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Baldwin Wallace University
PA-14: Workplace Health and Safety

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Please enter data in the table below:
Performance Year Baseline Year
Number of recordable workplace injuries and occupational disease cases 12 15
Full-time equivalent of employees 634 805
Number of injuries and cases per FTE employee 0.02 0.02

Start and end dates of the performance year and baseline year (or three-year periods):
Start Date End Date
Performance Year Jan. 1, 2017 Dec. 31, 2017
Baseline Year Jan. 1, 2016 Dec. 31, 2016

A brief description of when and why the workplace health and safety baseline was adopted (e.g. in sustainability plans and policies or in the context of other reporting obligations):
We selected the most recent data available which are the past two years of performance as these years are representative of our typical performance as an institution.

Percentage reduction in workplace injuries and occupational disease cases per FTE employee from baseline:

Number of workplace injuries and occupational disease cases per 100 FTE employees, performance year:

A brief description of the institution’s workplace health and safety initiatives, including how workers are engaged in monitoring and advising on health and safety programs:
Baldwin Wallace Has a Safety Council dedicated to conducting and promoting (1) Safety Education and awareness, (2) conducting and identifying needs for hazard assessments, (3) recommending controls/solutions to prevent injuries, and (4) facilitating safety communications among the college constituency. Please see below for the BW Safety Council Charter (updated January 2019). Attached, please find the Injury Reporting Procedures for Work Related Injuries at Baldwin Wallace University (updated February 2018).

Baldwin-Wallace Safety Council Charter Updated Jan 2019

To Help Make Safety a Fundamental Priority for the BW Campus Community

Motto and Logo

Majoring in Safety

The committee will achieve its mission by:

1) Conducting and promoting Safety Education and awareness
2) Conducting and identifying need for hazard assessments
3) Recommending controls / solutions to prevent injuries
4) Facilitate safety communications among the college constituency


1) CPR, first-aid, and fire extinguisher training for Safety Council.
2) Develop in-house training for initial responders (Safety and Security, Academic Building Security, Parking Officers, Custodial Staff) in hazard recognition and reporting
3) Ongoing safety training for Safety Council
4) Implement accident investigations and follow through to correction
5) Identify safety training needs for all departments
6) Monitor and investigate calls on safety issues

Meeting Schedule
The council meets at 2:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month in the Dean’s Conference Room in Bonds. Meetings will be limited to one hour in duration, unless special activities or training events are being held. Safety Council will break June-Aug.

Safety Committee Members and Responsibilities

Name Dept/ Ext Safety Council Responsibilities
Janet Leonard
Chair Safety Council HR / 2219
Prepare agenda
Lead meetings
Appoint members to conduct safety audits
Document follow-up actions

Karen Stenger Purchasing and Motor Pool/ 2726 Liability
Tom Bobek Parking/ 2759 Investigative Team Review safety concerns brought to attention of Safety Council
Tom Dietrich B and G Investigative Team Review safety concerns brought to attention of Safety Council
Matt Regula Food Service / 2412 Member

Christine Cancian Rec Ctr / 7473 / 2283 Member
Vic Snyder Safety & Security
2336 Member
Gary Black Safety & Security 2336 Mermber

Safety Team Resources
Following are some of the internal and external resources that are available to assist with safety and health issues.

Topic Resources Contact Info
Baldwin-Wallace College – safety and health regulations and policy issues Sam Ramirez - HR
Janet Leonard – HR 826-2908 sramirez@bw.edu
826-2219 jleonard@bw.edu

First Aid/CPR - Policies, Techniques, Training Christine Cancian – Rec Ctr 826-2283 ccancian@bw.edu

Emergency Evacuation and Disaster Plan Management George Richard – Col Rel
Homeland Security
Brand Eisenhardt – Berea Fire Dept 826-2328 grichard@bw.edu

BW Community Health Lauren Bara – Health Center 2015 lbara@bw.edu

Accident Investigation - Karen Husak
JC Turner
Steve Krone 826-2759 khusak@bw.edu
826 -2336 jcturner@bw.edu
826-2917 scrone@bw.edu

Building and Equipment Maintenance Don Dubena – B & G 2229 ddubena@bw.edu

Chemical Hazard Communication Program Dave Revta – Science Labs
Brand Eisenhardt – BFD
J.C. Turner – Safety & Sec 2497 drevta@bw.edu

2336 jcturner@bw.edu

Asbestos/Black Mold Ted Gurnick – B & G 2917 tgurnick@bw.edu

Safety and Health Training Courses and videos Ohio Bureau of WC 1-800-OHIOBWC
Policy # 20003948
Safety consulting/training – hazard assessments, accident analysis, written programs Al Emley - BWC Safety Consultant 216-308-7956

Ergonomics consulting/training – Lifting/pushing/pulling task assessment, computer workstation assessments Mike Rienerth – BWC Ergonomics Consultant 216-538-9724

Workers comp claims and cost management information
Janet Leonard - HR
Linda Nolan - Cambridge

2219 jleonard@bw.edu
Industrial Hygiene – air quality monitoring and noise monitoring Natalie Reno – BWC Industrial Hygienist

Fire Prevention and Emergency Evacuation Tim Washington / JC Turner
Karen Husak - Parking
Berea Fire Department 2336 jcturner@bw.edu
2759 khusak@bw.edu
Workplace Violence
Safety Videos Doug Chatfield – Safety / Sec
JC Turner – Safety / Sec 2377 dchatfield@bw.edu

Vehicle Safety and Insurance (Vehicle & Property)
Karen Stenger – Purchasing 2726 kstenger@bw.edu

Each council member is expected to attend at least 80% of all regularly scheduled meetings and participate in workplace inspections and other council activities. Members not able to attend should also provide the chairperson with an update on any assignments or information that they were expected to have prepared for the meeting.

An agenda will be used to outline the order in which the committee will conduct its business. A sample is attached to this document.

Minutes will be recorded at each council meeting by the scribe and will be distributed to top management and council members. The scribe will submit a copy of the minutes to the Department of HR; the HR Dept. will retain the copy for three years. All reports, evaluations, and recommendations of the council will be included in the minutes. The minutes will also identify representatives who attended monthly meeting, and representatives who were absent.

Council Member Training
New safety council members will receive training on how the safety council functions, member responsibilities, hazard identification, and accident-investigation procedures.

Employee involvement
Council members will encourage fellow employees to identify workplace-health-and-safety hazards. Concerns raised by employees will be presented to the council for discussion, prioritization, and action. The council will review non-urgent concerns at the next regularly-scheduled meeting.

Response to Employee Safety Concerns
The appropriate safety council member will respond to the employee who raised concern and, present the concern to the council for evaluation and to discuss the plan for resolving the concern.

Action Item Log
The council will maintain a log of all action items until they have been resolved. The action items will be generated at each meeting as a result of discussion of employee concerns/suggestions, and accident analysis.

The action items will be assigned to the appropriate person(s), along with a target date and will be reviewed at each meeting until the action item has been completed or the issue has been resolved, along with the disposition of the corrective actions taken.

Incident and accident investigation
The council will conduct and review new safety or health-related incidents and near misses at each regularly-scheduled meeting. The council will review the corrective actions developed by the department manager/supervisor and will determine if additional recommendations for eliminating or controlling hazards should be considered.

Communication of Council Activities
The following methods will be used by the safety council to communicate its activities and progress:

Meeting Minutes – will be distributed to the council members, department of HR and college officers within 1 week of each meeting
Action Item Log – Will be updated and distributed to all council members, and department of HR within 1 week of each meeting
Safety Council Concerns – Will be passed on to Staff Council and Mid Managers

Terms for Council Members
Council members will retain membership for their tenure at B-W.

The website URL where information about the programs or initiatives is available:

Additional documentation to support the submission:

Data source(s) and notes about the submission:
We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Assistant VP for Human Resources, Sam Ramirez and the Director of Benefits, Janet Leonard, for their assistance in providing this information.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Assistant VP for Human Resources, Sam Ramirez and the Director of Benefits, Janet Leonard, for their assistance in providing this information.

The information presented here is self-reported. While AASHE staff review portions of all STARS reports and institutions are welcome to seek additional forms of review, the data in STARS reports are not verified by AASHE. If you believe any of this information is erroneous or inconsistent with credit criteria, please review the process for inquiring about the information reported by an institution or simply email your inquiry to stars@aashe.org.