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Colorado State University
ER-7: Sustainability-Related Courses

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School of Global Environmental Sustainability
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The number of sustainability-related courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-related courses offered:

+ Accounting:
Accounting for Global Sustainable Enterprise
Professional Ethics and Responsibilities
Government and Nonprofit

+Aerospace Studies:
Evolution Air & Space Power I

+Agricultural Education:
Understanding gricultural Education
Ag. Ed. Technology and Tools Applications

+ Agriculture:
Technology in Agriculture
Orientation to Agricultural Systems
Integrated Resource Management (I)
Issues in Agriculture
US Travel-Integrated Resource Management (I)
Integrated Resource Management (II)
Principles of Cooperative Extension
Delivery of Cooperative Extension Programs
Issues in Animal Agriculture
Integrated Decision Making/Management Skills
Understanding and Managing the Land
Understanding and Managing Animal Resources
Advanced Issues in Agriculture
Animal Production Systems
Integrated Grazing Management
Understanding Policy and Emerging Issues
Integrated Resource Management Plan

+ Agricultural and Resource Economics
International Agricultural Trade
Economics of World Agriculture
Introduction to Econometrics
Economics of Outdoor Recreation
International Agricultural Trade
Advanced Agricultural Business Management
Water Resource Economics
Agricultural Policy
Economics of Natural Resources
Introduction to Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
Small agribusiness management
Environmental Economics
Economics of Water Resource Planning
Public Lands Planning and Management
Regional Economics – Theory, Methods, and Issues
Contemporary Issues of Developing Countries
Social Benefit Cost Analysis
Economics of Agricultural Development
Agriculture and Resource Policy

+ American Studies Courses
Self/Community in American Culture

+ Animal Sciences
Food Animal Science
Principles of Meat Science
Manure Management and the Environment
Meat Systems
Meat Safety
Meat Processing Systems
Beef Systems
Recent Developments
Sheep Systems
Dairy Systems
Swine Systems
Travel Abroad – Animal Agriculture
Intro to Trail Riding
Livestock Practicum
Seminar-Meat Sciences
Seminar: Livestock Mgmt Systms

Therapeutic Riding
Equine Disease Management
Feedlot Systems
Beef Systems
Recent Developments in Animal Sciences
Issues in manure Management

+ Anthropology
Introductory Cultural Anthropology
Cultures and the Global System
Human Ecology
Indigenous Ecologies and the Modern World
Impacts on Ancient Environments
Heritage Resource Management
Culture and the Environment
Women, Health, and Culture
Humans in Ecosystems
Globalization and Culture Change
Anthropology and Global Health
Impacts on Ancient Environments
Great Plains Archaeology
Human Biology
International Development
Human-Environment Interactions

+ Apparel and Merchandising
Clothing, Adornment, and Human Behavior
Apparel Consumers and Social Responsibility
Apparel Supply Chain/Social Responsibility
Initiatives for Apparel Labor Compliance
Sustaining Global Apparel Supply Chains
Apparel Worker-Centric Social Responsibility
Socially Responsible Apparel: Global Policy
Redesigning Green Apparel
Producing Environmentally Responsible Apparel
Corporate Culture-Socially Responsible Apparel
Historic Textiles

+ Applied Human Sciences
Internship in Human Services
Community Youth Development

Art of Africa
History of Pre-Columbian Art

+Atmospheric Sciences
Climate of Colorado
Introduction to Weather and Climate
Air Pollution
Air Pollution Measurement
Atmospheric Dynamics (I)
Atmospheric Dynamics (II)
Atmospheric Modeling
General Circulation of the Atmosphere
Introduction to Climate
Physical Oceanography
Thermodynamics and Cloud Physics
Atmospheric Radiation
Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Atmospheric Remote Sensing
Large-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics
Air Quality Characterization
Atmospheric Radiation and Energetics
Mesoscale Modeling
Tropical Atmosphere
Climate Dynamics: Atmospheric Variability
Global Hydrologic Cycle
Topics in Climate Research
Global Carbon Cycle
Climate Dynamics: Ocean Variability
Ocean Modeling
Aerosol Chemistry
Atmospheric Dynamics I
Thermodynamics&Cloud Physics
Atmospheric Chemistry
Atmospheric Aerosols
Synoptic Meteorology
Thesis-Atmospheric Dynamics
Thesis-Land-Atmos Interactions
Thesis-Chem-Climate Interactns
Thesis-Ocean-Atmos Interaction
Thesis-General Circulation
Thesis-Aerosol and Cloud Chem
Thesis-Climate Dynamics

+ Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
Weed Management and Control
Fundamentals of Pesticides
Integrated tree Health Management
Integrated Pest Management
Environmental Fate of Pesticides
Herbicide Selectivity and Action
Advanced Systematics
Forest Health Issues
Evolutionary Ecology
Invasive Plants/Weeds
Advanced Integrated Pest Management
Biological Control of Plant Pests
Chemical Ecology

+ Biological Sciences
Introductory Field Ecology Laboratory

+ Biomedical Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering
Bioseparation Processes
Structure and Function of Biomaterials

+ Biomedical Sciences
Human Health and Disease
Physiological Responses to the Environment

+ Biotechnology
Topics in Biotechnology

+ Botany/Zoology
Humans and Other Animals
Marine Ecology
Stream Biology and Ecology
Evolutionary Ecology
Theory of Population and Evolutionary Ecology

+ Business
Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
Business Ethics for the World Market
International Business
Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues
Sustainable Enterprise Funding and Management

+ Cell and Molecular Biology
Science and Ethics

+ Chemical and Biological Engineering
Material and Energy Balances
Thermodynamic Process Analysis
Fundamentals of Environmental Biotechnology

+ Civil Engineering
Geographic Information Systems in Agriculture
Infrastructure and Transportation Systems
Environmental River Mechanics
Groundwater Engineering
Soil and Water Engineering
Pollution Control Engineering
Environmental Engineering Chemical Concepts
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Wind Engineering
Irrigation Design and Management
Water Control and Measurement
Surface Irrigation Systems
Modeling Watershed Hydrology
Water Engineering: International Development
Water and Wastewater Analysis
Water Quality Monitoring
Water Resources Planning and Management
Drainage and Wetlands Engineering
Seepage and Earth Dams
Containment Systems for Waste Disposal
Analysis of Urban Water Systems
Urban Stormwater Management
Risk Analysis of Water/Environmental Systems
Control of Floods and Droughts
Solutions to Groundwater Problems
Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling
Groundwater Quality and Contaminant Transport
Technology Assessment and Social Forecasting
Computer-Aided Water Management and Control
Remediation Systems – Subsurface Contamination
Erosion and Sedimentation
River Mechanics
Stochastic Water and Environmental Systems
Advanced Topics in Environmental Engineering

+ Clinical Sciences
Prevention and Control of Livestock Diseases

+ Communication
Historical Speeches on American Issues
Intercultural Communication.

+ Construction Management
Travel Abroad – Sustainable Building
Sustainable Practices – Design and Construction
Issues and Trends in Construction Management
Sustainable Technology in Built Environments

+ Design and Merchandising
Consumer Issues – Global Perspectives
Historical and Contemporary Issues in Trade
Community Service Learning in TESOL

+ Ecology
Foundations of Ecology
Advanced Topics in Ecology
Interdisciplinary Seminar in Ecology
Population and Community Ecology
Applications in Landscape Ecology

+ Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
System Theory and Information Management
Physical Geography
Foundations of Ecosystem Science
Ecosystem Ecology
Quantitative Reasoning for Ecosystem Science
Sustainability and Ecosystem Science
Earth Systems Ecology
Practicing Sustainability
Ecosystem Practicum

+ Economics
Economics of Social Issues
Racial Inequality and Discrimination
Poverty and the Welfare State
International Political Economy
Economics of Energy Resources
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Development
Regional Economics – tools/analysis/policy
International Trade Theory
Urban and Regional Modeling

Schooling in the United States
Human Relations in Education
Leadership and Ethics in Public Education
School Culture, Climate and Communications

+ Engineering
Foundations of Systems Engineering
Engineering Optimization: method/application
Electrical Energy Generation Systems
Group Study in Systems Engineering
Energy Storage for Electrical Power Systems
Energy Networks and Power Distribution Grids
Engineering Decisions Support/Expert Systems
Overview of Systems Engineering Processes
Engineering Risk Analysis
Dynamics of Complex Engineering Systems
Electrical Power Engineering
Energy Conversion for Electrical Power Systems
Systems Engineering Architecture
Basic Hydrology
Wastewater Treatment Facility Design
Environmental Engineering Concepts
Water Quality Analysis and Treatment

+ Environmental and Radiological Health
Environmental Health First Year Seminar
Environmental Health.
Environmental Health Field Methods
Human Disease and the Environment
Environmental Toxicology
Environmental Contaminants: Exposure and Fate
Environmental Health Seminar
Fundamentals of Toxicology
Introduction to Radiation Biology
Environmental Health Water Quality
Industrial Hygiene and Air
Environmental Health Waste Management
Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety
Environmental and Occupational Health Issues
Industrial Hygiene
Occupational Safety
Advanced Occupational Health
Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Toxicology
Metabolism and Disposition of Toxic Agents
Toxicological Mechanisms
Toxicological Pathology
Environmental Health Risk Assessment
Radiation Public Health
Environmental Contaminant Modeling
Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents
Radiation Detection Methods in Radiobiology
Environmental/Occupational Epidemiology
Aerosols and Environmental Health
Environmental Carcinogenesis
Environmental Contaminant Modeling II

+ Ethnic Studies
Native American Art and Material Culture
Border Crossings: People/Politics/Culture
Global Environmental Justice Movements
Federal Indian Law and Policy
Capitalism and Global Ethnic Conflicts
National Identities and Nation Building

+ Fire and Emergency Services
Industrial Processes and Fire Protection
Prevention Program Management
Policy and Public Administration

+ Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Basic Outdoor Skills in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Design of Wildlife Projects
Introduction to Fishery Biology
Principles of Wildlife Management
Principles of Conservation Biology
Conservation of Fish in Aquatic Ecosystems
Fishery Science
Wild Bird Management
Conservation in Management of Large Mammals
Habitat for Wildlife
Fisheries Ecology
Leopold’s Ethic for Wildlife and Land
Wildlife Habitat on the Great Plains
Field Wildlife Studies
Conservation Biology
Managing Human-Wildlife Conflicts
Wildlife Disease Ecology
Wildlife Habitat Evaluation for Educators
Wildlife Policy, Administration, and Law
Advanced Physiological Ecology of Fishes
Wildlife Population Dynamics
Wildlife Habitat Management

+ Food and Nutrition Sciences
Food and Nutrition in Health
Food Systems, Nutrition, and Food Security
Community Nutrition
International Nutrition and World Hunger
International Nutrition
Community Nutrition Planning and Evaluation

+ Food Technology
Food-From Farm to Table
Food Safety
Food Biotechnology
Current Issues in Food Safety

Wildland Fire Economics and Management
Forest Ecogeography
Wildland Fire Measurements
Forestry Field Measurements
Forest Ecology
Advanced Wildland Fire Behavior and Management
Forestry Field Practices
Ecophysiology of Trees
Forest Biometry
Economics of the Forest Environment
Fire Effects and Adaptations
Timber Harvesting and the Environment
Wood Products in Society
Forest Stand Management
Quantitative Methods in Forest Management
Advanced Forest Economics
Forest Fire Meteorology and Behavior
Silvicultural Practices
Fuels, Vegetation and Fire Management
Wildland Fire Economics and Management
Decision Methods for Fire Managers
Fire Ecology
Ecology of Forest Production

+ Geography
Geography of Water Resources
Geography of Hazards.
Climate Change: Science, Policy, Implications.

+ Geoscience
Exploring Earth: Physical Geology
The Blue Planet: Geology of Our Environment
Geology of Natural Resources
Physical Geology for Scientists and Engineers
Geology of the Rocky Mountain Region
Applied Geophysics
Historical and Analytical Geology
Environmental Geol
Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology

+ Global Environmental Sustainability
Global Environmental Sustainability Seminar

+ Health and Exercise Science
Population Health and Disease Prevention

+ History
Industrial Society in Europe, 1871-1989
United States Foreign Relations Since 1914
United States Immigration History
American Indians in the Age of Conquest
American Indian Renaissance in Modern America
Colorado History
American Environmental History.
Economic History of the United States
China in the Modern World, 1600-Present
Themes in World History
Science and Technology in Modern History
The Modern Middle East
World Environmental History, 1500-Present
History of America’s National Parks

+ Horticulture
Horticultural Science I
Horticulture Science II
Greenhouse Management
Nursery Production and Management
Organic Greenhouse Management
Diagnosis and Treatment in Organic Fields
Environmental Plant Stress Physiology
Introduction to Horticultural Therapy
Environmental Issues in Agriculture
Organic Greenhouse Production
Landscape Irrigation and Water Conservation
Horticultural Therapy Techniques
Medicinal and Value-Added Uses of Plants
Topics in Organic Agriculture
Greenhouse Management
Horticulture Food Crops
Horticulture Crop Production and Management
Community Forestry
Soil-Plant-Water Relations/Water Stress

+Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Social aspects of Natural Resource Management
Recreation Behavior Therapy
Principles of Environmental Communication
Group Decision Making in Natural Resources
Natural Resources and Mass Media
Environmental Conflict Management
Environmental Education
Environmental Communication in Natural Resources
Non-Profit Administration in Conservation
Principles of Natural Resource Tourism
International Issues in Recreation & Tourism
Tourism Promotion
Tourism Impacts
Starting and Managing your own Tourism Enterprise
Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism Development
Principles of Part and Protected Area Management
Wilderness Management
Parks and Protected Areas Management Fundamentals
Park and Protected Area Planning
Open Space and Natural Area Planning and Management
Land Use Planning
Human Dimensions Research and Analysis
Research in Human Dimensions in Natural resources
Natural resources Policy and Administration
Biological Diversity
Natural Resource Ecology and Measurements

+ Interior Design
Sustainable Building

+ International Education Courses
Plants and Civilizations
World Interdependence-Population and Food
World Interdependence-Current Global Issues
Model United Nations
International Social Welfare and Development
Women and Development
Ethics and International Development
International Development Seminar
Applications of International Development
Children and Youth in Global Context
Education for Global Peace
International Development Theory and Practice
International Development Seminar
Perspectives in Global Health

+ Journalism
Media Ethics and Issues
International Mass Communication
New Communication Technologies and Society
Impacts of New Communication Technologies
Political Economy of Global Media
Writing about Science, Health, and Environment
Health Communication

+ Landscape Architecture
History of the Designed Landscape
Fundamentals of Ecology
Ecology of Landscapes
Urban Design
Comprehensive Landscape Design
Environmental Analysis
Design and Nature
Park and Recreation Planning/De
Topics in Urban Design.

+ Life Sciences
Attributes of Living Systems

+ Management
Leadership and Social Responsibility
Social and Sustainable Venturing
International Business Management
Managing in a Global Context
Global Social Sustainable Entrepreneurship
New Venture Development for Social Enterprise

+ Mechanical Engineering
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Problem Solving
Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
Introduction to Thermal Sciences
Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Flow Processes
Applied Engineering Economy
Engineering Economy Principles/Calculations
Introduction to Engineering Materials
Internal Combustion Engines
Building Energy Systems
Biomedical Engineering
Materials Applications in Renewable Energy
Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics
Reliability Engineering
Structure and Function of Biomaterials
Solar and Alternative Energies
Building Energy Design

+ Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology
Introduction to Human Disease
Microbial Diversity
Microbial Ecology
Human and Animal Disease
Food Microbiology
Immunity to Infection
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases/Zoonoses

+ Natural Resources
Environmental Conservation I
Environmental Conservation II
Global Environmental Systems
First Year Seminar in Environmental Studies
Natural Resources Ecology and Measurements
Human Dimensions in Natural Resources
Global Change Ecology, Impacts and Mitigation
Contemporary Environmental Issues
Environmental Education
Environment and Natural Resources Leadership
Biological Diversity
Natural Resources History and Policy
Forest Vegetation Management
Public Relations in Natural Resources
Techniques in Public Relations
Integrated Ecosystem Management
Natural Resources Sampling
GIS Applications in Natural Resource Management
Applications of Global Positioning Systems
Natural Resource Policy and Sustainability
Foundations of National Forest Lands Program
Special Uses Management
Valuation and Landownership Adjustment
Leadership and Public Communications
Right-of-Way Acquisition
Land Use Planning
Fire Economics and Policy
Wilderness Management
Seminar on Environmental Conservation
Techniques for Ecosystem Management
World Natural Resources
Wilderness Ecosystem Planning
Natural Resource Administration
Applied Optimization in Resource Management
Natural Resources Policy and Biodiversity
Methods-Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Analysis: Human Dimensions–Natural Resources
Concepts: Human Dimensions-Natural Resources
Human Dimensions-Application
Public Participation
Multi-level Views of Society and Conservation
Human Ecosystem Context of Southern Mexico
Poverty and Sustainable Development: Mexico
Conservation Planning and Management
Conservation/Systems Leadership
Conservation/Systems Leadership: Field
Sustainable Military Lands Management
Cultural Resource Mgmt on Military Lands
Ecology of Military Lands
Systems Ecology
Action for Sustainable Behavior
Environmental Issues
Conservation Policy, Finance, and Governance
Global Change and Conservation
Catalyzing Change: Conflict and Conservation
Catalyzing Change: Collaborative Conservation
Conservation Methods
Ecology of Disturbed Lands
Advanced Public Relations in Natural Resources
Seminar in Natural Resources
Analysis of Environmental Impact
Community-Based Natural Resource Management
Biogeochemical Cycling in Ecosystems
Ecological Models
Advanced Ecological Restoration

+ Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism
Foundations of Recreation and Tourism
Principles-Parks/Protected Area Management
Principals of Environmental Communications
Principles of Natural Resource Tourism
International Issues-Recreation and Tourism
Managing Tourism in the E-Commerce Era
Human Dimensions Research and Analysis
Park and Protected Area Management
Social Aspects of Natural Resource Management
Management of Parks and Protected Areas
Wilderness Leadership
Natural Resources and the Media
Environmental Conflict Management
Foundations of Forest Recreation
Recreation, Visual, Cultural Resource Management
Off-Road Vehicle, River, and Winter Recreation
Management of Wilderness
Open Space and Natural Area Management
Spatial Analysis of Protected Areas
Wilderness Philosophy and Ethic Development
National Wilderness Preservation System
Management of the Wilderness Resource
Tourism Impacts
Starting and Managing Tourism Enterprise
Ski Area Management
Management of Recreation Resources
Wilderness Management Planning
Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation in America
Planning for Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation
Managing Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation
Environmental Communication-Natural Resources
Water-Based Recreation
Environmental Education History and Theory
Methods in Environmental Education Research
Environmental Education Planning
Current Issues in Environmental Education
Research-Human Dimensions Natural Resources
Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Theory
Non-Profit Administration in Conservation

+Natural Sciences
Pollution and Environmental Biology for Educators

+ Office of the Provost Courses
A Call to Lead I: Theories and
A Call to Lead II: Social Change Model
Public Problem Solving-Service Learning
Leadership Styles II: Prominent Leaders
Effective Leadership I: Success as a Leader
Effective Leadership II: Vision and Change

+Organization Performance and Change
Cross-Culture and International Training
Power-Politics-Influence in Organizations
Program Evaluation

+ Philosophy
Moral and Social Problems
Ethics of Sustainability
Philosophy of Natural Science
Bioethics and Society
Environmental Ethics
Concept of Natural Value
Ethics and International Development
Seminar in Philosophical Models of Nature
Seminar in Environmental Philosophy

+ Political Science
Current World Problems
International Relations
U.S. Environmental Politics and Policy
Global Environmental Politics
International Organization
United States Foreign Policy
American Security Policy
Globalization, Sustainability, and Justice
Politics of Environment and Sustainability
Environmental Politics in the U.S.
Political Theory and the Environment
International Environmental Politics
Comparative Environmental Politics
Environmental Policy and Administration

+ Rangeland Ecosystems
Rangeland Conservation and Stewardship
Rangeland Assessment
Wildland Plants and Plant Communities
Wildland Ecosystems in a Changing World
Rangeland Improvements
Advanced Rangeland Management
Range Habitat Manipulation
Range Issues and Policy
World Grassland Ecogeography
Rangeland Ecosystem Sampling
Range Animal Production and Management
Ecology of Grasslands and Shrublands
Rangeland Measurements and Monitoring
Rangeland Herbivore Ecology and Management
Rangeland Economics and Analysis
Rangeland Planning and Grazing Management
Rangeland Ecosystem Planning
Ecological Restoration

+ Social Work
International Social Welfare and Development
Indigenous Women, Children and Tribes
Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Human Diversity Practice Issues
Social Welfare Policy
Social Welfare Policies in Selected Countries

+ Sociology
Social Problems
Global Environmental Issues
Sociology of Rural Life
Population-Natural Resources and Environment
Soil, Environment, and Society
Introduction to Environmental Justice
Agriculture and Global Society
Sociology of Food Systems and Agriculture
Environmental Justice
Contemporary Issues of Developing Countries
Society and Environment
Water, Society, and Environment
Sociology of Disaster
Social Movements and Collective Behavior
Sociology of Rural Development
Sociology of Sustainable Development.
Sociology of Water Resources
Globalization and Socioeconomic Restructuring
Environmental Sociology
Global Inequality and Change

+ Soil and Crop Sciences
General Crops
Environmental Issues in Agriculture
Applied Information Technology in Agriculture
Seed Development and Metabolism
Microbiology for Sustainable Agriculture
Diagnosis and Treatment in Organic Fields
Soil and Global Change: Science and Impacts
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, Land Use and management
Crop and Soil Management Systems I
Crop and Soil Management Systems II
Topics in Organic Agriculture
Applications of Plant Biotechnology
Global Challenges in Plant and Soil Sciences
Water in the West
Principles of Microclimatology
Soil Ecology
Organic Soil Fertility
Composting Principles and Practices
Crop Development Techniques
Soil Fertility Management
Irrigation Principles
Forage and Pasture Management
Crop and Soil Management Systems I
Crop and Soil Management Systems II
Environmental Soil Sciences
Global Challenges in Plant and Soil Science
Livestock Manure Management and Environment
Issues in Manure Management.

+ Statistics
Statistics for Environmental Monitoring

+ Veterinary Medicine
Perspectives in Veterinary Medicine
Food Animal Production and Food Safety
Emerging Issues in Infectious Disease
Veterinary Preventive Medicine

+ Watershed Management
Principles of Watershed Management
Land Use Hydrology
Watershed Measurements
Land Use and Water Quality
Water Quality Laboratory for Wildland Managers
Modeling Watershed Hydrology
Watershed Management in Developing Countries

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