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Colorado State University
ER-6: Sustainability-Focused Courses

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School of Global Environmental Sustainability
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The number of sustainability-focused courses offered :

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A list of sustainability-focused courses offered:

AGRI/IE 116: Plants and Civilization (agriculture and international education)
AGRI 270: World Interdependence – Population and Food
AGRI/PHIL 330: Agricultural Ethics
AGRI 465: Pesticide Management
AGRI 467: Management and Control of Wood-Destroying Pests
AGRI 468: Management and Control of Turfgrass Pests
AGRI 632: Managing for Ecosystem Sustainability

Agriculture and Resource Economics
AREC 202: Agricultural and Resource Economics
AREC/ECON 240: Issues in Environmental Economics
AREC/ECON 340: Introduction to Natural Resource Economics
AREC 342: Economic Analysis – Water Resource Development
AREC/ECON 346: Economics of Outdoor Recreation
AREC 375: Agricultural Law
AREC 381: Intro to Environmental Economics
AREC 428: Agribusiness Management Capstone
AREC 460: Economics of World Agriculture
AREC 478: Agricultural Policy
AREC 540: Economics of Natural Resources
AREC 541: Environmental Economics
AREC 542: Economics of Water Resource Planning

Animal Sciences
ANEQ 476: Feedlot Systems (Food Animal Sciences)
ANEQ 478: Beef Systems

ANTH 330: Human Ecology
ANTH 415: Indigenous Ecologies and the Modern World
ANTH 515: Culture and Environment
ANTH 530: Humans in Ecosystems
ANTH 571: Anthropology and Global Health

Apparel Design and Merchandising
AM 321: Advanced Textiles
AM 421: Textile Analysis

Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
BSPM 365: Integrated Tree Health Management
BSPM 451: Integrated Pest Management
BSPM 508: Environmental Fate of Pesticides
BSPM 521: Forest Health Issues
BSPM 551: Advanced Integrated Pest Management

BZ 561: Landscape Ecology

MGT 667: Global Social Sustainable Entrepreneurship

CHEM 103: Chemistry in Context
CHEM 107: Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM 111: General Chemistry I
CHEM 113: General Chemistry II
CHEM 112: General Chemistry Lab 1
CHEM 114: General Chemistry Lab 2
CHEM 555: Chemistry of Sustinability

Construction Management
CON 450/INTD 450: Travel Abroad - Sustainable Building (construction management and international studies)
CON 476: Sustainable Practices-Design and Construction
CON 571: Facility Planning and Management
CON 576: Sustainable Technology in Built Environments

E 403: Nature Writing

Economics/Agricultural and Resource Economics
ECON/AREC 240: Issues in Environmental Economics
ECON/AREC 340: Intro to Economics of Natural Resources
ECON/AREC 346: Economics of Outdoor Recreation
ECON 344: Economics of Energy Resources
ECON 540: Economics of Natural Resources
ECON 541: Environmental Economics

ATS 350: Intro to Weather & Climate
ATS 555: Air Pollution
ATS 606: Intro to Climate
ATS 760: Global Carbon Cycle
CIVE/SOCR 377: Geographic Information Systems in Agriculture
CIVE 413: Environmental River Mechanics
CIVE 425: Soil and Water Engineering
CIVE 440: Nonpoint Source Pollution
ENVE 322: Basic Hydrology
ENVE/CIVE 438: Pollution Control Engineering
ENVE 441: Water & Wastewater Characterizations
ENVE 448: Pollution Prevention
MECH 580: Renewable Energy for Mechanical Engineers

Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
ERHS 220: Environmental Health
ERHS 230: Environmental Health Field Methods
ERHS 300: Introduction to Radiation Biology
ERHS 320: Environmental Health Water Quality
ERHS 332: Principles of Epidemiology
ERHS 350: Industrial Hygiene and Air
ERHS 400: Radioisotope Techniques
ERHS 405: Fundamentals of Ergonomics
ERHS 410: Environmental Health and Waste Management
ERHS 430: Human Disease and the Environment
ERHS 446: Environmental Toxicology
ERHS 448: Environmental Contaminants: Exposure and Fate
ERHS 455: Interactive Information Processing in Biology
ERHS 487: Internship-Environmental Health
ERHS 492: Environmental Health Seminar
ERHS 494: Independent Study in Environmental Health
ERHS 498: Research
ERHS 502: Fundamentals of Toxicology
ERHS 510: Cancer Biology
ERHS 515: Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety
ERHS 520: Environmental and Occupational Health Issues
ERHS 526: Industrial Hygiene
ERHS 527: Industrial Hygiene Laboratory
ERHS 528: Occupational Safety
ERHS 530: Radiological Physics and Dosimetry I
ERHS 531: Nuclear Instruments and Measurements
ERHS 532: Epidemiologic Methods
ERHS 533: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases/Zoonoses
ERHS 536: Advanced Occupational Health
ERHS 540: Principles of Ergonomics
ERHS 541: Ergonomics in Product and Process Design
ERHS 542: Biostatistical Methods for Qualitative Data
ERHS 544: Biostatistical Methods for Quantitative Data
ERHS 547: Equipment and Instrumentation
ERHS 550: Principles of Radiation Biology
ERHS 561: Radiation Public Health
ERHS 563: Environmental Contaminant Modeling I
ERHS 565: Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents
ERHS 566: Clinical and Forensic Toxicology
ERHS 567: Cell and Molecular Toxicology Techniques
ERHS 568: Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Toxicology
ERHS 570: Radioecology
ERHS 601: Metabolism and Disposition of Toxic Agents
ERHS 602: Toxicological Mechanisms
ERHS 603: Toxicological Pathology
ERHS 611: Cancer Genetics
ERHS 630: Radiological Physics and Dosimetry II
ERHS 632: Techniques in Radiation Dosimetry
ERHS 633: Radiation Detection Methods in Radiobiology
ERHS 636: Industrial Hygiene Control Methods
ERHS 640: Advanced Epidemiology
ERHS 642: Applied Logistic Regression
ERHS 648: Environmental Health Risk Assessment
ERHS 656: Occupational Noise Control
ERHS 658: Environmental/Occupational Epidemiology
ERHS 662: Applied Research-Planning/Design/Analysis
ERHS 665: Radiochemistry
ERHS 671: Experimental Radioecology
ERHS 687: Internship
ERHS 693A: Research Seminar-Epidemiology
ERHS 693B: Research Seminar-Industrial Hygiene
ERHS 693C: Research Seminar-Toxicology
ERHS 693D: Research Seminar-Health Physics
ERHS 701: Radiographic Technique
ERHS 711: Radiographic Interpretation
ERHS 712: Physics of Diagnostic Imaging
ERHS 714: Radiation Therapy Physics
ERHS 721: Radiation Oncology
ERHS 726: Aerosols and Occupational Health
ERHS 733: Environmental Carcinogenesis
ERHS 751: Advanced Radiation Biology I
ERHS 753: Advanced Radiation Biology II
ERHS 765: Environmental Contaminant Modeling II
ERHS 770: Radiation Biology Basic to Tumor Therapy

F 210: Forest Ecogeography
F 224: Wildland Fire Measurements
F 311: Forest Ecology
F 322: Economics of the Forest Environment
F 324: Fire Effects and Adaptation
F 325: Silviculture
F 330: Timber Harvesting and Environment
F 421: Timber Management
F 424: Forest Fire Management
F 489: Technical Fire Management
F 520: Advanced Quantitative Analysis in Forest Management
F 524: Forest Fire Meteorology and Behavior
F 580: Introduction to Dendrochronology

Fishery and Wildlife Biology
FW 100: Wildlife Fundamentals
FW 200: Wildlife Conservation
FW 204: Introduction to Fish Biology
FW 356: Leopold's Ethic for Wildlife and Land
FW 357: Wildlife Habitat on the Great Plains
FW 360: Principles of Wildlife Management
FW 401: Fishery Science
FW 402: Fish Culture
FW 405: Fish Physiology
FW 469: Conservation and Management of Large Mammals
FW 471: Wildlife Data Collection and Analysis
FW 540: Fisheries Ecology
FW 555: Conservation Biology
FW 565: Managing Human-Wildlife Conflicts
FW 575: Wildlife Habitat Evaluation for Educators
FW 576: Wildlife Policy, Law and Administration
FW 662: Wildlife Population Dynamics

GEOL 122: The Blue Planet: Geology of Our Environment
GEOL 124: Geology of Natural Resources
GEOL 140: Physical Geology
GEOL 232: Mineralogy

GR 320: Cultural Geography
GR 342: Geography of Water Resources
GR 345: Geography of Hazards

Global Environmental Sustainability
GES 101: Foundations of Global Environmental Sustainability
GES 470: Applications of Environmental Sustainability
GES 520: Issues in Global Environmental Sustainability

HIST 355: American Environmental History

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
HORT 466: Community Forestry
HORT/SOCR 424: Topics in Organic Agriculture
LAND 110: Introduction to Landscape Architecture
LAND 120: History of the Designed Landscape
LAND 368: Landscape Irrigation and Water Conservation
LAND 455: Landscape Architecture Study Abroad-EU

Interior Design
INTD 330: Lighting Design
INTD 340: Interior Materials and Finishes
INTD 350: Codes: Health and Safety
INTD 400 and 476: Senior Interior Design Research Proposal and Project

Intra College
COL 620: Applications in Landscape Ecology

Journalism and Technical Communications
JTC 461: Writing About Science, Health, and Environment

MATH 348/BZ 348: Theory of Population and Evolutionary Ecology

Natural Resources
NR 120 A and B: Environmental Conservation
NR 130: Global Environmental Systems
NR 150: Oceanography
NR 300: Biological Diversity
NR 320: Natural Resources History and Policy
NR 326: Forest Vegetation Management
NR 355: Contemporary Environmental Issues
NR 365: Environmental Education
NR 420: Integrated Ecosystem Management
NR 425: Natural Resource Policy and Sustainability
NR 440: Land Use Planning
NR 460: Wilderness Management
NR 501: Leadership and Public Communications
NR 515: Natural Resources Policy and Biodiversity
NR 525: World Natural Resources
NR 660: Biogeochemical Cycling in Ecosystems

Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism
NRRT 330: Social Aspects of Natural Resource Management
NRRT 452: Management of the Wilderness Resource
NRRT 462: Environmental Communication - Natural Resources

Philosophy/Agricultural Sciences
PHIL/AGRI 330: Agricultural Ethics
PHIL 345: Environmental Ethics

Political Sciences
PO131: Current World Problems
POLS 361: U.S. Environmental Politics and Policies
POLS 362: Global Environmental Politics
POLS 670: Politics of Environment and Sustainability
POLS 759: Environmental Policy and Administration

PSY 316: Environmental Psychology
PSY 692A – Energy Efficiency and Behavioral Sciences

Rangeland Ecology
RS 300: Principles of Range Management
RS/SOCR 320: Forage and Range Management (rangeland ecology and soil and crop sciences)
RS 478: Restoration Ecology
RS 630: Ecology of Grasslands and Shrublands

TAT 547/ECE 547: Statistics for Environmental Monitoring

SOC 320: Population – Natural Resources & Environment
SOC 364: Agriculture and Global Society
SOC 381: Soils, Environment, and Society
SOC 460: Society and Environment
SOC 461/664: Sociology of Water Resources
SOC 663: Sociology of Sustainable Development
SOC 668: Environmental Sociology

Soil and Crops Sciences
SOCR 171: Environmental Issues in Agriculture
SOCR 192: Water in the West
SOCR 240: Introductory Soil Science
SOCR/RS 320: Forage and Range Management
SOCR 341: Soil Ecology
SOCR 342: Organic Soil Fertility
SOCR 343: Composting Principles and Practices
SOCR 370: Irrigation Principles and Management
SOCR/CIVE 377: Geographic Information Systems in Agriculture
SOCR 420/421: Crop and Soil Management Systems I and II
SOCR 448: Manure Management and the Environment
SOCR 548: Issues in Manure Management

Water Resources
WR 304: Principles of Watershed Management
WR 406: Seasonal Snow Environments
WR 416: Land Use Hydrology
WR 418: Land Use and Water Quality
WR 474: Snow Hydrology
WR 616: Hillslope Hydrology and Runoff Processes

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