Request Access to the Data Displays

AASHE provides a number of options for accessing STARS data for sustainability analysis, research, and benchmarking. Current AASHE members enjoy elevated access to certain STARS Data Displays.

While enhanced access to STARS data represents added value for AASHE members, we also encourage broad research that advances sustainability across the spectrum. For this reason, individuals conducting sustainability research who do not currently have access to the STARS Data Displays may complete this form to request temporary access. 

NOTE: To access the STARS Data Displays, users must have an AASHE account and be signed in - create an AASHE Account

Who should complete this form?

A student or researcher whose institution is not currently an AASHE member.

If your institution is an AASHE member, you already have access to all of the STARS Data Displays and do not need to complete this form. 

Full access to the STARS data displays is just one of the many benefits of AASHE membership. Before completing this form, we encourage members of your institution to also consider the benefits of AASHE membership.

In submitting this form, you indicate that you have read, understood, and are willing to comply with the STARS Data Use Guidelines.

Please email with questions about this form or the STARS program.