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Overall Score 58.15
Liaison Victor Udo
Submission Date Sept. 16, 2014
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STARS v2.0

Bucknell University
AC-9: Academic Research

Status Score Responsible Party
Complete 10.92 / 12.00 Dina El-Mogazi
Director, Sustainable Design Program
Center for Sustainability and the Environment
"---" indicates that no data was submitted for this field

Number of the institution’s faculty and/or staff engaged in sustainability research:

Total number of the institution’s faculty and/or staff engaged in research:

Number of academic departments (or the equivalent) that include at least one faculty or staff member that conducts sustainability research:

The total number of academic departments (or the equivalent) that conduct research:

A copy of the sustainability research inventory that includes the names and department affiliations of faculty and staff engaged in sustainability research:
Names and department affiliations of faculty and staff engaged in sustainability research:

1. Amador, Nathanael Santos, Geology GEOLG
2. Andrews, Marcellus W ECONO
3. Antonaccio, Maria A RELIG
4. Armstrong, Elizabeth Logan EASIA
5. Banks, Nina Elizabeth ECONO
6. Bedi, Heather P ENVIRO
7. Beiler, Michelle Renee CIVILE
8. Benowitz-Fredericks, Z. Morgan BIOL
9. Boyd, Neil M MANGT
10. Buonopane, Stephen G CIVILE
11. Carr, Glynis ENGLI
12. Castle, Karen Janene CHEM
13. Chancellor, Nathan Brent CIVILE
14. Chernin, Mitchell I BIOL
15. Cons, Jason Gregory INREL
16. Crago, Richard David CIVILE
17. Csernica, Jeffrey CHEME
18. DiStefano, Thomas D CIVILE
19. Dubois, Philippe Christian DLCL
20. Duckles, Beth M SOCIO
21. Evans, Elizabeth Capaldi BIOL
22. Evans, Jeffrey C CIVILE
23. Gabauer, Douglas J CIVILE
24. Gates, Julie A BIOL
25. Gilmore, Kevin R CIVILE
26. Gomez-Minambres, Joaquin ECONO
27. Griffin, Duane Alan GEOGR
28. Gross, Michael D CHEME
29. Haussmann, Mark F BIOL
30. Hendry, Jamie Ralston MANGT
31. Henne-Ochoa, Richard B EDUC
32. Henry, Sue Ellen EDUC
33. Higgins, Matthew J CIVILE
34. Hiller, Tammy B MANGT
35. Jansson, Peter M ELECE
36. Jones, Janet D CLASS
37. Jordan, Stephen D BIOL
38. Kazi, Paula M ECONO
39. Kell, Anna Kathryn ARTH
40. Kelley, David Frederick ELECE
41. Kinnaman, Thomas C ECONO
42. Kirby, Carl S GEOLG
43. Knoedler, Janet T ECONO
44. Lentz, Erin Coniker INREL
45. Lintott, Sheila M PHILO
46. Magee, Christopher Sean ECONO
47. Malusis, Michael Adam CIVILE
48. Maneval, James E CHEME
49. Marchiori, Alan M COMPSC
50. Marsh, David GEOGR
51. Martin, Eric C MANGT
52. Martine, Christopher T BIOL
53. McGuire, Molly M CHEM
54. McTammany, Matthew Eric BIOL
55. Milofsky, Carl SOCIO
56. Mordaunt, Christopher J MECHE
57. Morris-Keitel, Peter DLCL
58. Mulligan, Adrian Neil GEOGR
59. Nega, Berhanu ECONO
60. Newlin, Jessica Thomas CIVILE
61. Paliulis, Leocadia V BIOL
62. Prince, Michael J CHEME
63. Raymond, Timothy Michael CHEME
64. Reeder, DeeAnn Marie BIOL
65. Richards, Rosalyn ARTH
66. Rock, Melissa Y GEOGR
67. Roncallo, Alejandra INREL
68. Schmidli, William Michael HIST
69. Schneider, Geoffrey ECONO
70. Searles, Edmund Quincy SOCIO
71. Sharma, Mala M MECHE
72. Siegel, Nathan Philip MECHE
73. Siewers, Alfred K ENGLI
74. Sills, Deborah Lynne CIVILE
75. Smith, Ron Joseph INREL
76. Snyder, Ryan Charles CHEME
77. Snyder, William J CHEME
78. Spiro, Mark Douglas BIOL
79. Stevenson Sanjian, Andrea POLSC
80. Stokes-Brown, Atiya Kai POLSC
81. Stowe, Emily Louise BIOL
82. Stryker, Peter C MECHE
83. Stuhl, Andrew ENVIRO
84. Susman, Paul H GEOGR
85. Takahashi, Mizuki BIOL
86. Temelso, Berhane CHEM
87. Toole, T. Michael CIVILE
88. Trego, Kristine M CLASS
89. Trop, Jeffrey Michael GEOLG
90. Ucarer, Emek M INREL
91. Wakabayashi, Katsuyuki CHEME
92. Westbrook, John Edward DLCL
93. White, Carol W RELIG
94. White, Nancy E ECONO
95. Williamson, Jill Paulette CHEM
96. Wilshusen, Peter ENVIRO
97. Wolaver, Amy Margaret ECONO
98. Wooden, Amanda E ENVIRO
99. Zimmerman, Virginia Lee-Alice ENGLI

A brief description of the methodology the institution followed to complete the research inventory:

Student interns studied online details of faculty research interests and accomplishments to determine relevance to sustainability. If the online material was not conclusive then the faculty members were emailed and asked if they thought their research was sustainability-focused, based on the AASHE definition in the STARS manual.

A brief description of notable accomplishments during the previous three years by faculty and/or staff engaged in sustainability research:

DeeAnn Reeder- Identification of deadly fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats.
George Shields- high-speed computing to predict how and where water and other molecules will cluster to form clouds. The results may help scientists understand how clouds will affect the pace of climate change.
Nancy White- true economic consequences of the ongoing energy exploration and its long-term effect on local economies where the drilling occurs
Charles Kim & Jamie Hendry- Improve vision in Guatemala
Chris Martine- Burpee Chair in Plant Genetics and Research

The website URL where information about sustainability research is available:

The information presented here is self-reported. While AASHE staff review portions of all STARS reports and institutions are welcome to seek additional forms of review, the data in STARS reports are not verified by AASHE. If you believe any of this information is erroneous or inconsistent with credit criteria, please review the process for inquiring about the information reported by an institution and complete the Data Inquiry Form.