology
EESC W4600 Earth Resources and Sustainable Development
EESC W4835 Wetlands and Climate Change
EESC W4917 Earth/Human Interactions
ENVP U6111 Principles of Ecology
ENVP U6112 Urban Ecology
ENVP U6115 Climatology
ENVP U6116 Hydrology
ENVP U6220 Environmental Chemistry
ENVP U6221 Environmental Toxicology
ENVP U6224 Environmmental Data Analysis
ENVP U6225 Ethics, Values, and Justice
ENVP U6228 Role of Government in Advancing Corp. Sustainable Development
ENVP U6230 Economics of Sustainable Development
ENVP U6233 Environmental Finance Prep
ENVP U6234 Sustainability Management
ENVP U6235 Environmental Finance
ENVP U6237 International Political Economics of Biodiversity
ENVP U6241 Earth Systems, Environmental Policy, Policy Management
ENVP U6250 Poverty, Inequality, and the Environment
ENVP U6310 Research Methods & Quantitative Tech Management I
ENVP U6320 Political Context of Public/Private Environmental Management
ENVP U6400 Financing the Green Economy
ENVP U8213 Economics for Environmental Policy I
ENVP U8216 Economics of Environmental Policy II
ENVP U9044 Environmental Science and Policy Independent Study
ENVP U9230 The Workshop in Applied Earth Systems Management II
ENVP U9229 The Workshop in Applied Earth Systems Management I
ENVP U9232 The Workshop in Applied Earth Systems Policy Analysis
G9008 Development and Environmental Economics Workshop
HBSV 4013 Nutritional Ecology
HRTS G4020 Introduction to Human Rights
HRTS G4210 Equality, Identity, and Rights
HRTS G4800 Human Rights and International Law
HRTS G4820 Human Rights and International Organizations
HRTS G8010 Human Rights Grad Res Colloq I
HRTS G8020 Human Rights Grad Res Colloq II
HRTS V4180 Human Rights and Business
HRTS V4220 International Human Rights Law
HRTS V4290 Health and Human Rights
HRTS V4404 Human Rights of Women
HRTS V4730 Transitional Justice
HRTS W3001 Introduction To Human Rights
HRTS W3930 International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights
HRTS W3950 Human Rights and Human Wrongs
HRTS W3996 Senior Seminar In Human Rights
INAF U 9240 Human Ecology and Sustainable Development
INAF U4420 Oil, Rights,and Development
INAF U4710 Extractive Industries: Rights and Development
INAF U4722 Introduction to Environmental Law
INAF U4737 Economics of the Environment
INAF U6042 Energy Business & Economic Development
INAF U6060 International Energy Systems & Business Structures
INAF U6061 International Energy Policy: Growth, Energy, Technology and the Environment
INAF U6062 Energy: Markets and Innovation
INAF U6065 The Economics Of Energy
INAF U6068 Economic Analysis of Environmental Policies
INAF U6135 Renewable Energy Project Development & Finance
INAF U6149 Energy, Corporate Responsibility, and Human Rights
INAF U6235 Climate Change, Rights and Development
INAF U6236 History of American Ecology & Environmentalism
INAF U6242 Energy Policy
INAF U6259 Adaptation to Climate Change
INAF U6325 Quantitative Methods-Energy/Policy Analysis
INAF U6405 Human Rights & Development Policy
INAF U6411 Global Food Systems
INAF U6751 International Human Rights Law: Politics and Relevance
INAF U8178 Rethinking Human Rights
INAF U8180 Human Rights Skills and Advocacy
INAF U8778 Urban Energy Systems & Policy
INAF U8909 Environment, Conflict & Resolution Strategies
INAF U8910 Food, Farming and Famine: Struggles for Sustainability
INAF W3330 Ecological and Social Systems for Sustainable Development
L6038 Climate Change Law
L6040 International Environmental Law
L6242 Environmental Law
L6276-001 Human Rights
L6655-001 Human Rights Law Review
L6655-002 Human Rights Law Review Editorial Board
L8019-001 S. Diversity and Innovation: Transforming Institutions and Systems
L8019-002 S. Diversity and Innovation: Transforming Institutions and Systems - Fieldwork
L8036-001 S. Natural Resources Law
L8349-001 S. African Human Rights Systems in Comparative Perspective
L8362-001 S. Environmental Issues in Business Transactions
L8451-001 S. Advanced Climate Change Law
L8452 Energy Law
L8816-001 S. Transnational Business and Human Rights
L9233-001 Human Rights Clinic
L9233-002 Human Rights Clinic
L9257-001 Environmental Law Clinic
L9257-002 Environmental Law Clinic - Project Work
L9383-001 S. International Humanitarian Law
L9825-001 S. Environmental Justice and Environmental Health
MECE E4210 Energy Infrastructure Planning
MECE E4211 Energy: sources and conversion
MECE E4312 Solar thermal engineering
MECE E4314 Energy dynamics of green buildings
NECR K4218 Environmental Conflict Resolution Strategies
P6300 Environmental Health Sciences
P6301 Environmental Health Sciences Applications
P6385 Principles of Genetics and the Environment I
P8304 Public Health Impacts of Climate Change
P8312 Fundamentals of Toxicology
P8315 Environmental Health Policy Capstone
P8316 Asthma, Allergic Diseases, and the Environment
P8317 Frameworks for Environmental Health Policy
P8318 Science Basic to Environmental Health Policy
P8319 Biological Markers of Chemical Exposure
P8320 Applied Environmental and Industrial Hygiene
P8375 EHS Global Seminar
P8423 Environmental Epidemiology
P8544 Environmental Health Economics
P8648 Food and Nutrition in Complex Emergencies
P8651 Water and Sanitation in Complex Emergencies
P8676 Epidemiological Methods for Measuring Human Rights Abuses
P8687 Public Health and Humanitarian Action
P8692 Law, Policy & Human Rights
P9300 Topics in Environmental Health Sciences
P9303 Hazardous Waste and Public Health
P9317 Case Studies in Risk Assessment and Environmental Policy
P9320 Water and Infectious Diseases
PLA4214 Transportation and Land Use Planning
PLA4340 Sustainable Zoning & Land Use REG.
PLA6012 Sustainable Development
PLA6911 Urban Planning Studio-Planning for a Regional Food System
PLA6911 Urban Planning Studio-Expanding the PATH train to EWR airport
PLAN A4579 Environmental Planning
POLS V3212 Environmental Politics
POLS W3962 International Politics of the Environment
PUBH W3100 Fundamentals of Global Health
RELI W4804 Ecology, Religion, and Culture
SCNC W1800 From the conservation of energy to energy conservation
SDEV U6240 Environmental Science for Sustainable Development
SDEV U9245 Environment & Resource Economics
SDEV W1900 Introduction to Sustainable Development Seminar
SDEV W2300 Challenges of Sustainable Development
SDEV W3200 Global Food Systems
SDEV W3280 Workshop in Sustainable Development
SDEV W3320 Economic and Financial Methods for Sustainable Development
SDEV W3355 Climate Change and Law
SDEV W3360 Disasters and Development
SDEV W3390 GIS for Sustainable Development
SDEV W3400 Demography of Human Populations
SDEV W3410 Urbanization and Sustainable Development
SDEV W3450 Spatial Analysis and Modeling for Sustainable Development
SDEV W3500 EI-Lamont Sustainable Development Practicum
SOCI W2400 Comparative Perspectives on Inequality
SOCI W3945 Seminar On Inequality and Public Policy
SUMA K Water Systems Analysis
SUMA K4020 Cost Benefit Analysis
SUMA K4021 Theory/Prac: Life Cycle Analysis
SUMA K4025 Sustainability Communications Strategy and Reporting
SUMA K4033 Decision Models and Management
SUMA K4035 GHG Emissions Carbon Footprint
SUMA K4100 Sustainability Management
SUMA K4119 EMP APPR to Building Energy Assessment
SUMA K4120 Environmental Conflict Resolution Strategies
SUMA K4130 Sustainable Cities
SUMA K4135 Analysis for Energy Efficiency
SUMA K4140 Sustainability Science
SUMA K4142 Sustainable Finance
SUMA K4145 Science of Sustainable Water
SUMA K4155 Energy Markets and Innovation
SUMA K4162 Resp and Restoration in Built Environment
SUMA K4165 Polictical Economics of Energy and Climate Policies
SUMA K4169 Sustainability Metrics
SUMA K4170 Sustainable Operations
SUMA K4175 Global Environmental Markets
SUMA K4185 APP Econ: Investor Relations in Corp. Sustainability
SUMA K4190 Economics of Sustainability Management
SUMA K4193 Statistics for Sustainability Management
SUMA K4195 Green Accounting
SUMA K4197 Financing the Green Economy: Markets, Business, and Politics
SUMA K4200 Workshop in Sustainability Management
SUMA K4205 GIS for Sustainability Management
SUMA K4230 The Earth's Climate System
SUMA K4235 The Science of Urban Ecology
SUMA K4260 Dynamics of Energy Efficiency
SUMA K4301 International Environmental Law for Sustainability Management
SUMA K4700 Ethics and Values of Sustainability Management
SUMA K4720 Policy and Legal Context of Sustainability Management
SUMA K4734 EI Practicum on Environment and Sustainable Development
SUMA K4734 Earth Institute Practicum
SUMA K4997 Independent Study
SUMA K7001 Water Governance
U4722 Intro to Environmental Law
U4727 Environmental Politics/Policy management
U6056 Political Economy and Environmental Policy
U6232 Sustainable Economic Development
U6243 International Relations of the Environment
U6244 Environmental Data Analysis
U8537 Climate Change Policy
U8912 Technical Innovations/Sustainable Goals
U9201 Sustainable Development Seminar II
URBS V3565 Cities in Developing Countries: Problems and Prospects
V3119 NETWORKS & ECOLOGIES: A History of System Thinking

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By blending scientific research, education and practical solutions, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, is working to help guide the world onto a path toward sustainability.

The Institute, under the direction of Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, comprises more than 30 research centers and some 850 scientists, postdoctoral fellows, staff and students. Working across many disciplines, EI studies and create solutions for problems in public health, poverty, energy, ecosystems, climate, natural hazards and urbanization.

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